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  1. Not come across any bugs on PC, should of kept my mouth shut lol, will log on later to find loads of bugs with my luck.
  2. The OP said he headshot them several times, now slow and steady is a good card but it's not that good. I am assuming these hacks are on PC which is funny because all the crap I get is on PS4.
  3. Had the no NPC's at the shack as well, there is so much crap in the game you end up forgetting half the stuff that is broken.
  4. AS some of you know I play on PS4 and recently started playing on PC and I have to say I am suffering a lot less bugs and disconnects on PC than PS4. The trader role seems good again on PC while it still sucks on console, I have not noticed any of the so called fixes work infact in certain situations the game is actually more broken. One of the things that really annoys me is doing a Maggie Fike main mission, finishing it then while returning to the shack getting the Rockstar service fault and having to quit only to find on your return that you need to do the mission again only to find the bug happens again. I have done the Death and Taxes mission twice already and have to do it again. I have put in feedback to R* and am still waiting for a response, I used quite a bit of ammo in that mission and when I logged back in I noticed that had gone, don't get me started on the losing Mooshine and the Animal situation. The game at the moment is so broken and as frustrating as hell.
  5. I have to say that I am fed up with the Moonshiner role already, a couple of the main quests I have had to do 2 or 3 times as the game crashes due to R* service error. It will be my 3rd time when I do the Death and Taxes one where you kill the Revenue boss Hixon, also I have had Moonshine just vanish so I have to create a new batch. There is still a shortage of animals or there is for me so can't really level the trader with any speed, already levelled Bounty Hunter and Collector so am pretty much stuck. I might have to give up on RDO and find another game to play. Rockstar have let themselves down on what should be an epic game, far too many bugs and as frustrating as hell. I am talking about all this happening on PS4 btw.
  6. I never use Laptops, I had a dell gaming laptop that according to the specs should have ran anything that was made at the time, I suffered loads of problems with a multitude of games. In the end I ended up returning it and built myself a desktop. I have had this PC quite a while now and it runs RDR2 like a dream. My processor of choice was the Intel 4690k and my graphics card is a gtx 970, granted my Processor is clocked at 4.3, but overall I thought I would have problems but had some spare cash and found a copy that was cheapish and all I can say imo, it runs better and looks graphically superior to my PS4 Pro. R* had supposedly made the game to run on lower end PC's so I have no idea why your laptop is struggling in all honesty.
  7. I contacted R* support about the animal situation and as of yet have had no response, I think this is an issue for all platforms and not just a single one. I have been trying to level trader since the Moonshiner update and finding it near impossible. I am still of the opinion that it doesn't matter how many players are in your session this is probably a coding fault or something which R* are not addressing and with the Xmas holidays upon us I don't see a fix for this until who knows when. The only time I get pelts etc is when I loot bandits etc.
  8. I know we pay 40 gold for the 2nd Outlaw Pass but in the 100 levels, you get that back and more plus there is some cool stuff as well. I agree some of the offers are useless to higher ranking players but at the end of the day they are costing us nothing, so it's a win win situation. On PC I am only level 14 I think and the Outlaw Pass is great for my character and remember that the pass was released for new players on PC but they had to give console players it as well as there would of been uproar about it.
  9. I managed to finish all the missions so am an happy bunny, I like to get missions and quests out of the way. I can now concentrate on bounty hunter ☺️
  10. While playing on PC I can honestly say that I haven't seen any griefers yet, compared to PS4 where you seem to see them every 5 minutes, if your a decent level you should be able to handle them and although it's annoying, it seems like it's something R* want in the game. At the end of the day all they are doing is playing the game was a quote I read on some R* site which I guess is correct in some respects. In any game you get players that just like to spoil your fun, and although as annoying as hell, nothing will come of it. In most regards to griefers it's children, some as low as 8 to 10 years old because I have heard them trying to stifle their giggles on comms. Now you can do something by reporting children that are playing an 18 rated game, saying that have you ever heard the children on GTA 5 online, there must be loads of them, and that game is griefer paradise.
  11. You can kind of compensate for inaccuracy by using Paint It Black but you don't want to be doing that every shot you take. The Evans reigns supreme in the repeater class imho and I absolutely love it, very rarely miss a shot with it. I am not into the pistols though they have great firepower, I much prefer my revolvers, using Shotguns quite a lot lately and loving them although they lack a fair bit of range, they are good griefer sorting guns though especially with PIB.
  12. This happens to me all the time on PS4, it even happened before I had actually got into the game. I have not come across any problems while using PC..(Touch Wood)
  13. Using a Navy Revolver on my PC character, quite nice but I am used to LeMat and will most likely change his weapon or wait till I have dual wielding and have one of each, saying that I have a sawn off as my 2nd weapon on PS4 which I quite like, with Paint it Black Shotguns are beast 😁
  14. Depends on what your rating, there are so many different aspects to the game to give it a overall score is hard, I know it's pretty new to PC but getting players to do the early missions is extremely hard, I was trying for ages yesterday so gave up and went back to PS4.
