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I think I found a Looney Toons reference

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I decided to swing by the Hermit's house north of Annesburg. He came charging out yelling at me to leave, as usual, but this time I noticed he was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Now, a short, aggressive tempered cowboy wearing a big white hat, red shirt, blue jeans and holding a double barreled shotgun? Who does that remind you of?

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10 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

This thread is usless without an DRD2 screenshot.  I believe you, but it would be pretty nice to see it.

I understand that. The similarity in their dress didn't dawn on me until after he had despawned. Not the first time I brainfarted and didn't screencap something bizarre, unfortunately.  I'll check back in on him regularly (much to his chagrin 😆) and get a screenshot next time. How many different attire combos can he have, after all?

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Got one.


Last time he was wearing a red Union top and this time he has an 1887 instead of a double barrel, but the big white hat, red shirt and blue pants, yellow tie, and mustache pretty much send it home.

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