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  1. Ultimately, maybe it's just me, I don't know. But I've calmed my Arabian down from agitated, only to ride 30 feet without so much as a scent of a predatory animal in the area and have it start panicking again. But it's all subjective in the end and each one of us has a specific horse(s) we prefer for our own reasons. Personally, I'm partial to Rachel (I've heard speculation that she was named for Marston's deceased daughter, but IDK) and the Missouri Fox Trotter (or whatever it's called exactly) that I lovingly named Arthur. 😄
  2. I tried to explore the area more thoroughly, but the hunted status means you can barely come out of the mountains without a patrol homing straight in on you. It's especially frustrating because there are several animals unique to Guarma that need to be studied, tracked, and skinned/plucked to complete the compendum or whatever it's called. I also believe there's a tigershark carcass somewhere on the island that needs to be studied, but you have to glitch the game to do it and can't do it in normal gameplay.
  3. For me, it was how the player comes into possession of Buell that made him special. Hammer is also right in that he's pretty rock steady and not easily spooked. The Arabians, on the other hand, lose it if you merely look at them from a certain angle. No, which makes Abigail's request that you spend time with him pretty awkward. 😓 Plus, he looks nothing like Arthur come RDR1's epilogue
  4. I know there's a special cutscene at Arthur's grave upon reaching 100% completion, but I've otherwise noticed that neither Arthur or John say anything when visiting the graves of passed gang members. Considering the absurd amount of intricate details Rockstar included in RDR2 that many of us may never even see within normal gameplay, I find it strange they didn't include any dialogue reminiscing about the person when visiting any of these graves.
  5. Some missions have different dialogue and cutscenes depending on if you've done certain other missions or not before them. A couple examples:
  6. I hear horses are terrible people, too. I'm inclined to think you're referring to official sites managed by developers or publishers when you mention not so friendly ones? Fan-run forums are generally a completely different animal from official ones. The latter are typically rampant with toxicity and one is sometimes forced to give back in kind or be battered away in a barrage of flames. You should have seen the official Capcom site around the time when Resident Evil 4 brought in quite a few people from more action-oriented game series that didn't mix too well with the old guard or the Ubisoft forums when Assassin's Creed changed its formula. You were either a "true fan" who hated the new or a shill employed by the company to feign a positive reaction to it. With fan-run sites, it's generally accepted that the developers aren't watching, so the toxic people tend to pass them over most of the time. I lurked here for several days before registering and everyone does seem pretty mellow. Even the topic here about border security is nice and civil. And anyone who knows anything about American politics in 2019 knows how much of a sh*t show it is. So you won't have any problems from me.
  7. I maxed out the bonding level as well, but it was still overly skittish for me. Buell and Rachel, in comparison, are practically rocks in comparison.
  8. My sister got GoW IV and even though I do enjoy Norse mythology and played the game a bit, I decided to pass on it. Similar to the MGS series after IV, the story I was invested in concluded in GoW III and I felt no need to go back.
  9. Considering I can add a jacket much easier than I can remove layers of skin, I'll take cold over hot anyway. Which is kind of ironic as I prefer arid and desert environments for their general aesthetics.
  10. There's one other, less kid-friendly way, that picture can be interpreted, too. 🤣
  11. Ultimately, it's Rockstar's story to tell and Arthur dying was the course they decided to go. We're just along for the ride (no pun intended). I'm not a fan of changing the narrative to suit one person or group's preferences. Plus, they probably still had the Jack Marston backlash in mind when making this decision (full disclosure: I'm one of the few people that liked playing as Jack in RDR1's endgame), thus deciding to give us control of John, a character whose positive reception by gamers and critics alike is well established, for the Epilogue. And it leads naturally into the events of RDR1, a rarity in gaming when it comes to prequels.
  12. I'm all for improving security, but Trump's wall is only a band-aid on an infected wound. And you don't cure an infection by treating the surface wound. Plus, history is full of great powers that thought they were safe with their grandeur behind walls, only for them to eventually go down in spectacular ruin.
  13. Used to be hooked on The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, but since I couldn't transfer my game which I'd put hundreds of hours into to my most recent phone and thus didn't have the heart to start completely over, I dropped it.
  14. I'm known by various names online (in fact, I think one of you might already know me from somewhere else, if said name is used by the same person it is there), so I decided to pick something new I hadn't used anywhere else for once. Thus, it has no real meaning to me beyond whatever the meaning might be where I took it from (Ready Player One). Maybe it's a matter of simple anonymity, maybe it's to escape a less-than-stellar reputation, maybe I'm cyber stalking the person I mentioned earlier, or maybe it's all just a big red herring and I'm trolling people. It's up to you to decide! 🤣
  15. I joined to get tips on gameplay mechanics and to just discuss RDR2 in general. I'll try my best to behave, but sometimes I can't help being an opinionated di*k at times, so fair warning and rest assured it's not personal unless I outright tell you it is. And I don't give a crap about Red Dead Online, so I'm not interested in joining any clans, gangs, posses, or whatever else the game calls them. So, yeah.
  16. This was one of a few stranger quests (along with The Veteran and Oh, Brother) that I decided to leave for the Epilogue as some added activities to do with John, but now that I've reached the point in the Epilogue where you can freeroam without any impunity, the quest doesn't spawn. Is this a bug? Can this quest only be done as Arthur? It would be a real annoyance if the latter were the case, as I've already completed many of the collection and I would not like to have to do them all over because no indication of any kind was given that this quest was exclusive to Arthur.
  17. I have a question in regards to this horse: is it as easily spooked and agitated as the black one that can be bought in Saint Denis? I bought the black one on an impulse and it ended up being one of the worst mistakes I made in this game because despite its stats, the thing loses it at the drop of a pin. And don't try riding it anywhere near the swamp, as I've had it randomly buck me for seemingly no reason at all in that area.
  18. What's the minimum number of times per day required to eat in order to maintain weight? I've looked all over online and haven't found a definite answer. Most guides only focus on how much food is needed to gain weight when underweight.
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