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  1. Our time don't change till the 4th of November I think. I actually just found out that it was pushed back a week the other day. It didn't even dawn on me that this happened but every year I wondered why kids were trick or treating in the daylight. Now it all makes sense. lol Didn't we use to be on par with the UK (I'm in the US) in terms of daylight savings time?
  2. Some people don't know how to Internet. That could be a good thing but also a very bad thing.
  3. This is terrible but I have a younger cousin and his dad ignorantly bought GTA 4 for him. Didn't read the label or anything. He was 8 years old at the time mind you. He goes up to his mom a few days later asking "what is a condom" and she didn't know where it was coming from. I happened to be over there helping with some yard work and heard him giggling and found him get bj's from hookers. I don't know if he fully understood what was happening but he thought it was pretty funny. Now I hope there aren't other kids his age playing this kind of game but I am sure there is. 😐
  4. I'm hungry but I don't know what to eat. I don't have a taste for anything. Does anyone get like this? It is frustrating. I must have looked in my fridge 10 times in the last 20 minutes.
  5. I don't believe in them. I can't believe in something without proof. Maybe that is just me? I like facts, not theories or feelings. I have a friend who believes in aliens and I can talk about the topic rationally but no one has ever been able to change my mind on it.
  6. I have to agree with Benjo here in that Rockstar are kind of tight on giving away free items. I could see them doing money and maybe "specialty" skins or maybe other items you could otherwise find, buy, or use in the game but nothing fancy. I like the treasure map idea though that I read months back. Someone mentioned the crates containing maps to special loot but they are extensive.
  7. It seems to be a key feature in the story that you work with your gang and this includes supplying items, food, medicine, and more so if they carry this to the online side, I could see it being pretty cool. I would worry though that they might get too carried away with it.
  8. Is this a verified thing? Have I missed something? Or are you just taking a very pinpointed guess? lol I have kind of been out the loop the last few weeks.
  9. I mean really, if they want to go all out and be realistic, there will be more than one guy going after these bounties. That is how it has always been. They all want the reward money so having one or two other people gunning down the same wanted man would make it all the more interesting if you ask me.
  10. I like that they are offering different things like this but it will likely come at a cost. A lot of gaming collector's edition anythings are always priced a lot higher than their real value which tends to be the reason I get put off by it. I will wait for the 1 year anniversary where I am sure they will include something collectible anyways.
  11. Maybe some of them decided to do it to get attention? I would never put that passed people online these days, especially reddit. I really don't care what some GameStop employees thought of what they saw. I fully intend on playing the game for myself as should everyone else. Tastes vary and while these guys really may have meant what they said, it is just a handful of opinions.
  12. No. Camping isn't something that is an issue in this game. Everyone is on an even playing ground and there is more going on than just killing each other. Would be nice. Some people on here have great ideas that would make the game even better.
  13. I don't see it being a thing but I do like the idea. I know Far Cry did it and plenty of other games over the years offered a doggo companion in games but it would be suiting to have it be a think for RDR2, at least online. Maybe have it be something you can buy later on as DLC.
  14. I mean guys if you don't need the physical copy then this is not an issue at all. You could always get the digital one and get a physical copy of the game new months from now when the price drops. I think that is what I will be doing.
  15. Why would they charge extra? There has to be a reason for it. You try contacting Rockstar or XBL about it? Not that either will answer or be helpful... lol
  16. I didn't really play Revolver. I played around with it at a friend's but never played the entire thing. I don't know much about the characters from that one but they likely will have things from the past brought up.
  17. These numbers matter to them, sure, but not to me. I am buying the game and playing the game regardless of it sells 15 copies or 15 million copies.
  18. What are some things the internet has taught you over the years? Share them! The internet has taught me that no matter how good my intentions are with anything, someone will always be there to try to make me feel bad. Well, screw them. It isn't working! (I recently gave advice to help someone out on reddit and some random guy tried telling me that I should basically end my existence for giving such awful advice. Classy!)
  19. If they are going to go all out for this and online combat is going to be this complex without being complex with the buttons, I will be blown away. I was basically just hoping for anything better than GTA V. Like a slight improvement would have been fine but to have way beyond that... Gladly accept.
  20. Love these ideas. I wouldn't have even considered them. I like the regenerating bit for online. For the story, it can be a one-time thing be it part of a mission or just an accidental explosion while exploring an abandoned mine.
  21. It is always an option given that other games have done it but more so with zombies... I am not sure they would actually have straight up cannibals in the game.
  22. Well we did see a few delays so for all we know, they may have added this in which I would be fine with. I like the idea of having different weight glasses. It adds a bit to the game for me. They would have to size everything else as well like the clothing and what not but still.
  23. Basically what I said. I am sure they will pump out some ads for it in the future but they likely learned their lesson with wasting all that money on ads for the original release season.
  24. I guess for me, the worst case would be online is too easy. Like they have to dumb it down or something for more casual fans. It should be an even playing ground and if you suck, play more and getter better at it.
  25. Google is a friend of mine... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/new-game-release-dates-of-2018-red-dead-2-battlefi/1100-6455204/ Only going to be Battlefield V and CoD that month. RDR2 is looking spiffy.
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