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  1. I am going to make a bet with a group of friends. Who should I go with to win it? Everyone is saying the Pats but I don't know. Who you think is winning?
  2. I spent a good 3 hours trying to figure this out and how to get my camp where I wanted and nothing seems to work as intended.
  3. The attacks work like this: Use the "square" or "X" button (depending on your system) to block. After that press the "O" or "B" button to slash. If you want to run at them you use the right trigger.
  4. I had this happen to me once and I wasn't sure what the hell was going on. It hasn't happened since but like Kean, I don't really mess with the feature all too often. I second him and reporting this since it is a big issue if it is happening on a large scale.
  5. I spawned inside of a horse before. I only wish I had taken a picture. It was the funniest thing cause when the horse bent down to graze I looked like a Centaur !
  6. This seems fair to me. Like I expect them to allow us to play as we wish but when people are going out of their way to do nothing but kill other players, they should be punished in some way and this makes them fair game to everyone else, including other trolls and griefers.
  7. Maybe there was some kind of glitch or something they were causing? I wouldn't rule them as being gone forever. They may have just had to remove them temporarily.
  8. Nah not yet. I was going to mess around with some after my second run through the story. I won't be doing any tomfoolery online though, I can tell you that.
  9. Trevor and Micah are in the same bloodline. I swear it. I feel you on this too. It takes a lot for me to dislike a video game character but they are both on my sh*t list.
  10. Ocarina of Time So many good memories. I must have beaten this game 50 times.
  11. Yup same. I don't remember the last family gathering for Christmas that didn't involve complaining, nagging, or yelling. We don't even have large gatherings anymore which is the saddest part.
  12. Nice! These should be fun. I had no idea this was actually a thing that happens online. Is it a good idea to go at these alone? Anyone know?
  13. I think it is for a posse that is most rivaled against your own. I am still trying to figure out a lot of this online stuff myself. I haven't played much. Will be playing loads this weekend though.
  14. I didn't hop online right away. When I did. I was just trying to figure things out. I was online maybe 10 minutes and then 3 other players came out of nowhere and I was dead within 10 seconds. Fun times. I wasn't even doing anything. They must have known I was new.
  15. The crouching feature is fine by me. I remember it from my Halo days. I do think that something should be done though for hunters. Like if you are just minding your own and hunting, you should be able to use something to cover your tracks easier so other players can just run up and gut you.
  16. I don't understand what you are saying. Can you explain it a bit more in detail? Like are you referring to how camps work offline?
  17. I know what I will be doing tonight! Thanks for sharing on this my man. I haven't been able to figure it out. I want all my stats to get as high as possible.
  18. My weight seems to go normal to underweight every 10 days (in-game days) no matter what I eat or how I eat. I think if you are not moving around as much the weight stays on longer? Maybe? I haven't figured it out yet.
  19. You could just post the link and the video will pop up like this: I have not watched it, just being helpful. I might come back in a bit to watch it and give you feed back.
  20. Why would you want something like this in a bathroom? To save some money on electricity? I think people don't understand how light works. It actually costs more to turn lights on and off several times a day than to just leave them on for 8 hours straight. Also, we have energy efficient bulbs now that don't take much at all to power.
  21. The idea of spending money you don't have to impress people who only care about themselves puts me off. Like shouldn't the season be about togetherness and family? Not who go what for who or how much you spend? I don't know. Maybe I am an alien in this world. I remember when my youngest brother (16 at the time) kept going on and on at our family gathering about gifts. I guess our mom got him the wrong camera or something so he was all upset and threw a fit. He should have been thankful he got anything at all the little slowed twit. I like buying people gifts because I like making people happy but for a lot of people. It is just a shame that can't be the focus for more people these days. I know for some it still is but for many, it isn't. Holidays are just coming together and pissing each other off. lol
  22. Like videos you make yourself? I don't really record gameplay but I will watch videos from other members if they have something to share. I like watching online gameplay that is funny.
  23. I actually agree with this. I have said it for years. Way back in the day the demons were masked as "gods and goddesses" and because of the boom of technology, they had to be more cleverly disguised as something people today would be drawn to and curious about. Mind you, I don't come from a religious background or anything like that. I just believe there is evil just as there is good in the non-physical world and both can come and go as they please. Maybe I am nuts 😆
  24. So you got banned for sharing an opinion? Screw that site and whatever game it goes with. I don't care if it was lifted or not, that is just being childish. If they can't handle a little criticism they won't do well in the real world.
  25. Those are some pretty cool exclusives. I wish they would have had a bit more for it but I guess this is better than nothing. It was more a less a deal between Sony and Rockstar anyways. Doesn't have much to do with us. lol
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