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  1. After a month of playing MLB the show 19 I figured I come back to rdr2 online and see if anything of interest was finally added. Nope, back to the show.
  2. There is literally nothing to do in this game for. Like the other commenter said, nothing to grind for. They need better missions, more things to own, gambling between players in the saloon and more people in the servers.
  3. - Dual Shotgun - Evans Repeater - Bolt Action
  4. What history did you study in school? Outlaws had no code, they robbed and killed innocent people without giving them a chance. You watched too many Westerns.
  5. - Ability to own a business like a moonshine still or a farm. - More clothing options - Better missions (ability to rob banks) - Minigames (pvp poker tables)
  6. Haven't eaten in 4 days except a couple of cans of peas and Im still overweight
  7. I'm glad I grinded before they reduced the animals, plumes etc. Got 15,500 in cash. Nothing to spend it on though LOL
  8. The update is bad enough and basically a spit in the face to the players, now they reduced the amount of plumes you get from birds. Now you get 1 plume instead of three making and already boring hunting process even longer. Time to move on from this garbage game.
  9. I have never seen a single hacker in this game. Just yesterday some guy stole my horse so I killed him and took it back, then he respawn and took a shot a me and missed. I killed him and he freaked out. Then he (downed) me and I kill myself before he could finish me off. For the next 20 minutes he was bitching that I was hacking because he didn't get xp for a kill he never even got. Begging the entire server to report me.
  10. Same. I can't choose to free roam in a specific region and showdown and gun rush are not available.
  11. Sounds like it will just make the game more boring, all to accommodate the whiners who should have just bought a hunting game. Oh well more games are being released anyways.
  12. Is there a difference in speed once horse bonding is complete? It says the black starts off with more speed but they both have the same max speed bar.
  13. Everytime I go to sell pelts and feathes the butcher always takes a few items without paying me. Anyone else have that issue, plus can't sell egrets.
  14. Just walked in the door, searched the desk drawers too.
  15. Out of all the missions, the sheriff one is the one the glitches for me the most. Actually I would say 90 percent of the time it doesn't work.
  16. I have got a bunch of treasure maps from gang hideouts. Plus the XP like others said was worth it anyways.
  17. So I went into the bank of Rhodes on online mode and was able to pick up three stacks of money from behind the counter. But after picking them up my money didn't increase, is the money just for show or is it a glitch?
  18. Level 103 so I won't risk it. Thanks for reply.
  19. Is there a way to change your character appearance without deleting character?
  20. Will deleting your online character erased all your online progress? I want to change my characters appearance.
  21. They're just whiners. If all they want to do is hunt then they can go buy Cabellas hunting and stop drowning us in their tears.
  22. I just want to be able to collect more than 10 plants at a time.
  23. Are we able to upgrade satchel storage space online so I can carry more than 10 of whatever herbs at a time?
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