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Best Wild West attractions


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On 3/15/2020 at 9:25 PM, Enoch said:

If you know any, list them below!

I have been away from the forum and just now reading this. For Wild West attractions, you can't beat Arizona. Stay in Tucson and from there, visit Tombstone. Don't forget to visit Old Tucson which is an movie set turned theme park. Not an amusement ride park, but an Old West town with shows. The Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros Wild West Stunt Show in Tucson is awesome. 

Don't forget to eat as much of IN-N-OUT as possible since it is only available in the Southwestern United States. The Double Double is my favorite and also order Animal Style to compare the difference. Del Taco is also only available in the Southwestern United States. 

You will also want to make the drive out to Phoenix and check out the Goldfield Ghost Town and Superstition Mountain. There is plenty on stuff to do that doesn't involve the Wild West so a trip to Arizona is easy to plan. If need any help finding stuff to do, I can help. 

This picture of Val Kilmer's item's from the movie Tombstone was taken at the Gunfighter Hall of Fame in Tombstone. 


Val Kilmer's Movie Items.jpg

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There's a lot of hidden gems all over the western US. One that comes off the top of my head is Cherry Creek, in my home state of Nevada. When people come to the state, they mostly just think of Vegas, and that's that

However, if you're interested in this kind of thing, there's tons of ghost towns and abandoned mining facilities from the 1870's onwards. And there's nobody there. Definitely a lot of cool spots out there if you're willing to drive out in the sticks for it.

There's a place up in Central Nevada called Cherry Creek, with a neat little museum. Not very large as it used to be the old schoolhouse, which was one room. Some cool bits and pieces there, though.



I actually have an ancestor who was named Patrick Greene. To condense a long story, he and this other gentleman named Patrick Dolan (Pictured below) got into a heated argument about where the new school should be. Supposedly it pissed off Dolan so much that he went back to his ranch several miles out of town to grab a shotgun, so he could shoot Greene. Greene, however wasn't there. The next day, when Dolan went into town and saw Greene there, he shot him in the head without even standing up from his wagon. Dolan was subsequently arrested and only saved from the gallows because of the fact that he had small children (so did Greene). He was sentenced to life in the state penitentary


(Patrick Dolan. Big dude, isn't he?)

Patrick T Dolan - Newspapers.com

(A newspaper article written long after the incident)


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