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  1. That can actually be a problem. Imagine one large group talking up half the slots on one server and screwing over other single players or smaller groups.. Don't you think that would end horribly?
  2. Just based on them pushing things back again and again I voted for it to be delayed. I bet it will be. I won't be happy but I can see it happening.
  3. I don't like the idea just because it would likely mean more loading screens and more space that will be eating up on my system. For online, maybe eventually introduce a second area but even then it will just get messy. I like one LARGE map over a medium one and a small one.
  4. liquidfire

    Bad habits

    My junk food addictions. I am quite hooked on things like candy bars and chips. Not a good thing for someone who isn't active either..
  5. Simple, just playing with friends. I love a good western game and loved playing RDR's online end. I know it lacked but it was still a lot of fun with friends.
  6. I hate to be that guy but I was hoping someone leaked something by now. I can't find ANYTHING. I have been looking for weeks. I am hoping we see some news this upcoming week or the next week.
  7. Just curious if any members on here are in Texas. I seen all the crap from the hurricane. I have been in disbelief. It is absolutely insane what happened. I feel for those people. My friend's uncle lived in Houston. He has to leave his house. I guess it took on so much damage that most of it will have to be rebuilt. Lost a lot too.
  8. I was big into elements when I was a kid so I just use this name whenever it is available. Nothing fancy or over thought. Just basic.
  9. When exactly did he leave the gang? When Jack was on the way? I think the game started with him being about 11 or something so let us just assume he left in 1900 or 1899. I would then guess this game would take place 10 years before that so 1889.
  10. I think it would be fine. You can just have it work like the wolves do. They can deal small amounts of damage or just cause people to miss-aim. As for riding on your horse, maybe the dog will just disappear.
  11. If you remember, in GTA V, there was a cheat or hack of sorts that people figured out to make TONS of money by using the auto-body shop. In terms of cheating or hacking online, do you think anyone will figure something out that fast? If so, what will the said cheat en-tale?
  12. I think they know the importance of the game and all the people working under Rockstar want to keep it a surprise. Sure a lot of things get leaked today but certainly not everything. It is not too hard to believe a mega gaming company can keep quiet.
  13. Most people I know are still having trouble finding them. I plan on getting this one: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/kkmp/?itm=332728251344_custom_label_2_switch_bundles&rkgid=3217136592&cpg=ognone&source=google_none&adpos=1o3&creative=204762842552&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CKOUwv2n7tQCFZS6wAodBxYKqA Not sure if it will sell out fast or not but I am going to try my hardest to get it.
  14. While I can appreciate what was done here, I would have carried on playing these games (the ones I wanted to anyways) regardless of the delay.
  15. You will be playing as the villain. I have a feeling and a bit of a theory here. I think RDR will be a "create your own" character type of deal. You will be playing as who you created but the story will play out the same. In the story, I think the character you play as will end up going against John near the end thus becoming the villain. Long shot in the dark, but I just wanted to put that out there.
  16. Sorry to bump and older topic, I hope this is okay. I just want to say that this would no way effect the RDR2 game coming out on PC. One. The games only share a common niche of being a Western. Two. Red Dead has story line and depth to it with a large fan base.
  17. Hey everyone. A few topics sparked my interest so I decided to join. Love the layout as well. Big Red Dead fan and general gamer enthusiast. I am one of few who is still hopeful for the game to come out on PC. I know I shouldn't be but ehh. It can still happen. I primarily play on PC but do have an Xbox One for certain games. Anywho, glad to have joined up.
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