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  1. Was hoping for a RDR2 PS4 Pro with a skin and not just the default with the basic game. I have a normal PS4 and wans hoping to upgrade x.x I bought the ultimate Ed. for RDR2 so this is a pretty bland bundle in my opinion.
  2. You are indeed an ally then, the "A" in the long line of letters lol . I made the club and you are welcome to join; We play PS4 .Our club would be like that group of yours, the outcasts ,strange, misfits etc. The main goal is the play RDR2 and have the maximum amount of fun you can without dealing with F-wades
  3. Sadly a lot of people are not so understanding. people always have to villainize someone and fetishize what other people do or even who they are if they don't like them. It is 2018 but there still are people being attack and killed because how they identify. In a game like this if you can ride and shoot a gun and not get yourself or friends killed you are a friend in my book regardless of who you are. but again not all people are the same . This is one reason I am wanting my club 18+ the game is M for Mature but there are always that one parent that does not pay attention to what is going on and I don't want issues. So the term for people who want to have a sex change is called Gender Dysphoria You can be born male but want to be a woman and still date women. It gets confusing at time but ultimately they are still humans I am a gay Black Jew IRL so my life has not be the best so I have become sensitized to a lot of social issues but I rather not have those problems in game while I am playing. Also people normally go towards/hang out with others like them. I would encourage a mixing to promote more understanding but that rarely ever happens =[ As for the "Q" it stands for Queer . Queer meaning you know you don't find into any box but you know that you are different than the normal. Like someone who is Hetero romantic ( like women and sleeps with them) but likes gay sex but does not consider themselves gay because they like women. I have met 2 guys like this in my life and it did confuse the hell out of me until I realized romantic partners and sexual partners can be different. but they gets into a lot of other issues. You also have Queer Genders for those who don't see themselves as male or female. If there are any questions I am an open book and I am very happy to see such progressive thinkers . We all don't understand something but if it is not hurting anyone why is their a problem.
  4. R* will always be looked at because most of their games are for people who play the "other-side" of the law. Even in Bully you played a kid with problems. My friends and I were talking about how you can shot people and hide bodies so that you don't get caught and he was worried that people would see that as helping people become a serial killer . These games aren't for people who have social issues I think. I believe games such as these are to show people who live the " straight and narrow" life more about the criminal lyfe and how 1. not all people who do crime are bad 2. we each have a point where we have to make a tough decision based on what is moral at the time. 3 Live out your dark fantasies. RDR2 is Westworld the video game for us, we can live out our fantasies as a cowboy. The game is rated M for Mature so if a 12 year old is playing the game then that is a problem with the parents not the game.
  5. I remember the train on RDR1 but I always took the taxi or rode their on horse because there was nothing to do on the train. With the new system we could have whole conversions on the train ride or look out and see nice scenery that will change over time and not the same old cacti .
  6. Online they said we would be able to make our own cowboy/cowgirl as we want them. As well as dress them as we please as we can with Arthur. I am wondering if the clothing will give you points towards how people treat you like in GTA san Andreas. Depending on how you dress people would treat you differently . Dressing like your gang gave you more gang pride while dressing up made you more attractive to strangers. I just hope I don't get points off for not wearing a hat, I am not a hat man.
  7. The did say we would have a place to call our own online with our friends. A place where we can stable our horses and build more areas to expand out camp. I hope land does not cost and arm and a leg . There should be more stuff you can get just by doing content rather than buying it all the time. at least a starter areas and we can go from there. I wonder if the other member would have to pay the land owner for using the territory?
  8. Yea googling where stuff is and strategies helped so much for Red dead 1 . Watching videos on YouTube also you have use here on this forum to help.
  9. I hope with the need for a train it will show how truly big the map is. The wagon/stagecoach was more like a fast travel/taxi will a train you can still move and have fun with. rob it when you are close to your destination. What I want to see with trains is that we can blow up train bridges and just watch the train go over. Being evil was fun and you got special achievements. like the one for tying a woman to the train tracks and seeing her get ran over
  10. I would rather see a system like in Red Dead 1 where you can walk up and help anyone. With Rockstar trying to have less load screen and more realism as part of their M.O having that system back you do that, just make it where people actually have to have fired a shot or helped in some way not just be in proximity of the event. This would also ad to having other players watching ,especially if they are lower rank, and seeing how others play the game like they are getting taught. This would increase community bonding sing a gang of players do a mission and you as a new player would be excited to see that and might want join or ask questions.
  11. When it comes to games where you can pick your dialogue and actions there is a ton of reputability. You can play as the worst person you can be or the best person you can be. There might be a point where you have to make a choice and even if you are playing as a good Arthur you might choose A instead of B so the nest play can be good Arthur with choice B and see how the story line changes. There may also be places or events you cannot go to unless you pick a certain choices were picked and you can not see the others unless you do another play-through. As some who is a bit of an achievement hoarder and a storyline enthusiast, I can't get enough games like that because it never gets old
  12. Also the cops would not go after people who killed you but if you so much as pushed someone too hard you got 5 stars. They should do what Fallout 76 is planning on doing. If you kill someone an alert of a bounty will be placed on your head that can be collected as well as NPCs will be on alert for you. As for pvp, they plan to have it were if someone else shoots you ,you don't die automatically if the person you attack fights back it is considered a fair duel while if you kill some one who does not fight back it is murder. This would be a nice change that would also promote the more realism they are trying so far to portray
  13. I expect that the map will be HUGE as they said it will have almost all the environments you can think of. Also they map of GTA San andreas was one of the biggest maps I have ever seen in a game and they have not ever gone that big in scale. So I am hoping it will come back to have more and more content to discover.
  14. For me, being able to customize Arthur is excited . Not just in how you can pick and choose how you want his clothing to look but also picking his dialogue. This feel a lot more in the hands of the player than having pre set options
  15. Thank you for the video , this makes me like Dutch a bit more now as Butch Cassidy's photo was taken in Fort Worth Tx, my hometown. They had a HQ here until it was demolished by the Bass brothers in an effort to make Fort Worth a saver and more upscale place.
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