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Well, if you're playing the campaign, it doesn't really matter since you can play offline.  .....unless you mean RDO (this is in the single player section).

Also, I'm assuming this was something shared by R* (that everything is going down) tomorrow morning.  .....source for others benefit who may be affected?

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17 minutes ago, xsugarskull said:

Wait, they are killing online for a few hours?

So, are we to be expecting an update of sorts or something? Oh God... Please let it be fixing the animal spawns finally!!! PLEASE! lol

....this is why I ask for sources from people.

I haven't heard anything about this myself until this post.  I wouldn't assume anything until there is more information but even if it is true, it may not mean anything in regard to the implementation of hotfixes, etc.

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12 minutes ago, shiverz said:

I was on earlier and did the update. I wasn't able to go online during it so maybe that is what the OP meant? It didn't take long though. I was able to get back on shortly after it finished. 

I think this was for the console update. As far as I know, the PC version didn't get the same update so you likely got an older one. I didn't get one today or yesterday and I play on PC.

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