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  1. To emphasize its value.. this pass gives gold and RDO rewards in voucher formats... little tickets.. most of which are useless... I can see having too many of these vouchers as being a problem... I've been trying to use them up as I get them.. I had a bunch that reverse d my honor and I used them all at the same time.. honer up speech.. honor down speech.. honor up speech.. honor down speech.... and it left my honor on low end.... yuck. Gun upgrade cards might be useful if I didn't already own all the weapons I want... I suppose I could buy a pump action shotgun but my automatic is just as good. But I cant delete t .. hopefulky someday soon... Another useless card is I have a few that allow me to unlock any ability crads.. for free... but I dont have any ability cards left to unlock or level. I have every ability card ranked up.... so the vouchers are useless until they add more ability cards.. and even then it will only save me $50 rdo.... The reason i try to use mine up is because it seems like your slot can only hold so many and then you cant scroll down... so it could get filled with crap and then your s.o.l. I'm sure they will fix this in time... (they fixed dog in hobo camp glitch so I can use that theme again.. damn dog hung hmself up by his "family jewels" at night). and all of these "50% offers".... just tell me how to delete them all.... I bought a cheap $9 vest just to get rid of a voucher... ugg... and a cheap shirt... These things are horrid...
  2. Today I got half a gold for killing 5 crows. I got another .5 gold for picking 5 mint leaves... One gold total... but there was more.. I made 3.5 gold from dailies so far today AS THEY ARE ALL WORTH HALF A GOLD EACH AND i DID 7. Why are my dailies worth half a gold? Normally they are only worth .2 gold Because of the daily MULTIPLIER. To keep your multiplier going.. YOU MUST LOG IN EVERY DAY AND DO 1 DAILY... That's it.. That's the big secret. Sometimes a daily can be eating 3 camp stews... sometimes its killing 5 small birds or feeding a horse... there is usually one you can do almost instantly without leaving camp.. pet a dog, change theme, etc. So even if you are too busy... you can take a few minutes a day.... After 28 days you get 2.5 X value of daily... so I should only have gotten 1.4 gold from todays dailies (.2 each) .. but instead got 3.5 gold (.5 gold each)... and it adds up. I am not a person who likes buying gold or pay to play... but I have spent close to $100 on gold in the past year... once to buy an arabian near time game got lame with changes in spring.... and I spent $25 recently also to get the first pass for 35 gold bars. I had enough to get the pass and one role.... The pass quickly gave me enough gold to buy all roles... But I kept logging on and doing 1 daily every day since then.... because getting half a gold per lame daily.. is too easy. So now I'm on day 76 out of 28 day of dailies.... No resets (unless they read this). Each day I earned at least half a gold... usually 2-5. By the time moonshine update hit I had 150 gold (no purchases since I was gold poor in first pass). I had also bought certain items with gold in that time.. here and there.. maybe 30 gold worth... so I made about 180 gold... from last pass and doing dailies. So I bought this current pass.. the cookhouse... some clothes and upgrades... (including bar upgrades)... and I have leveled moonshine to lvl 20.... and I never had to buy any gold... and I have 25 gold again.. with nothing interesting left to buy. I own all game assets recipes, etc. But dailies give good gold... you need to log on for at least 5 minutes every day.... or buy gold like others... Im just cheap.
  3. ON Ps4 CINEMATIC MODE (is correct name... I said "view mode" thinking people would know... It is akin to fast travel in story mode and old RDR. Just put your wagon in cinematic mode and it will bypass the roadblocks half the time.. They (NPC's) say , "move along", "keep this lane clear", or nothing... sometimes they say pull over... I always deliver 20 out of 20 bottles now. Got 1- 19 because of a phone call... 1 bottle will cost you $50 RDO If they wave you through.... drive through... nobody will stop you for rest of delivery... (pretty huge).. not one shot at you for entire deliveries If they say pull over for inspection.. keep driving.. by the time they start shooting you will not lose any bottles. However.. if they did shoot at you.. you will have a few chasers come after you in a few minutes... You will hear their voices well before they are in range. Stop cinematic mode... wait for them.. shoot em... loot em... continue... I use PS4 so For my cinematic mode I musty hit the large square button and hold it until it clicks in.. Then I can simply hold x to drive (weapon shouldered).... I drive ALL my wagons like this... most always. I am level 20 in moonshining... level 20 in all roles. level 70 (30 lvls to go before April) outlaw pass 2. level 170+ (unsure) in game... I normally win against griefers because I have all exploding ammo and keep them handy. Most griefers use normal ammo.. most.. not all... So TRY CINEMATIC MODE.... I highly recommend it both so you drive straight without crashing.. but also so you can go fix a coffee in the kitchen while driving your bottles or anything. or dont...
