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  1. When you made the purchase were you logged into YOUR account? IF more than one person share a console.. sometimes purchases are made on the wrong character. Like check other peoples accounts if they share the same household. e.g. If I purchased 100 gold bars on my wifes account.. It would not show up in my game,.. and Id never notice because nobody plays RDR2 on her account. The store should have a custromer service number. I'm betting you also did not get an invoice and purchase number.. check their email. This may no t be OP solution. but is a problem for some.. in various games.
  2. I cannot even think of a decent reason for owning a sniping rifle. I carry one but it is rarely used.. buy last. Yes. I was also under impression camps were "bulletproof'.. mostly they are.
  3. Hbosch007, I noticed nobody answered you. You can shoot and kill anyone in their camp if you use a sniper rifle at a long enough distance. You cannot shoot them up close with those rifles. Please don't use for griefing.. just on griefers who hiding. I had a guy kill me in my camp to prove it to me. I sit in my tent if I think someone is up to it.. or barriers in between me and blue dots. @ OP... maybe Rockstar employees are running characters akin to the Moderator gods of Warcraft. Maybe to do with lag or some such. Sometimes when lag occurs the visuals get mucked.. but I'm clueless to the answer. Full defensive with gold cores and level 3 health.. It could be troublesome to kill... did he have time to prepare for battle... etc.
  4. 1) Farming.. (Farmville in 3D), (obviously properties will work like GTA5/moonshining). Hey.. Farmville is popular to some.. Who has the biggest plow? Herta47 mentioned this above but I also thought this will come.. with properties. 2) Photography (take pictures of 3 churches or deer in same day), photography competitions,, votes.. in a group, etc. Best voted pictures wins cash. Think this is in works.. unsure. 3) Herbalist... have the doctor PAY a tad more for herbs.. THAT's IT! Alter price he pays and IT's DONE! Herbalism was a good job in warcraft.... could be here. HAVE ANY OF US EVER SOLD A HERB TO A DOCTOR (aside from just trying it)? Why do doctors even exist in this game.. none of us use them? 4).. perhaps a non PVP version for kids or old people to wander around and appreciate the graphics. I know people who might enjoy just riding around and looking at scenery. Yonder game type stuff.. maybe more treasure hunt oriented? Without the shooting PRESCHOOLERS could play this game. 5) Low bounty sheriff? Never thought this one through.. seems like any bounty should give exposure. 6) Gold sluicing? idk. 7) Wagon thief. 8 ) Horse thief/breeding/breaking/catching (above post).. and atm.. I CURRENTLY miss the ability to skin horses like RDR1. lol 9) This one is far fetched.. but what about letting some people play as the animals themselves.... can you hide from the players if you are a bunny or a fox? can you eat them if you are a bear? Maybe this could be done through a swamp witch or some such. 10 ) Pro fighter? Boxing matches for cash? Drunken PVP boxing matches for cash? Just random thoughts and ideas ive heard so far. 11 ) My favorite - Madrigalian posted ABOVE HILARIOUS ROLE. Zookeeper. so new players can see all the animals that once existed in this game (like bunnies).. that are now extinct.
