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I am not someone who uses Twitter but I do use Reddit and 9GAG. I frequently see some funny posts by people on there that are pulled from Twitter. It is like we have a new sub-genre for memes involving tweets. Anyways, share some funny tweets you come across. You can post them direct or just share a pic.

This one is old but had be laughing pretty hard:



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Nothing about Twitter is funny to me. It just makes me cringe anymore. I remember using it back in like 08 when like no famous people or companies were infesting the place, it was a better time. Eh. Here is one that remastered an old joke..



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I can't remember who the argument was between but I stumbled on a couple going back and forth having a public argument on Twitter over some of the dumbest things. At the time I was laughing but now that I think back to it (saw it a few days ago) it is just pathetic. I don't have any links to it, no one I followed so I can't remember their tags.

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