  4. Try all delivery's in FAST TRAVEL/VIEW MODE. If moonshining NEVER STOP at barricades... just ignore requests to stop and perhaps take 2-3 harmless nullets.. If they do not shoot.. they will not chase and they wave you through 1/3 the time... "Move along"... "yes sir"... But this is not about moonshing... I always use view mode with wagons.. here is why? If youre driving a wagon full of pelts through griefer country often enough.. youre going to lose cargo. It can be hard to defend against griefers when youre on a wagon. One technique is to dynamite your wagon and at least grab one bag (up to 25 pieces) and throw it on your horse. If you want another bag place it on the horse from the wagon (Use care with how you destroy wagon then as dynamite sometimes scares away horse... (bridge crash works). It all depends on how much cargo and how many your opponents.. Usually you may just want to grab the pone bag and go. The other day I was in view/travel mode and got one shotted.. as they can always do... So I came back and blew him and my wagon up and put my stuff on horseback for remainder of journey. So I get distracted by animals and every blue or red dot I see... and I end up driving worse.. taking shortcuts... crashing... driving at night,... ugg. with no light.. more ugg... In view mode you just hold a button on your controller or keyboard and go make a coffee.... If youre gonna get attacked.. youre gonna get attacked... I find explosive repeater ammo is a fine deterrent against posses. They have explosive ammo also... I find it best to back off then charge them full speed with fire shooting from your shotgun. Keep your dot stationary from their viewpoint by coming straight at them .. and when they see you on the minimap.. Its too late... They are on fire. If someone is following you or obviously a griefer and you just want to go on your way without too much fuss... Use poison arrow on their horse.. Then they must take the time to use a revive or remedy on their horse. By which time youll be gone. So at least TRY view mode... It makes me relax in game more as Im not so concerned with every blip on the screen.. but if you are concerned.. you can also watch the MAP while in travel/view mode... In old RDR2 you could see everyone's dot on the map and your route... now.. not so much. I find that driving in view mode also makes my character seem fearless and confident... when its actually ignorance. So maybe people think twice.. plus they see you in a wagon so they can choose to be nice or not. View mode or no view mode will not alter that decision. Plus with moonshining I always deliver 20/20 bottles now... Its easy if you let wagon autodrive and ignore roadblock... or get out of wagon for it... I just drove through every roadblock.... every one... always.... easier to ignore them... and no damage... Hope this tip makes your rdr2 life easier.
  5. Glitchy... AF. You stand a 25% chance of your mission not starting and another half chance those will lose the bottles you made... So... we still need to grind out the 100 levels in the outlaw pass.. so this career will take care close to to 60 of them (I was level 59 when I hit lvl 20 Moonshiner). Bar upgrades are useless so far.. but there are some still improvements that are necessary. Decor upgrades are in dailies sometimes. Sometimes maggies missions do not start... most do. Sometimes Marcel missions dont start.. when relogging you lose bottles half the time... I lost 60 bottles when leveling and another 40 today . Sometimes marcel will have mash and flavor and still sit on his ass and do nothing all day.... You just keep checking to see if he wants to work.. like getting cripps to set a camp.... Sadly I could not bypass this bug except to wait it out and relog many times... Eventually he will want more mash.. (more bottles lost). VIEW MODE TRAVEL... Seriously... I deliver 20 out of 20 bottles every trip.... I just put the wagon on autopilot and hold the button to drive. Passing the barricades/roadblocks is easy in view mode.. sometimes they will say pull over for inspection.. sometimes they will say Move along or some such.. If they say move along or do not shoot.. then you will not get chased... If they say pull over ... DONT... just keep holding the drive button and they often dont chase.. and of they do .. then stop view/easy travel mode ajnd shoot the ones chasing.. and continue... Autodriving wagons is the easiest way to reach the destination with all bottles intact from what Ive seen and done.
