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  1. used to happen in rdr1. basically other players want you gone because you are better than them.
  2. rstar aint bothered about the rdr1 fans leaving this game. rstar are wanting the casual mainstream gamers for a quick buck. very sad but very true. rhe evidence is quite clear throughout the beta.
  3. i dont mind the griefers. it is other things putting me off. ie the hunting nerfs. despawning animals birds enemies. buggy hideouts. boring pvp games. no free aim lobbies.
  4. create your own challenges. try turning auto aim off and use slippery b. test yourself. or get days gone next week. i dont play rdr2 that much now. grinded to lvl 193 got way too much gold and money but i enjoy earning it and seeing players leave because i own them with sb.
  5. flyinghorses. super aim bot. neon flashing saddles. armoured pets with heat seeking missiles. sadly that is where this game is going. rdr1 it most certainly is not.
  6. out of the box thinking....hmmmm.....try another game. you too salty bruh.
  7. a years time it will be flying horses and armoured missile firing cougars.
  8. i am level 190. grinded solo since launch. this update has me annoyed. i totally get what you and others are saying. rdr2 online will lose more players. rstar seem happy catering for the casuals. i will probably move to other games my self
  9. whaaaat? earlier unlocks is not fair at all. guaranteed it will be early ability cards next all at a reduction of cost. sb will get nerfed. i have grinded legit solo now lvl 190. loved rdr1 but very close to done now.
  10. high powered pistols. flying horses. motorised wagons. neon flashing clothing. missile equipped pet animals....all of it to keep the casuals happy while rdr1 fans silently weep.
  11. it is a bug happening to many players. i have it too. mine jumped 6000xp for no reason. now it is subtracting what i owe. no doubt rstar will fix asap.
  12. have you read the pamphlet to activate it.
  13. reminds me of my current work colleagues.
  14. the online is decaying. majority of rdr1 players refuse to play it because of the many issues. hunting nerfs and not listening to players feed back lost more. rstar need to do something or it will decay further.
  15. danjou

    Retirement Plans

    i plan to travel. i already did in my younger days but still a few vountries i want to visit. i work 7 months each year so the later months i relax. my father had his own business so i will get quite big heritance for when i am older.
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