  15. LordOdin61

    Lock On Mode

    I generally play on PS4 but have had the PC version a couple of days, anyway I went into my settings on PC and found I couldn't change the lock on settings, it said not available in this session which has me annoyed. Is there a way to access the lock on mode ?. I am totally baffled by this.
  16. I don't know if anyone has noticed but you can't get the Slippery Bastard ability card anymore, I was looking yesterday for it and it's gone πŸ˜ͺ
  17. @McLawDiz if your using 3 star animals your material bar will go up much further, I had the hunting wagon on a previous character and to me at least it was a waste of money, the best thing to do imo is kill a npc and get his horse and have your own horse follow you, that way you end up with twice as much material, at the moment it is incredibly hard to level trader, my advice is to do other things and when you come across any animals just kill them and take them back to Cripps. Two star are ok for rabbits and birds etc but for bigger game you should really get 3 star if you can, I was looking for animals most of the day and I ended up with a 3 star pronghorn and a couple of 2 star turkeys, it's a hard time for hunting lately and I think that most players are struggling. I have seen players kill players just to steal a carcass which shouldn't be really happening but it is making the killers life a little easier, it's the hunter that suffers. Use the horse trick instead of buying a cart, it's much better.
  18. I did say that PC seemed ok for animals, it's PS4 that's the problem, even Deer are scarce. I do understand that in life weather can affect animals but this is a game and I don't know how realistic R* have made it regarding Animals, besides that the animal shortage came before the snow so it can't be that. going on PC now to check it out. I have only been playing a couple of days on PC so can't really comment though it seemed ok.
  19. The griefers also have ability cards so it can be hard choosing your 4 cards, I always have Paint It Black and Come Back Stronger, Peak Condition and Winning Streak, I am quite happy with this build and see no reason to change.
  20. I don't choose either, I much prefer the Evans repeater to both of these, 26 bullet clip which is almost double that of a Lancaster which if I remember right has 14, same with revolvers I choose LeMat, while npc's or even players are reloading I have the extra ammo to finish them off plus the shotgun shell loaded in the revolver.
  21. I was playing the other morning on PS4 and really just minding my own business, I like to play the game at a slow pace which makes it more enjoyable, I have never raced about. Anyway back to the story, can't remember exactly what I was doing but suddenly bang, someone had headshot me with a Rolling Block Rifle. I being of a certain age usually take things like this in my stride so let the respawn take it's time instead of holding X to quickly do it, then again bang another headshot, this got me a bit angry so I respawned quickly and began my retribution, I don't know why but when it comes to killing other players I use my revolver (LeMat), so anyway I found him and quickly dispatched him to griefer heaven, by then I still wasn't satisfied so looked at the player list and he/she was just under level 300, while I was I think mid 60s. I killed him another 2 or 3 times then I heard a voice say please don't kill me anymore, honestly it sounded like a child of about 8 to 10 years. I could hear what I assumed was his father in the background saying give me the pad, anyway this had developed into a feud now with daddy on the hunt, no lie I am not the greatest player in pvp but this guy was absolutely Rubbish. Anyway in the end he just vanished off the session so I could get back to chilling and doing whatever I was doing. I think there is a moral in this story but I can't think of one lol.
  22. I have just started playing on PC as well as on PS4 and on PC there seems more animals although they are not as abundant as they used to be. I am not going to do trader roll on PC until everything is sorted. While I play on PS4 the animal spawns are almost non existent and I have been trying to level trader for what seems an age yet am only level 12. I have been reading peoples thoughts on this and most are trying to say it's to do with the amount of people in the session, which in my opinion is wrong, before the Moonshiner patch I was in sessions with 25 players and the animals were plentiful so to me that blows their theory out of the water.
  23. Finally finished the first missions that you get with good reputation, got to get bad rep and finish the next 4 :)
  24. Just downloaded it on PC and my computer isn't the best on the block, i am running a 4690k clocked to 4.3ghz and a gtx 970 which were supposed to have issues on RDO. I am not kidding that i was so surprised when i first started playing the PC version. The graphics are much sharper and it's seems to run much smoother than my PS4 Pro, While playing yesterday and for a while this morning i have had zero issues playing online and in story mode, it's been a pleasure to play except for not being able to find players to do the early missions and also the lack of animals like the console which R* need to sort out, it's nice to have the xmas freebies but i would much prefer the game prior to the last update.
  25. Been trying to do the early missions on PC and no one joining, on PS4 i was only searching for players for maybe 30 seconds and did them straight away. It's kind of annoying not been able to find anyone, tried different times and still no joy. I only finished downloading yesterday and have been trying since then which i know isn't a long time but it seems like ages when your in a lobby continuously waiting for people, maybe it's because many players are scared their PC's won't run it, i just don't know. Maybe some are waiting to get it as a present for xmas, might have to wait till after that.
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