  6. Forget moonshining.. My Avatar is mr entertainment... Plays all the instruments... and here I was robbing npc's. Can play fiddle, Cello, guitar, piano... even a washboard. I saw animals everywhere... but if you need a quick wagon full.. start any mission and hunt in the mission server or however it works.. It certainly is more animals when on some missions.
  7. You could also save time by finding fireplaces in areas other than your campsite.. albeit without the deluxe fire speed. They should have that cooking speed as a skill. But if you go to North heartlands to the farm with the chickens and cracker cows.... you can fill up on beef and chickens, many spices and cook it without leaving the premises... But previous answer is only way to speed it up.. fire upgrade.
  8. @ Liquidfire... Yes.. some of them are glitches... Example.. If you get HOBO CAMP and a RETRIEVER DOG... You can watch it hang sideways by his private parts which hi likes hanging on the bedtime shack...... I am fairly CERTAIN that is a glitch... meaning it is not working as intended... but merely a funny glitch that does no t affect gameplay... CALLING YOUR HORSE when skinning WAS A THING... Past tense... sure.. maybe it was intentionally brought out of the game.. but then wht can you whistle for your horse when you are digging? Is digging less complicated than skinning? In neithe rcase you hear your avatar whistle.. but the hors ewill ract if you are collecting... not if you are skinning.. ANYMORE. So... Why one without the other... Sometimes they nerf things by accident.. and if it is not a glitch then it is most certainly nerfed... I just probably play more and have more items and such.. so I notice gameplay more than some. The knife glitch is a glitch to anyone who has played since the beginning and had more than one knife.. I have a buckle for 1000 assassinations... Maybe tell me how the knife stays constant for you when you get half that many assassinations... (we can post screen shots). If I scroll to my knife after logging on.. I always need to change it to the new one I want.. or else when someone is dragging me with a lasso I can take an extra half second to redial my knife of preference... I grinded trader to level 5 first so I could store an obsolete lasso and 2 obsolete knives.. Because a weapons locker.. should YOU KNOW.. store weapons.... and I was likely one of the first owners of it so i could go online and hear how useless it was... So... If you see no glitches.. then you are speaking of a different game.. or one in which you are not that familiar with.
  9. Found missions a bit glitchy.. I lost two full loads of booze (20 bottles each) because mission would not start but used up my bottles made... Ran out of story missions for this role before level 5. The lady gives missions but several of them did not start also. At least I can reload game and not lose out on inventory.. like with the missing bottles. I thnk you need to start with his missions first.. unsure. I did manage to get to level 5 and have bar and band upgrades... even with glitches.. so I am now doing a slightly higher quality.. I really like the flower them bar... I bought that and hunters.. but prefer flowers by far. I dont see any must haves.. like with the light for collector, dodging bullets for bounty hunter, etc. Ill still grind it to max levels... but wish it was less glitchy..
  10. One aspect of online gaming is whomever has the fastest computer has an advantage.
  11. For speed I'm going by what the stats say when i bench my black arabian for the lvl 20 BH Breton which Im guessing is the one everyone is talking of here. The Stamina bar goes down so much slower.. I hardly have to pet her at all for long runs... but Im far more inclined to fast travel now that the game has reason to it again. I loved my Arabian.. I would say it was the best horse in the game pre-update... but Id be torn to go back to it. Maybe I'll buy a female Breton.... I thought we needed horses to pull our wagons... otherwise I may never have upgraded or switched. I never tried breaking them in.. I saw a video that said its quickest to bond with them by leading them... So if you walk your horse from Blackwater to Rhodes.. You'll have bonded to level 4. That's how I did it this time also.
