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  1. I really don't have any I can think of. I feel like what I know about the game is enough to tell me I will fully enjoy it. If I start thinking about fears and worries now with the game, I will just be looking for things to get upset about when I am playing. We have enough gamers like that in the world lol
  2. You can easily pull a fast one with videos too. So many people are getting good at manipulating things. Kind of scary when you think about it. Almost every game has people who pretend to be playing the game before its release.
  3. I too am curious about these plans. It is for research purposes. As for the topic, from what I gathered the side missioned will mostly be made up of helping your camp members. Like, gather items, food, weapons, and things like that.
  4. If there isn't, then now there is. I am very hungry. Been busy helping a friend move all dang day and hardly ate. I am about to see if I can find a place that is open and get some good old fashion diabetes encouragement. I think the taco bell is open till 2AM by me. 🤨 Talk about food here. What you are eating, what you ate, what you like, what you hate... I feel like a mediocre rapper.
  5. Well, I can tell you that you are better off going with a refurb that has an option to upgrade the memory. My younger bro got one a few weeks back. I can't remember the exact price but it was under 300. Got the HP EliteBook 840 G1 14".
  6. I have questions but I will save those for another time. Welcome to the forum man. Enjoy it here. Nice horse btw. Does it have a name? (I guess I am asking a question now after all)
  7. I don't think they will have any issues. It will be a mix of RDR Online and GTA V Online. I just don't want to see any oversaturation. They need to time the DLC and keep the online end fresh and fun.
  8. Damn man that is intense! I am sure they got their inspiration from a lot of shows and films as well as stories about the old west so this doesn't surprise me. Still really cool to see it side by side.
  9. I say it is legit. It matches what we know about the game and most people, like Benjo mentions, seem to believe it is real. Not just general plays or fans but people who know their stuff. So I say the size is accurate.
  10. Can't you play Revolver on PC? I mean there has to be a ROM for it given it came out in 2004. I am tempted to play it again myself but I don't wanna buy it. lol
  11. I didn't realize the marketplace preorders get extra things. Glad I didn't preorder yet. I need to pay better attention to things. I need that treasure map.
  12. Worth a mention. I know it isn't a true western film but it is still one of my favorites. Just wacky entertaining film worth a mention.
  13. Had this on for the last 40 min. It is nearing boys. Get prepared. Suckerpunched knows what is up.
  14. As much as I would love to see different shapes and height, the likelihood of that being an option in this game is null. So I would be happy with like basic outlines of characters that we can change around. Nothing too involved. I don't want to spend an hour+ customizing my character.
  15. Same. I never had an issue with season passes cause you usually get DLC at discount prices since it is all bundled together.
  16. So in these clubs... can we actually do the whole hardcore role-playing? Like, have it be a rule for the club we make? I was doing something like this on another forum that involved a different game. I joined the group and had to stay in character with everything I posts. It was quite fun.
  17. Based on rumors and what we have already been told by IGN, I think it will be a few steps above GTA V, not just slightly better. I am sure I will be happy.
  18. I have not seen anything on this other than an assumed rumor when you google his name. My guess is that if he were to come out of retirement for the game, it would have been leaked by now.
  19. Anytime people complain, I'm not... Just go into a party chat or mute them! Also yeah, most people who will be playing this game will be 15 to 35, with the majority being in the 20's.
  20. This is interesting. I am not sure why they would do this though like there is no reason to link both games together in any fashion.
  21. Has there ever been a year when a Rockstar game was released where they didn't win? Maybe Bully... That might be the only one.
  22. Now I am curious, what part of the trailer is this in? I didn't spot it when I watched it. I want to see it now. This sounds hilarious but also bad news bears for us.
  23. Really appreciate it when people bring dead memes back to life like this. Well done. I don't watch any sports but I heard about this from a friend and they are quite funny. Not sure how James and Smith view it though.
  24. I am not one to really give 2 craps what people do with their lives so long as they aren't hurting anyone but the way things have been going in this world, it is just nauseating. Everything is offensive, people are hating people for things they have no right to hate them for, bigots can be seen everywhere in the media... What the heck is going on!? Maybe it has been this way for awhile and I just never noticed because there was a great lack in "social media" when I was growing up but holy hell, the way people are being in 2018 makes me want to avoid everyone!
  25. No. This is down to Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, not gaming devs themselves though I am sure they like when their games get more attention for good reasons.
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