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  1. If you have the saddle on the one you are trying to sell, you have to remove it before you can sell it. Are you trying to sell a wild horse or a stolen horse?
  2. I always wondered why they didn't allow us to steal the wagons and then sell them. This way you can use the money to buy your own eventually.
  3. I have seen fire done really well in other games. Same as water. I think that people fail to make it look realistic when it is on too short of a loop. Plus they have the fire spread and destruction going for them so you don't notice the loop as much.
  4. You have to select it after you toggle over it. I use a controller so I am not 100% sure on this but you should be able to do it the same way you change a weapon, use the arrows to go over the ammo you want and then hit the number it falls under to use it.
  5. Welcome to the forum man. Loving the avatar choice. I am sure you will find some people on here to posse up with. When I start playing online, I may send you a PM. I have only tested it for a bit but had a few buggy issues so I am sticking with the campaign for now.
  6. Gray Fox from Metal Gear. Nothing special. Just some fan art piece I found online when I joined. I tend to always use the same few avatars but I wanted to spice things up when I joined here and have been to lazy to change it.
  7. I absolutely hate this. Happens to me all the time. I will have an argument with my brother and hours, sometimes days later I will be in mid-conversation with my girlfriend and realize the perfect comeback to something he said and I get so mad.
  8. I ate the whole lot in 2 days after opening it. Ended up getting two more bags of them. Too good to stop at just a few. I feel horrible after eating them but I love the taste.
  9. For those of you have done this already, how long did it take? I just want to pick a good time to preload the game. If it will end up being awhile, I will just let it do its thing when I go to bed.
  10. I haven't read anything on this yet. I would imagine it will either happen at launch or a month later. Since they haven't announced it yet, I am guessing that it won't be available right away.
  11. I don't know if this is the case every time. When I am gator hunting, I tend to find them on servers that have fewer people so long as they are not hanging around the spawning areas. Maybe it just depends on the server and the spawning isn't balanced right.
  12. I see we have a seasonal drinks thread but not one for food. This disappoints me, I love to eat and do not drink alcohol. So here is a seasonal foods thread. This can pertain to snacks, limited edition food items, or general meals. I spotted these in the shop today and grabbed a pack. Haven't tried them yet, plan on munching on them later when I catch up on some shows:
  13. You'll be able to quit when you really want to quit. A lot of people who try to do this with the mindset of failure or wanting to quit for someone else. I heard vaping can help. Maybe try to slowly replace cigarettes with vaping and then lower the nicotine levels on the liquids.
  14. I heard you either love it or hate it so not a problem. It took me a few episodes to really start enjoying it because I kept comparing it to Futurama.
  15. Never... Noticed this. Not once. Nice eye man! That is a pretty cool little detail to connect the story without it being obvious. Pretty damn cool.
  16. It should show 3 stars like on a dragon ball next to the name on the left. That is strange that you aren't seeing any of them. I'll attach an image so you can see:
  17. You'll know when fishing is available to you. I don't want to give out any spoilers but the mission is A Fisher of Men and it happens in Chapter 2.
  18. My fiance wants a new one for her birthday. She has hinted at it like 3 times last week. Her birthday is in November so I am trying to shop around without her knowing and I really don't have a clue on what to get her. I am looking to spend no more than $200 on one. Sale prices would be great if I can find some decent ones.
  19. Something about that show, I just love. Some other good adult toons: Rick & Morty (ignore the fanbase) Archer Disenchantment (Netflix series, basically Futurama animation style but gets mixed reviews) The Venture Bros.
  20. I am going to say Xbox but without knowing enough on the console, I am not putting that in stone just yet. I tend to change my mind a few times before I decide to buy a new console so we shall see.
  21. I have never had any issues with sounds so I can't help you here dude, sorry. As Kean said, contact Rockstar about it. This doesn't sound like a common issue other players may be able to help you with.
  22. Always seems to be fake leaks for every game these days. Some of them are rather creative so I have to give props to these people but it is somewhat annoying to get excited for a moment and realize it is fake. lol
  23. I was just under 100 hours last I checked. I have been playing a lot less the last few months though. Most of that playtime was at the beginning.
  24. Some missions are fine but yes, others I have found impossible myself. Like I get that they are single missions but it is a bit ridiculous that you have to tiptoe around not to shoot your teammate.
  25. The last update seemed to have taken people from an underweight issue to an overweight issue. I was having this problem too. No amount of running around helped. I had to starve me dude to get his weight back down and even then, I have to do it now and then when he puts on weight. It is insane what they did.
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