  12. I'm level 170 and level 20 in all trades.... A dog hanging by its balls in the HOBO CAMP is most definitely a glitch even if a minor and even silly one. My labroador parks huis genetils up beside my bunk... he's so faithful. I KNOW HOW to alter weapon ammunition... Setting arrows to dynamite, shotgun to fiery are my go to's.... But the knife has always been glitched... I have had two knives AND I FILMED MY 1000th EXECUTION FOR YOUTUBE BUCKLE.... I have even USED my knife a few times... just a few. So I am well aware that it keeps throwing my "CRAPPY" DEFAULT KNIFE in place of the knife I had purchased... a year ago. Now there is a third knife in game... I do not care if you peopl ehave not noticed these this.. I am pointing them out to people who may play less... Maybe someone who improves the game will see such things... We could whistle for our horse in the middle of skinning a deer... but they have nerfed it on purpose or intentionally.. although Id rather them make kills worth less money than keep nerfing the hunting... animals and ability to whistle for our horse is a good example. Why shouldnt a weapons locker be able to store our useless knives? Its not a "gun locker". I was peeved after grinding for that first because I thought it would finally solve the knife glitch. I'd be happiest if I could throw that knife not cripps (he hates dogs) and leave it there. @ freakshow.. If I am doing 2 distant deliveries for dailies... I will dynamite my wagon and run them in.. Missions are timed and operate somewhat like regular online missions did... where it is better to come in the last 30 seconds... to prevent "abuse' is the claims. I am unsure if you would be penalized for not having the wagon? I hardly use the wagon at all anymore but dont pay too much attention to money in game now... My purchases are done until the 14th.
  13. Unsure about XP because by the time you get the big wagon youre level 20 pretty much anyway. You do need to buy the medium wagon first... then the large.. I disliked that also.. I skipped camp tent levels. If you do a delivery of between 26 and 50 pieces... You will be given the medium wagon for the mission... even if you own the large wagon. same as if you have 25 pieces or less. It will give you the small wagon... which is helpful for train bridges, etc. NOTE: If your on tricky terrain.. use "view mode" as it drives itself and you just need to hold the x button.. The yellow route will sometimes tale you into crashes though.. sometimes.. a footbridge and cliffy trail for me. NOTE: You can dynamite your wagon (up to medium) and if you spare the horse you can use the wagon horse plus your regular horse to carry TWO bags of up to 25lbs of goods each... The large wagon pays $625 distant and $500 local... which I was scared to do but have done a few times... I have had wagons attacked by griefers... fortunately my all explosive ammo level gives my repeater some clout. Still $625 would be painful in this game.. a little. So I mostly destroy my wagon when I do dailys... unless daily is about a wagon run. I then throw the bag or bags upon my horse... If I have a full large wagon... I switch to defensive (maybe) and go local... I make money collecting mostly. The hunting wagon I use mostly as a "courier". I do not drive it around but if I stumble upon a herd or get attacked by spotted pigs or wolves... then I throw the lot of them in the wagon and close it away... remembering to empty it often. They are all forgotten purchases already as collecting has proven lucrative enough to allow me many other recpes and purchases since. Huntings Okay... but now with collecting I can ride around and go.. aww,.. look at all the cute little bunnies frolicking.. and not even consider shooting them... and their ilk.
  14. I had Red Arabian from Ps4 and then bought the black arabian (female so I could say "Your allright girl"). I bought it as a farewell to the game almost... I'm like.. yeah.. the game has gotten really bad... It was around the time they made everyone invisible and the game was tanking for a bit... But I like it now.. So I bought the female black arabian and I loved it... someone had a white arabian and griefed me... I could see his horse like a christmas tree as I chased him... I knew then I wanted a black arabian and black clothing for combat. Now since the role addition I have bought a male Breton. It seems to be as fast with much more stamina , etc. My black arabian might be fun for a day.. but I really dont have any use for it anymore. I have bought less than 100 gold bars... but buying my black arabian was one use.. My breton I paid with $900 currency. Breton is much tougher also... Weve survived dynamite a few times. Its a war horse.
