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Moonshiner’s Bar Decor

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I found a fellow who did some walkthroughs of the different moonshine bar options. 
The little pictures they show in game aren’t nearly enough (for me, anyways) to make a decision on which to get.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the refined. It looks nice, matches my fancy character, but for being a “secret” underground place in the middle of nowhere... yeah, it’s not super plausible.

I couldn’t figure out how to link to his walkthroughs of the different ones.

Feller is Traveller1898 on the YouTube if you want to look it up. (And maybe someone better at forum magic might be able to link them)



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So far all I’ve tried is the Hunter... I like it. Kind of like a tacky dive bar on the outskirts of some middle of nowhere hick town (my kind of bar). I’d try more, but between the moonshine overhead and new guns to play with, I’m running low on funds...

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Hunter one creeps me out... I like Flowers , refined, standard then hunter.

I'm sure in days of prohibition there were all manners of classy establishments underground... Capone never drank in dive bars I imagine.  Not enough chimneys or parking for 30+ people... Should be another exit also.. but whatever.. its fun...

You can play with band to time out less (more than 30 minutes) ... 4 drinks of the good whiskey at bar (not barrels) will give you "self drunks" towards achievement/award.  Both good if  you need to kill 5 minutes or so.

The bar is useless and makes no money atm so its useless to try to get more patrons.

Flowers is the one I use most but change it for dailies.


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Imagine... JUST imagine, if R* added the possibilty to earn money in your bar from patrons.. On the moonshine, on the snacks.. 

Ofcourse, it should be taken out of the other players dollar beholdings, and should not cost a fortune.. But still, would be awesome! 

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I have the refined, but as I don't have a band, yet, my bar has the ambience of a horror film before it all kicks off.  It's a sinister, albeit well-heeled establishment.  I was invited to a dance at another player's bar yesterday and it is amazing the difference the band makes!!  So I'll leave my misery shack as it is for now (I drink alone, pondering what might have been), but then go for the floral revamp when we have stopped buying stills and are in the market for musicians.  I do like the refined look, but the mood in my bar needs a serious lift.

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