  5. freakshow? You are finding cougar spawns on regular servers? Do you play at 3am...? I once did a video where I caught 5 perfect cougars one night near blackwater... but I have no seen a cougar or the panthers at stillwater/south of rhodes since last year. Are you not glitching missions to make it happen? I am surprised by that comment. I would have said finding a cougar on a regular server is totally impossible this year so far... unless 3am... (oddly late night animals come more). I'm with Hickock.. FIX THE DAMN SPAWNS.. lol
  6. I Liked Freakshows /llp idea.Pre-set ability cards sets that can be swapped in and out.. like outfits... sometimes I want to shoot stronger at NPC's and sometimes I want defensive cards when using explosive ammo while engaging a posse. Changing them one at at me with a posse shooting at you... we do all the time. Buttlints poker idea is good... Anyone who plays poker well knows that even AA will lose most of the time if against more than 3 people. So TOURNAMENTS get rid of the bad players first. If you ever play in a free online tournament.. do npot pkay the first 3-5 hands as the "less experienced" players get knocked out. So... I'd add TOURNAMENTS to the idea of increased buy ins.. Yes. $25 is nothing... I could collect that much in the time it takes to register. I thought horse teams would be required for wagons when they cam e out. I thought I would need a special draft horse to pull my bounty wagon.. Nope.. they give you a free horse. Wagon teams mght be fun. Ejected casings dislikes cripps.. and I want to shoot cripps for disliking dogs... Oddly he started to like dogs over christmas.. but now hates them again... Over christmas he said "As long as he doesnt try to lick me again".. etc... now hes back to ... hell turn on you someday.. WTF? I also like the food idea in OP. Cooked meats should be on the wheel as opposed to satchel.. put canned goods in satchel (or option). I'd be happy if they put animals into the regular server.. That would be a great change. I miss the bunnies.
  7. I think most regular players would agree that hunting has become a glitchfest in RDR2. The ONLY way to hunt is on mission servers like "Legendary bounty missions" if you want to hunt for an hour or a "maggie" mission if you want to hunt for 10-15 minutes. You may find a few racoons if you wake up at 3am and play... certainly not a lot. If I got this game for xmas I would probably think it lame... they have no idea hunting was once a real thing in RDR2. Lagras used to have gators in its swamps (Honest.. ask someone who played last year). New players are probably wanting their money back. I can sometimes find animals in the wee hours of the morning.. like 3am... which makes me think Rockstar is using animals to control how many people are online using their servers. I love the game.. but something sure is going on with animals. It seems like it is unfixable as this has been going on for over a month now... since the moonshine role update. I THOUGHT rockstar turned off animals to make us go moonshine... (still think they nerfed animals a lot). I truly believe they may be using animals to make more server room.. idk. Seems intentional. What do you think? Instead of forcing everyone to activate missions to do hunting (as we all do now). Maybe they could invent a hunting only server.. perhaps even a non-pvp one to keep it simple... albeit I'm fine with pvp. So.. HUNTING ONLY SERVER? It would be nice to see animals in RDR2 again... and new players may not know they need to glitch missions to see a bunny.
  8. Theyve changed some locations of collector items.. Now finding tarot in outhouse by cracker cow ranch... You cant dig by tree at flat neck.. etc. I use the open maps and marking main map.. rince and repeat until the main map has a dozen locations and I visit them whichever is closest method of finding treasure (Basically I open 4 maps at a time but use game map markers). Are you sure you didnt pass through that area before and loot the cards around.. because they will stay gone all day? I have found the game very glitchy.. and collectors role changed and nerfed. But still working. I have collected tarot cards every day. I do dailies so am on at least once a day.
  9. Except last two answers, Is everyone here playing a different game? So many people list spots that do not work currently... at least in the RDR2 I've been playing the past year. In regular game mode I do not think I've even seen any animals in weeks. The only way I hunt now is while on missions. I may target a deer or two while on a short maggie mission or do the legendary bounties if I want to hunt for an hour (abeergeen or whatever HER name is near gap tooth is great for hunting). so.. MY SUGGESTION.. is go to your regular spots while on a mission server to see if its part of the glitchville we are currently playing in. My view is that "collector role" and bounty hunting are perhaps the only part of the game that works at the moment. Moonshiner still glitchy, Hunting non existent except while on mission servers, . I am currently trying to find good missions to hunt gators.. as my minty big game meat is down to 10. SO.. my answer.. dont even try to hunt in regular game mode. I wasted an hour swimming around lagras with my horse once (yea.. just once. cough*) trying to get a gator for a daily. So.. for hunting. Maggie missions or Legendary bounty missions.. I would not even try to find an animal now in RDR2. Unless you like riding in circles. @ KEAN... people new to the game have no clue how broken it currently is. So mentioning mission servers is on topic here... and almost required. Their hunting spot may work fine in a less glitchy environment. I would suggest nobody could get the every animal achievement if they started playing now. Edit: This thread has over 17 000 views... so it must be a popular issue. Glitching missions for hunting needs to be common knowledge to anyone who wishes to enjoy the game as it stands today.
