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Lost Legendary & Other Pelts



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Hi @Gobshite.

Just an fyi.....  When you create a topic, the title should be a brief description of what you'll be posting in the thread.  ......not the entire post itself. 

Also, please refrain from double posting in multiple forums. I deleted your duplicate post.  When I get a chance I'll also shorten up your thread title for you (I can't do it from my phone).

Thanks for understanding.

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As Parzival said, they will likely be at the Trapper and available for crafting.  Happened to me too.

btw, I altered your thread titles in your threads so they are titles rather than posts of their own.  Remember, the title is simply a brief description of your issue, topic, etc., not a repeat of your post.  It looks less cluttered and it's easier for folks to navigate through these forums.  Thanks.

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