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Lost a legendary carcass


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This was strange. I got the legendary wolf today and picked up the pelt and put the carcass on my horse. I made a camp and fast traveled to Strawberry and went to the trapper. When I got near him, he mumbled something and just walked away as I approached. I had no bounty at the time.

So I made another camp and fast traveled traveled to Emerald Ranch to try that trapper location. I get there and the guy isn't there and a popup asks to "wait until morning". I did that, but by then the legendary carcass had rotted and fell off the horse. I sold him the pelt, but what do I lose out on by not having the carcass?

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8 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

Nothing.  If the trapper has the legendary pelt, then he can craft with it.  You should also be able to craft the trinket at the fence.  You don't need the rest of the carcass for anything.

Thank you, that's a relief. My heart sank when I message came up that said the carcass had rotted and I watched it fall off the horse in the middle of the road in Emerson. It wouldn't let me pick it up.

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4 hours ago, HIGHHorse said:

I had the same thing happened for me and I was about to lose it. Like mentioned, carcasses are almost entirely useless. 

Nice avatar by the way.

Thanks H².


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