  15. I was pure springfield but bounty hunter gave bolt action $350 paintjob... and stats are quite similar. Now that I'm a high level it seems more prudent to have a quick firing repeater with explosive ammunition in very volatile sitiations... For gators.. poison arrows. Head-shots should give you perfect kills but I think its more random now. It seemed like all you had to do was make some effort to move it off auto-aim before.. but now its a little tougher.. wanting head-shots mostly. Unless doing a daily I dont even make an effort to get a perfect pelt.. unless its a cougar or panther... If I run across a herd I pull out my empty wagon.. fill it and end it away... trying to keep it empty... If wolves attack.. you want an empty wagon. I most always have my arrows equipped on dynamite and have the bolt action with the paintjob... (what happened to all my leather paddings.. hmm). Dynamite arrows work great against griefers... and even when I briefly experimented with passive mode... Dynamite arrows were easy to kill without auto aim... I disengaged nazar and a warning shot with my name on it appeared.. so I shot him and his friend with dynamite arrows... and their donkeys also... Warning shots.. sound ominous.. now I realize he was being nice... oh well. Dynamite arrows are not as fun as the fiery shotgun shells... but they are great against griefers.
  16. Back in the day when i was a level 1. You could whistle for your horse when you were skinning an animal... You would not hear the whistle, but the horse would respond when in view and on the minimap. Today I cannot do the same. You can when digging or picking a flower.. cant recall which offhand. But you can see the mechanism in play today.. if you cannot recall it with skinning, etc. Is that a "game improvement" (I liked horse responding to up arrow when I was skinning)? If so then why can you still make your horse respond with the up arrow call when picking a flower (or digging.. I really should go check which.. lol) Glitch or not a glitch? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Weapons locker.... I thought FINALLY... I will have a place to store this dumb default knife. For whatever reason the old default knife keeps popping into my hand... Sure I can select it with another few seconds while trying to cut someones lasso around my neck... but generally i was always using whatever knife was in that rotation spot.... SO.. They gave us a weapons locker... Is it a glitch that a weapons locker cannot store many types of weapons? I have an extra Lasso and 2 knives waiting to go in... I cannot see the purpose of buying a knife if I cannot use it... (but i still did.. twice). So is it a glitch that there are many weapons that cannot fit into the weapons locker... FUNNY NOTE: I grinded to level five trader as my very first thing to get that weapons locker to store my old stupid knife... oops. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next Hobo camp... dog shouldnt hang from his private bits so much.. its rud(ish)... and painful looking rest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can we have a future option to replace cripps... His dislike of dogs makes me want to shoot him every time i play. Least I can dynamite him. Is it a glitch that you can dynamite your deliver cart and then throw a bag of up to 25 goods on the back of your fastest horse... and make that distant "wagon" trip in half the time.. (if rushing out a daily). If 50 goods preserve the wagon horse and put a bag on the wagon horse and a bag on your fastest horse... you can make a 50 good delivery without the wagon.. I ride the wagon horse but its slow and no weapon alts.
  17. Too many ammo types maybe... I purposefully did not keep regular rifle ammo. HV or Express can get mixed up with quickfiring, etc., so having a third type was bothersome for me... Sadly there is no way to throw ammunition away.. and it is surprising how much regular ammo rockstar gifts us and that we find when looting bodies, etc. So if you ride by a camp where the owner is wildly shooting round after round after round.. into yonder fire hydrant... then youll know I found a way to get rid of that ammo. Actually... The split point recipe was worthwhle simply because from then I had need for regular rifle rounds. I have every arrow including tracking so that row is looking very full... but they are al unique and fun at least. More effects like the fiery shotgun... would be good.
  18. Collector most profitable in game dollars... but if I was NOT BUYING GOLD... I would aim at the bounty hunter because it pays very mild gold returns at the end of every mission... I leveled all careers to 20 and often do them at same time.. I'll stop in hunting to metal detect and put it away to shoot a deer. I am a solo player. Collector is hands down making me rich in game.. That metal detector is in my hand most of the time but you memorize where they are after a few weeks. Getting enough gold to buy the licenses is surely not impossible without buying... Once I started collecting though... whew boy... I even bought a stupid lock breaker.... and who the heck need s a lock breaker... (actually its not too bad.. it asked me if I wanted to break a lock at the back of a wagon I almost missed... maybe will again).
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