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  1. I know its knda lame but....glass half full kinda cowboy. I need more time to grind and get extra cash and gold for the DLC. I'm sitting pretty but I have an amount I don't want to dip below. So I wasn't terribly disappointed. That said don't get me wrong I'd love to have had the new DLC today and do fear with the new GTA Casino update coming that it might be weeks away. I doubt they will double major update at the same time. I've said it before I guess I'm old school I don't expect a major update every week.
  2. Oh I apologize, not good with screenshots but on the web-page on twitch prime where you select offers, part of the claim says " Red Dead Online BENEFITS AVAILABLE ON PS4 AND XBOX ONE Get RDO$300, the Superior Ammo Bundle and up to 15% bonus Gold Bars on all purchases of Gold Bars As stated I did get my cash... a day later after doing the steps. Has anyone tired the gold part out from purchasing gold?... Don't laugh some players still enjoy the game and don't glitch Update: You can purchase gold and receive a 15% bonus per the amount you choose. Just FYi
  3. Hope everyone is still enjoying RDR2! I received my Twitch Prime loot box... took about a day... my question is has anyone tried the gold bonus with the 15% offer and received that bonus? Thanks!
  4. Similar has happened to me over the months. I still to this day have the outfit glitch. I will have 3 saved outfits on the horse...the 3rd one always glitches telling me I have it but it a duplicate of outfit 2. Tried re saving/making at wardrobe and re saving. to horse... I just gave up. I know of someone that has had this problem from day 1. The camp glitch is usually less frequent. Have had it were the icon is on my map but there is no camp there. Have had where I am in my camp like you and cant do anything. I blame the lobby. After a quick switch the camp always goes back to normal. Id hypnosis that camps have X amount of usual locations in any region. (does for sure in the Heartlands... If my camp isnt in a past spot I see other players camp in that spot) Could be a mix up on the lobby side maybe double booking the space....
  5. I think its worth it. Every little bit adds up. As you mentioned you can get dynamite, moonshine, jewelry, I've gotten treasure maps more than once, ammo, herbs.... Sounds worth it to me. Not to mention there is a buckle to reset for xp along the way and gold... Loot the bodies
  6. Watch the the stats in the guns. Solid= what you have.... Grey= what you could have/+ special ammo.... Black= nothing more. I have seen on certain guns the reload gets better... I noticed this even before I gained special ammo to boost it so I saw it actually grow. All non scientific whatso ever besides perception.
  7. Anyone else having trouble with the bank job not showing up? I've done all the other missions and I am on the low honor side of the tracks. Thanks for any insight! Update: I figured it out, needed to replay 2 of the low honor missions in order, then they started appearing. Not sure why but it worked
  8. I do like the bolt. not as much damage as the springfield but more accurate. Have you noticed any dropoff of accuracy using the 2 swan offs? I've heard after the last big update it was kind of nerfed.... I'd like to go that route to free up my shoulder and go back to the bolt
  9. I like reading what people are using, helps me decide what's best for me. Currently I use: Hands: Duel Schofields with split point for gang hideouts and general cowboy fun Shoulder: Repeating Shotgun with slugs bc why not. Good for bringing anything down Back: Bow with all ammo types. Great for hunting... I do 99% free roam, not into PVP This seems to be my go to, but all weapons have their place/perks
  10. I love my Turkoman. I had the MFT but enjoy the Turk more. it seemed just as fast, stamina does not matter if you know how to spam the L3 button, and the Turk is less skiddish. My favorite purchase has been my 2nd Schofield, duel weld with splits on a hideout is the best. That and dynamite arrows for people that are messing with my hunting grind.
  11. I agree... $100 isnt much but we can't keep expecting extraordinary gifts every week. I'll take what i can get and keep holding onto hope for the future....
  12. I've had the black cores with my horse before. (week or so ago) It lasted a couple days but went back to normal. I could feed the horse, send the horse away and call it back. Even go to a stable to refresh it, stayed black even with a full white ring. It's gotta be a slight glitch like the bonding type glitch still.
  13. I thinks it's about 10% boost per tier. I did a non-scientific test using Unblinking Eye. Each tier seemed to add about 2 seconds to each tier maxing out at about 11-12 seconds. (in Eagle Eye, it is part of the description so I Imagine it slows Dead Eye drain similarly) But R* has never clarified much...
  14. llp


    I do not remember seeing any Dead Eye active on either skirmish... When SB is active does it still have the Dead Eye as the player blip in the mini-map?
  15. llp


    Nope, started in the heartlands, moved down to the Rhodes area... got me many times could not defend myself... tried to cover everything in the original post left out a camp sorry!
  16. llp


    Has anyone read or experienced this please help... The player blip on the minimap was opaque.. They physically appeared normal in gameplay... Was in Free Roam in the wild away from town/posts/missions anything... Killed me but was unable to auto-lock on them... Dead Eye was NOT active Player was only lvl 16 Player ran up to me while I was un-armed and in a picking herb animation and killed me. Ok, I never attack players unless provoked. I re-spawn and head to the red. I am fairly certain the player was fully transparent but I could have been wrong. His minimap blip was transparent. I try to lock on and am unable to. Is this a new exploit? I know the blip can get that way if you are interacting in shops.... going into a stranger mission, etc...
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