  10. Glitch world continues... Today it took me 45 minutes to get into my cookhouse cabin. I ended up relogging onto game at least 3 times today... and could not even load the game several tries. BROKEN DELIVERY... I've had missions not start.. but today I could not even activate a delivery... I went to where the 20/20 bottles are in Marcels menu and it is grey.. like I could not even click on it for option to deliver... I could not redo mash or flavor until bottles delivered and cannot deliver bottles... Yep... loads of fun.. a game that does not load.. that does not work.. That has no animals... I mean I have fully given up on trying to get predator skins, etc... Like I'm ever gonna find an alligator in RDR2... without activating a mission to "cheat"/bypass glitch. Maybe they are trying to drive away even the rest of us who play only for dailies. I believe rockstar has turned off the animals on purpose to see if we will buy more gold.... makes me want to play minecraft... where they have animals and such... and horses dont need stimulants.
  11. Defending wagons can seem futile, but here are techniques I use. a) If you are attacked with 50 pieces or less you can destroy your cart with a bridge or small cliff... put one bag upon your own horse.. and 1 bag upon the cart horse. Ride the cart horse and get to your destination quicker. b) If you are attacked with 25 pieces or less you can dynamite your cart.. killing cart horse is okay with 25. Then take pieces and place them on your horse.. finish delivery. c) Too bad arrows didn't work on wagons.. explosive arrows are easy to craft. But explosive ammo obviously is a go to.. a repeater with explosive rounds is a good match for some posses. d) Try to ride straight at griefers so their mini map fools them into thinking youre stationary. Then light em up with incendiary or something. Be patient.. use cover if they are aggressive. e) Note griefers name while they are still red.. so you dont start killing innocents. I've only been attacked a few times in perhaps 100 deliveries so far... and generally my objectives are dailies (currently glitched.. one delivery of 2 items counts as 2 deliveries) so I generally only have a few pieces when I ship... no biggy if it got stolen.. but its the point... I keep all my exploding ammo up and ready... allowing for the accidental sad ending of a few bunnies.
  12. I would add that when I first logged on after boycotting the spring updates I was not aware of other players being in defensive. I spent a few days just thinking I never saw anyone.. but then I started seeing payers who were not visible on the map... I was slow on uptake. I suppose I'm asking if the person who is not seeing any players is aware of defensive mode... or is he looking at the player list that shows with our dailies. I mean a person who played a year ago logging n would think the server empty... because when i was a level 1 we could see every player on the map... not so much now.
  13. The Triangle option to dance pops up whenever you stand in front of the band... in what might be a dance floor type area. But you need bar or bar invite as people said above. Maybe you had lag or something when you tried it.
  14. Funny but unrelated to topic. kind of... My horses name is "Purdy".. I thought you were gonna have photos of him..
  15. I looked at dailies to get predator skins, cougar kills, and big game meat "undoable" now.... and I once made a video where I caught 5 cougars in the same night. (mission glitches only for hunting). @ Jackthestripper, If you can down a herd of deer (or two) pull out your (hopefully empty) hunting wagon and put the deer in there.. They will remain indefinitely.... as that is how long it takes cripp to set camp. I use my wagon more like a longer term storage or freezer.
  16. above answer assuming you have Moonshine cabin with bar upgrades. I'm unsure if other pianos or instruments in the game allow it. There is a place people without stew pots can get stew as an example (I think). Since they added dancing I've never tried at a saloon.
