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Easiest GOLD!


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Today I got half a gold for killing 5 crows.   I got another .5 gold for picking 5 mint leaves... One gold total... but there was more.. I made 3.5 gold from dailies so far today AS THEY ARE ALL WORTH HALF A GOLD EACH AND i DID 7.

Why are my dailies worth half a gold?  Normally they are only worth .2 gold

Because of the daily MULTIPLIER.

To keep your multiplier going.. YOU MUST LOG IN EVERY DAY AND DO 1 DAILY... That's it.. That's the big secret.

Sometimes a daily can be eating 3 camp stews... sometimes its killing 5 small birds or feeding a horse... there is usually one you can do almost instantly without leaving camp.. pet a dog, change theme, etc.

So even if you are too busy... you can take a few minutes a day....

After 28 days you get 2.5 X value of daily... so I should only have gotten 1.4 gold from todays dailies (.2 each) .. but instead got 3.5 gold (.5 gold each)... and it adds up.

I am not a person who likes buying gold or pay to play... but I have spent close to $100 on gold in the past year... once to buy an arabian near time game got lame with changes in spring.... and I spent $25 recently also to get the first pass for 35 gold bars.

I had enough to get the pass and one role....   The pass quickly gave me enough gold to buy all roles...

But I kept logging on and doing 1 daily every day since then.... because getting half a gold per lame daily.. is too easy.

So now I'm on day 76 out of 28 day of dailies.... No resets (unless they read this).   Each day I earned at least half a gold... usually 2-5.   By the time moonshine update hit I had 150 gold (no purchases since I was gold poor in first pass).   I had also bought certain items with gold in that time.. here and there.. maybe 30 gold worth... so I made about 180 gold... from last pass and doing dailies.

So I bought this current pass.. the cookhouse... some clothes and upgrades... (including bar upgrades)... and I have leveled moonshine to lvl 20.... and I never had to buy any gold... and I have 25 gold again.. with nothing interesting left to buy.  I own all game assets recipes, etc.

But dailies give good gold... you need to log on for at least 5 minutes every day.... or buy gold like others... Im just cheap.

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Agreed,daily challenges is the best way to get a gold. Got to 81 days streak before reset bug struck when the first frontier pursuit dlc came.

But rockstar compensate me,and now im at 82 days streak again. I got around 1110 gold bars now thanks to dailys.

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WOW!   All great responses and "kewl" flu007... new to entire game?.. dang.  You dont need to buy every camp theme.. You can save money by jumping a few levels.. is something i wish I knew..

I was slow on the uptake I guess since i preordered this game and have only been running dailies for the amplifier since week 3 of my 72 day streak (not 76).

Great advice from Moosh89 about doing at least 2 in case one resets.. When I do the daily it updates the counter also.. and does all the "Youve done so many days " rigamarole. when it gives me the .5g

I guess I don't exactly know what a reset is or how it could reverse that, but I'm all for doing a minimum of 2 anyways..

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