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Zoologist Trophy Pt. 2

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Let me clarify, I just found out that I do NOT need the Carolina Parakeet for the trophy (thank goodness). So I guess that only leaves me with the Bravo Turkey. Also, I found a suggestion to turn off the ps4 for 10 minutes to reset the cache (may work), fingers crossed I hope this is it.

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To reset the spawning, I used to manually save, exit the game completely, and then go back in.

For the Rio Grande Turkey, I just followed a youtube video about the location and got it fairly easily.  A few of the owls I found difficult.

But not as painful as collecting all of the herbs.

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You can get 38 out of 43 in the main map. 1 you can find just outside Blackwater (Prairie Poppy). Desert Sage, Red Sage, Blackcurrant, and Wild Feverfew you can only find in New Austin. But you can use a covered wagon to get into New Austin as Arthur and pick those plants even with the sniper shooting at you, there are guides on Youtube on how to do so.

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On 2/20/2021 at 4:14 PM, harry747 said:

38? that means i'm missing one. the question is, WHICH one, and where can i find it? hmmm...

It's cases like this where I wish someone would create a guide online which replicates the Compendium's menu style. This way, when you're missing something, you could simply look where it is in the Compendium, then bring up the guide, and navigate to that spot to see what you're missing.

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Okay, since this thread is more or less for the reason I'm asking this, can someone tell me three things:

1. & 2. What's between the Western Toad and Eastern Wild Turkey on page 11 of the Animals compendium, and where can I find it?

3. Any tips on getting the drop on a Florida Panther? I need to track and study it, but can never seem to catch one off guard.

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