  17. Okay.... I don't want to teach math but if you save 2 minutes per mission by not starting crap with the 7 agents at the barricade... (when sometimes they let you pass without chasers)... plus another 7-8 kills with the chasers... If none of them damage 1 bottle... and if you have TIME to loot them all... I've had close calls doing the kill all and loot methods. So if you save 2 minutes per mission.. then you can spend that time running maggie missions and killing countless "revenue agents" (they're really NPC's)... or doing ANYTHING economical time-wise. However.... Be careful not to poison a still.... That might lose you some kills. My point was not that I need time for bongs.. or that I do not like "experience"... My points were that you can deliver 20 out of 20 bottles EVERY SINGLE TIME using cinematic... without them even stopping you half the time. The entire mission by holding the x button... 100% successfully... whenever they let you pass... or in the case of armadillo deliveries.. even if they say stop and give chase.. Youre GONE! So.. I suppose I think ts very very silly that so many suggest these "revenue agents" can be filled with fear and give greater exp. You get experience with every kill... Killing and looting chasers is very silly... youre on the clock and you often shoot them before they can damage bottles.. so do you really get on your horse.. ride (with your wagon or a stolen horse... or run?!?) to their bodies 100 yards behind you.. loot them... and then still finish on time? Not the best strategy but if you dont mind failing the odd time.. go for it. I do not even think YouTube has videos on the cinematic mode trick yet. So... I say a way people can save time, money by delivering bottles easier... and yes... I think its foolish to say shoot em up is better... It is not better for experience.. because while you are shooting these players and riding 100 yards to loot them... Unless you wait until they are right beside you before killing em.. (bad for bottles though) you could be playing other missions with time saved. The earlier part of this thread is filled with people complaining about breaking bottles. But I do agree.. Killing them all can be fun in a venting sort of way... There are some of us who poison the stills.. and some of us who shoot everything for experience. Both are valid. I'd rather get experience quicker and loot 20 bodies that are all within the same square ten feet (make them come to you and loot while at least one target left alive. If I shot a chaser I would exit the wagon and let them get closer for easier looting... exiting wagon takes it out of gunfire.. but costs time. Your points would be valid if I was not finishing the missions quicker and moving on with other aspects of the game which could yield cash, looting or experience. I see killing all as more timely, harder to loot NPC's, risk of bottles and clock running out... as opposed to holding 1 button and finishing minutes earlier.
  18. Hooking up a second playstation in another room and my entire library was made available when I signed in.. Except Red Dead Redemption 2. I updated licenses in settings.. still no RDR2. I have all the receipts and emails from online pre-purchase.. Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like that before... I can load and play GTA5 on both systems... so its definitely seems glitchy.. but wondering if there could be a solution (aside from ticket) that I have not tried... I'll submit a ticket but that could take a week. I have the game loaded and playable on one playstation.. but on the same user account on another system I have every single game.. except RDR2. Weird. Tried: powering on/off, Updating, switching active Ps4.. Software will not even show in locked mode. I even went to store and looked for download options... It just wanted me to pay again... ultimate, special, regular.. all same. I can play in the living room until the ticket responses.
  19. Wow! Kean and you BOTH think I was singling you out... and you suggest it is I who is paranoid. I gave a HANDS FREE (hold 1 F'N Button) method of doing the mission half the time (CINEMATIC)... which most unoriginal INSIDE the box thinkers would just power through shooting whatever... Meanwhile on the clock and with shots possibly being fired at you.... unnecessarily... when 1 bottle can cost you $62 RDO. I actually do not go and do bong hits every single time I make a delivery... The point was I have.. and I could again... normally i would just make a coffee, or take a crap... so maybe you have consoles in your bathrooms also. By holding 1 button...... So I tell that and a few of you say that is too out of the box thinking.. ysome of youd rather just power through as if these revenue agents were the real deal.. Its fiction dudes. Efficiency is more important than griefing NPC's. But its a game.. get your kicks where you want. Ive seen people her complain about not being able to deliver 20/20... I gave instructions on how to always get 20/20.. simply.... But if everyone in thsi forum is going to assume I was speaking upon them.... Kean even said he was unsure why I thought his post was offensive.. NOTE: If you think I may find it offensive.... then perhaps it