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  1. That is most likely down to a connection error which can happen on any online game. Rockstar takes a long time to respond anymore, used to be 3 days tops now you are lucky to hear back from them in under 10 days, if you even do get a reply.
  2. That isn't the issue though. You have to launch it from the Rockstar launcher, not Steam. This is why your screen "went full screen" after the fact, you likely launched it from the actual Rockstar launcher this time. If you just use the icon to launch it or if you use steam, you are far more likely to have issues.
  3. This is about what I gave it both times. I know when I first played it for console, I was saying 10/10 but afert the magic wore off and the issues started popping up, it lowered the score. With everything considered (happening for PC versions) I think 8/10 is more than fair.
  4. They don't allow mods to be used online so he will likely be banned. I think people who give themselves an unfair advantage just to troll people need to grow up.
  5. Thanks man. Going to try some of this out. I am not very experience when it comes to recording game play but for those funny moments and the memes, I want to be able to do some recording.
  6. I remember seeing it once on console a while back but I have not seen it on PC yet, no. There are a lot of hidden things like this in the game but it seems they happen so rarely most people never see them.
  7. I was sitting here waiting for someone to be on fire. You did not disappoint. That is hilarious LOL How do you get small clips from Twitch like this?
  8. A friend of mine who basically runs the same computer as my brother has zero problems now yet my brother can't seem to catch a break with the game. I think there is more to it somewhere. Like maybe something with Windows or something.
  9. Yeah as mentioned, these are not glitches. Sounds like standard game functions that you might not understand entirely or you may be overlooking something else.
  10. Like mentioned, it can be a bit touchy. Try standing in different areas. Let us know if you haven't gotten it yet. I find that some parts in the game can be a bit buggy like this.
  11. Yeah I have the camp issues too on both PC and Console. It seems they have yet to fix that entirely on console and it is just a mess on PC.
  12. Yeah if they aren't showing under the crafted tab in your wardrobe, something is messed up. If this is the case, contact Rockstar about it.
  13. These should be all the moose locations: Not sure if it matters where you hunt when it comes to a perfect pelt. I think that is down to your kill style and luck.
  14. I find most music sucks anymore. I am like that old man yelling from his porch for the kids to get off his lawn anymore. Christmas music is just overrated music meant to get you in the mood to shop and eat.
  15. I heard good things about it but it put me off cause it was a Netflix original. Anything that has that label on it anymore tends to be too woke washed. Though the other one I mentioned seems fine... Maybe I should give it a try.
  16. I was thinking about this the other day. We have some decent selection now but I would like to see more options dealing with scattered damage and poison. Should they add more ammo variations to the game for online play? What do you think they should add?
  17. If you screen supports it, it will be under the display settings. Just enable it and it should work. If your screen doesn't support it, I don't think you see the option.
  18. You keep all your money, including your gold but everything else you lose I believe. I am not 100% certain on guns.
  19. They don't always give you weeks or months before allowing you to buy the game. They slapped it on the marketplace the other day and it will be good to go for December 5th.
  20. Yeah dude report this. They are only acknowledging the issue is not on your end but nothing is being verified. Just let them know the error and I am sure they will be able to tell you what is causing it.
  21. liquidfire

    buy lag

    I was having this issue the other day. I left and went back on until I landed on a different server. Seemed to fix the issue for me. Might just be the server you are on.
  22. Thanks guys. Yeah I am going to try to get a black friday deal. Her birthday is on the 30th but she is going out of town with her sister since they are both turning 30 this year (twins). Works out for me because she will be leaving the wednesday before thanksgiving and won't be back till the 1st. We are going to celebrate her birthday the following saturday (the 7th) so assuming I can find a deal and either buy it in store or order it online and it comes on time, that will be great.
  23. Well damn, I honestly thought it was a GF picture, it was a lot smaller than this and I know it was listed as such. Amazing how similar they look when there is darkness around them.... and when I am not wearing my glasses... *hangs head in shame*
  24. Well sheet... I completely missed out on this! What point do you unlock this? I know I must have unlocked it at some point and just didn't notice. LOL!
  25. Ya know, I actually haven't watched that yet and I have been meaning to. I'll let you know what I think after I watch the first few episodes. I tend to give any cartoon or series 3 full episodes before I decide to either keep watching or can it.
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