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  1. I have yet to get the game but I did get a taste of it at a friend's last week and it is a really great game from what I played and seen. It isn't my typical style but I will be getting it sometime in the near future.
  2. I cam in here ready to answer the question. @Kormath you beat me to the answer in a more prompt and quick way. Upvoted. πŸ‘
  3. I have played plenty of games in beta so I am used to the issues people are having. I think a lot of core console gamers are not used to all of it. If you played PC gaming, you might have been introduced to the concept of beta testing more and would not have been so quick to sell it. Oh well!
  4. I had no idea about this. I was having some issues a few days ago so I will try this for sure when I get home later. About to head out for the new years thing. Cheers man!
  5. There have been rumors from before the game was released that hinted there will be. They are just rumors but several that were on the list seemed to already be true based on the way the game is.
  6. From my understanding, you should still have your money but everything else will be gone. That is unfortunate. I always make use of putting a password on my console because of it. I had my brother delete save files on me before and ever since then, I have it where you need to put in a password to access my account.
  7. I think most of the bears are up north. Do you have the hunter's guide? I am not sure you will actually be able to find a "ton" of them in one spot but you can try.
  8. Yeah they went all out. I think gaming, in general, has come such a long way since the last game's release and even since GTA V so all these small details just look that much better.
  9. Are you sure that wasn't just a "ghost"? I swear there are ghosts in this game. I haven't had anyone verify it though. Does anyone know if this is the case for some of these strange animal deaths?
  10. Are you playing on a heavily populated server or? I mean I didn't spend much time online myself. Only a few hours cause I got mad but I noticed the once server I was on that seemed to have alot of people, there weren't nearly as many animals. Maybe other players are hunting too? Could be a glitch though. Might be worth telling Rockstar about it.
  11. Is it true that the saddle stats aren't always accurate? I noticed on one of my horses, the stats seem to be perfect for me across the board but overall, my other horse that seems to have lower stats is "better?". I have been confused about this for a few weeks now. I thought I was just misunderstanding something.
  12. Funny story... Someone on another forum (not a RDR forum but a general one) told me once they are gone they are gone so if I screw up once, I would have to play the entire game over again. Other people agreed with this guy so I thought it was legit. I never finished the legendary animals because I planned on getting it done my second go of the game and here I am feeling like a moron for believing them. LOL!
  13. I had some issues with the trains for several different missions and thought I was just doing something wrong until I saw more people talking about it online. It seems like just reloading the save almost always works for these issues which is great I guess. I would have thought it would have been patched though by now.
  14. $250 for a jacket like that? No thanks. I am sure some people can afford to spend money like this but I can't and even if I did have the money, I would rather spend it on more useful things than clothing. I am fine with my cheap stuff I get from Walmart and Target lol
  15. I am not one to complain and I understand the whole ordeal. I have been part of some games going through beta testing before but never ones on this level of popularity. With that being said, I tried some online today and it was just too buggy for me. I ran into some issues, quite a number of them actually and it really frustrated me. Not to mention you have random people on every server who may or may not screw with you. I stopped playing after about 2 hours and contacted Rockstar with all the issues I had and my general feedback. I really don't think I want to play it anymore as it stands... And I think that is okay. I mean I played, gave some feedback, I did my "part" so to speak. I do want to play but in the state it is in right now, I just can't enjoy it. Do you guys think some of us should just wait until beta testing is done? I know quite a number of people are getting upset over the bugs, glitches, and what seems to be a lack of overall player consequences for being a di*k to other players. I am thinking if you are as frustrated as me to just give it a bit of time, let Rockstar know what is up, and then wait till they are done is probably the best choice.
  16. I am not talking about the story, just the online beta. I am saying when the beta testing is open, I will likely be waiting until it is out of beta to play online since I wouldn't want to risk losing online progress.
  17. Oh I know. I have a few friends who only got GTA V to play it online and since it did so well and they constantly gave people new content, it was worth the cost when you think of it that way. I am sure a lot of people look at these games that feature heavy online play and only buy them to play online. Call of Duty was one of the big ones. They finally stopped making a story mode and focused more on the core of their audience which was primarily online gamers. I don't think Rockstar would ever do that though since they are known for their single player games but they are trying to appeal to both kinds of players now in a big way.
  18. Let's play a hypothetical since I been thinking about it lately. Let's say you can go back in time, in your OWN lifetime and relive up to 2 hours... Would you go back to change anything you did or didn't do? Your 2 hours can be split up into different events or choices.
  19. I think there is a reason they wanted people to play the story first. Like if you just got the game to go online, it might put you at a disadvantage. Like I have a feeling some of what you do in the story may bleed over.
  20. If they do say that everything will be reset after they leave the beta testing phase then I absolutely will not play until beta testing is over. I am even debating on playing now because of the "risk" of something happening and things being wiped by accident. I don't want to invest like 10+ hours into it and it all be wiped out or something.
  21. Ha! The thread title made me laugh. Nice one. Hope you enjoy your time here. Also, what kinds of tricks do you know? I know you said you are a bad dog but even bad dogs know some tricks πŸ˜‰
  22. That was GTA V though not 4 right? Either way, I think he was just driving around and not following the story which was a good thing.
  23. I don't know. Probably? Small groups of people like to ruin things for everyone else. This is true for everything from video games to politics. People suck. I hope there is an option to be on a private server where you can invite like up to 10 friends or something.
  24. It makes more sense to force us into rationalizing it and paying for it than it would to just freely roam and find it on the ground.
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