is your own guilty consciousness.. because I certainly never pointed fingers at anyone. Actually I was aiming at Hickok... Not kean.. but he didnt know that either. After a certain level experience seems pointless hickok.. but get your 70-200 exp for killing the agents and starting them chasing you EVERY time. But when your max level in all careers and over level 100, experience is a time waster. There are various missions that trigger solo rooms but you can only do legendary bounties if you do them regularly... For example the most I could get right would be a hard mission $$$. I have the wagon and am level 20... but have not done a bounty since. I'm here for moonshiner, dailies, and outlaw pass 2... now just for dailies... and might give them up. game is pretty lame lately. I never use stealth mode as in defensive... We have explosive ammo for a reason and staying n defensive it will never get used. I don't grieve so I am forced to wait until fired upon... But yeah.... everyone assumed I was speaking on them... For those who have not yet caught on... you can a shoot everything.... or you can just do the entire mission from a-z in cinematic mode.. unless they give chase .. and then you can stay in cinematic until AFTER the roadblock.... no roadblock has every damaged a single bottle from my cart when I just drive through quickly. This was an out of the box approach... (I'd wager many do not eve attempt to drive through the roadblocks).... for those who want to do the mission fast and for maximum profit... If you want NPC's do a maggie mission when you want to leave the shack.. they often leave you closer to camp or fast travel. If you want to shoot everything... That also works... less profitable I imagine for many.. but works.
  20. Dang... I didn't realize so many would take offense by learning how to do this mission hands off... with 20 out of 20 nottles deliuvered each time. I grasp that there are player types who cannot handle stealth missions... No poisoning the stills for them.. just shoot shoot shoot... I am suggesting that killing and looting the 7 agents at the roadblock seems fairly dense to me. Better economically to run through and do a maggie mission if you want bodies. I truly don't care if you all stop and shoot the revenue agents.. I just saying half the time they let you pass without a shot fired... the entire mission by holding a button... So when do you stop and smoke your weed? By fitting in my bong hits on a delivery I free up more time for killing griefers. If I am in the other room holding down a button.. or you are driving your wagon... Its the exact same distance to the first blockade... So you can view the scenery... but I've already memorized the map. I am saying sometimes if you run a blockade they cannot even send chasers after you (Amarillo saloon delivery). Fight NPC's all day long if that's your thing. Makes you feel tough by killing an NPC agent... just for the point. .. Its a game.. there is no correct way to play.... I like to fit my bong hist in where I can... (I suggest stealth can be a part of the game)... but requires a less shoot everything and more a calculated approach. Not easy if you are a beginner I guess. I imagine many would not even try to pass a blockade without firing.. I mean it is counter intuitive that they would let you pass... but some of us fool easier than others I guess.
  21. I do that in camp but always flee my horse while hunting... not anymore. thanks. I'm gullible.. I believe it.
  22. I've never had it glitch going through a checkpoint, but I know on several route there are areas I need to drive a bit slower (driving up hill towards heartland ranch). If a slow horse or wagon gets in front of me I will drop out of cinematic and shoot them... it speeds them up (wagons) or makes them attack. If they try to stop you.. they will chase you... If they do not try to stop you.. they will not chase you.. you can leave the room.. whatever... stop.. throw a party. But.. I do know I can do 2 one handed bong hist in another room before I even hear a checkpoint... yes.. it seems random.. Ive tried gun holstered.. gun out.. gun cocked... unarmed.. but I have not stopped at or before a checkpoint in weeks. If you do get shot at.. just leave the wagon.. you can die a bunch of times and the wagon would still be intact... (not that you would). We all know how to kill NPC's. Once I went AFK and when I returned the agents were working on killing me for the third time or whatever... The wagon was intact... I guess the first killing made me leave the wagon which protected it from gunfire. Even going AFK I can deliver 20/20 every time using cinematic mode. The NPC loot ratio is low in moonshine deliveries and the risk of bottle breakage is costly over time. I'd wager I make as much RDO from moonshining as anyone. Killing revenue agents is fine.. but save it for a maggie mission as climbing in and out of a wagon to loot stray bodies seems less fun than looting 20 bodies all in the same 10 square feet. I see no point in doing anything but delivering the bottles intact in these runs. I dont even bother with maggie missions anymore.. just dailies... and deliveries when ready. I'm running out of antique alcohol to drink .
