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Howdy everyone, my name is Fribbo, glad to be involved on these forums and this community and I am looking forward to the possibility of playing with some people on RDR2 when it comes out! 

Add me up!

(Xbox Live) My gamertag : xFribbo

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Glad to have you Fribbo and don't worry, we're not all PS peasants. My GT is Truth Ride.


I'm joking, I greatly appreciate both consoles as neither would have such a competitive drive without the other and I'm not trying to start a flame war. In all honesty, the joke is gonna be on Xbox when PS get the Online DLC first.

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On 8/25/2018 at 7:19 PM, Qu3ster said:

Hey dude, welcome to the forum. I always forget we have a welcome thread here... LOL 

You may be the first person I welcomed. You are a special guy. Don't you forget it! haha Hope you enjoy it here man.

Never knew there was a welcoming thread, and although I am a few weeks late to this I still welcome you! Alas, I too am a Xbox owner, who Is currently in denial about the lack of console exclusives. At least we will get rdr2 dlc early right? Never mind...

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