  23. Huh.. they should have given the PC players outlaw pass 1 first and then 2 right after or something... its not cross compatible so I dont see it as unfair. I LOVE your idea of giving high level benchmark awards.. If only an ornamental upgrade as you suggested. A bigger horse at every 100th level... or something silly like really really tall hats.. anything would be nice... an end of the world sandwich board costume.. anything. Although too many costume this could get awfully fortnite quickly. Until they fix the animals.. I feel sorry for new players. I started game on day one and we had much to hunt back then... not now. I like anything that can set griefers back but the game has already given me such tools (explosive ammo and experiences, etc)
  24. What repeater would be best with explosive ammo.. so smaller clip size, etc? I never liked the repeater until exploding ammo and the fire rate can hold off some posses at medium range. Does the aiming reticule even matter much if we're one shotting someone with explosive ammo? The speed is my only reason for liking repeaters. I also carry explosive ammo in the navy revolvers etc (copper metal color is free and nice). I've tried various repeaters but I'm not the best judge when it comes to what might be quickest for my given situation. I guess best rate of fire... I'd have to log on to look.. but this thread made me curious... What repeater best for posse busting with explosive ammo?
  25. When I drive my wagon in CINEMATIC mode I never need to steer... so I usually leave the room and go do 1-2 bong hits while my wagon is self driving. It is awkward to do a bong hit while holding the button.. but I manage a few one-handed tokes. The volume tells me when I approached a checkpoint.. and I would NEVER just start shooting at them.. I did until I realized they let you drive past half the time. HALF OF ALL MOONSHINE DELIVERY MISSIONS I COMPLETE ARE DONE WITHOUT FIRING ONE SHOT. If they send you through the checkpoint.. they never chase you... Even if they say pull over.. they do not start shooting until its too late and youre gone.. you will never lose a bottle by running a checkpoint. So... meanwhile I'm still getting high AF. If I hear them say PULL OVER then I head back... and step on it... after a minute you will hear voices.. I then jump out of my wagonj so no shots are fred at it.. bullets can damage cargo. You can shoot them from far.. head-shots.. loot.. whatever... but then go mack to cinematic mode... and go do another bong.. if they are chasing you they will not give you time. I always deliver 20/20 bottles. If people do the armadillo run from that heartlands area... Then they can run the roadblock... AND OUTRUN ANY CHASERS.. Never fire one shot... unless you want to. I do not even need to be in the room to deliver 20/20 half the time. I can hear if they are going to give chase.. I just hold the drive button... If say pull over.. then I need to go back into the room and deal with chasers soon. It cannot get any easier than holding down one button for the entire trip. @ James Hickok_1837, Shooting from far makes them harder to loot and I opt for loot over experience which is pointless after everything capped... so far. If I'm doing a Maggie mission or something with a lot of looting I like to make them come to me and get them in the same location.. and start looting while one guy still alive. Shooting our way through anything is fun. Ive done maggie missions using mostly dynamite for fun of it... speed run type thing. I see no point in even giving a checkpoint the day. The armadillo run can be made by RUNNING ROADBLOCK and OUTRUNNING CHASERS 100% of the time (Yes. I am saying the are useless revenue agents). I mean I never ever ever have to fire one single shot if I choose that location. I just run the blockade and keep running... 20 out of 20 bottles.. guaranteed... so why engage them? Not to loot them 100 yards away... better things to do. I can make runs by sound.. from another room... and always 20/20 (some routes you need to slow in spots.. but learn at full tilt). Smashing a bottle is costly in this game $247 to $185 = $52 ... for breaking one bottle. I have a way that is pretty much guaranteed... your way is of course the most popular I imagine because nobody would think to just drive through the checkpoint. Not everyone would. Smashing through... I imagine its done.
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