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  1. I'm really enjoying the update. I've chosen the Trader role and OMG it's perfect. It lets me remain in Defensive Mode and when I sell something I don't have an entire bunch of griefers after me like it happens on GTA. This is what I wanted, EXACTLY. I've also tried some bounties and a few collectors missions but they're just not for me, I'll stick with Cribbs, my camp dog and FINALLY, a weapons locker. I was so happy when I could just put all those unused guns in there - no more endless scrolling through weapons! I'm also glad that looting is now faster AND that it actually comes up with decent results, unlike before.
  2. I'm liking this Outlaw Pass idea for some reason, I guess I'm just the kind of player who likes getting rewards just for playing the game, and the Outlaw Pass seems to offer just that. (I know you have to buy it first, but hey, of course R* wants to make money with their game.)
  3. I want to be a Trader. If it turns out I don't like it, I'll go for the Collector. But Trader has always been the one that interested me the most. Also, I want a dog. lol
  4. From the first time I saw the new roles I knew I wanted to be a Trader but now I'm not so sure anymore, I don't want to deal with griefers attacking my deliveries and/or be forced to leave Defensive Mode when making a delivery, etc. It's too much like GTAO's businesses, which I don't do at all unless it's a Nightclub selling mission and I can find a session in which I'm alone or almost alone. I really hope it won't be that way, I'm just not cut out for this kind of stuff, I want to maintain my business in peace and without griefers. Ah well, at least the Trader business set up will be free for me since I'm a PS4 player, so I won't be wasting gold bars on something I don't like in the end. (And the Collector as well, I've collected the cards in GTAO, so if everything fails I can still try out the collector.) I'm really happy the update is finally coming though. Things WERE getting a bit... boring. (I am trying to be nice. lol)
  5. I detest the PVP challenges because I can't stand PVP, and refuse to participate in it. What I struggle with the most is panthers and cougar challenges. I mostly just don't bother because it's such a hassle to get either one to spawn. And this may just be me but I hate the "pick an herb that only exists in the desert near Armadillo" challenges. It's usually the only challenge that requires for me to travel all over the map. Argh. (I'm too cheap to pay for fast travel, depending on where you travel from it can cost up to 10 dollars, which is a freaking fortune in this game.)
  6. I just always wear black - whatever it is, I make sure to choose the black option. And gloves. I don't have even one outfit without gloves. And I do love adding my black bow tie to my outfits - it gives them a slight touch of fancy.
  7. I'm cool with all the horse stuff but I wish they'd made another "all horses are available to players above a certain level" week. Ah well. I like all the horse food they gave me. (Gotta focus on the good things... somehow...)
  8. Cosmetic wishes: - More beards. I want more goatee options. - Baths. I want to be able to take a bath, not just wash my face at my camp that I visit once every week or so, if I manage to get it set up in the first place. Horse wishes: - An all-black coat Turkoman (or more all-black coat horses in general). I love my Dark Bay Turkoman but I love black horses even more and there's only one all-black horse in the game and it isn't THAT much of a good one. Clothing wishes: - More clean shirts? Like, who even buys dirty shirts? Why are so many of them dirty? - More shiny-looking black holsters/gun belts, less of the used-looking dark brown ones. Gameplay wishes: - PASSIVE MODE. Defensive Mode is okay but I would prefer a true Passive Mode where you can still shoot animals (hunting is a thing for us defensive players) but not other players AND you can't be shot by anyone either in return. Griefer problem solved. - Alternative: INVITE ONLY SESSIONS. I know why R* don't want to introduce them, I've heard, but I don't have to agree with the reasoning. Splitting up the player base into folks who enjoy griefing and those who do not is a GOOD thing, not a BAD thing, IMO. - I also agree with all the folks who said they'd like to sell items such as tonics and whatnot. I'd like to do that, too.
  9. I'm fine with free stuff, but I must admit liked the treasure maps MUCH better...
  10. My horse's name is Jean-Luc. Yes, I have my reasons for this.
  11. Hey there - fellow anxious player here! *waves shyly* Defensive Mode has made the game playable for Awkward Anxious Me and I'm glad it seems to be working for you as well! I so very much relate to much of what you wrote!
  12. LOL I had the same issue with the saddle - great stats but ugh, ugly design is ugly. I also bought the black and white design, it was the only one I could find myself tolerating. It doesn't fit THAT much to my horse (Dark Bay Turkoman) but hey. Maybe R* will release an even better saddle that also LOOKS much better at some point.
  13. I'd say the one lesson the game teaches is that following your posse boss even though you know he's leading you all into a very wrong direction leads to everything falling apart at the end. And people dying. And people getting hurt. Etc Etc etc. For a "simple game", RDR2 really has important moments and scenes and life lessons.
  14. That horse thing really seems to be a somewhat common glitch. I hope R* fixes this at some point. It doesn't happen TOO often so it's not THAT much of an issue but still, I'd rather not be called a horse thief and lose honor for getting on my own horse. lol
  15. So basically the only solution to avoid the hostility level change is to not fight back at all...? Okay. I'll keep this in mind, thank you very much for the info, this was really helpful! I guess next time I'll just leave the session if a griefer wants to play. (I have absolutely ZERO love for griefers, I would much rather just leave than to acknowledge their presence by fighting back. I do applaud the idea of Defensive Mode - it made me come back to the game, - but I still wish R* allowed Invite Only sessions.) And yes, I have the highest honor, which is probably why my hostility level was back to low after just a minute or two. The game did also knock me into Offensive Mode tho, I think it's supposed to do that once your hostility level rises. I have that happen to me as well, twice in the past three weeks or so, once when I just passed an NPC on the "road" and once when I got on my own horse in Saint Denis the game suddenly claimed I was a horse thief. I was like "lolwat?".
  16. Hey, I have a question. I played RDRO yesterday, Defensive Mode, I was fishing at my favorite salmon spot and then a griefer showed up and attacked me. I let him take one shot, and then a second one (because I really can't be bothered with this kind of thing, I just want to play the game in peace) but when he tried to run me down with his horse I grabbed my Bolt Action Rifle and shot him. The game then basically said "you defended yourself your hostility level won't be raised". I thought "cool, guess I can continue my peaceful fishing now"... but then, about half a minute later (I was literally just standing there with my fishing rod) the game suddenly said "hostility level raised". What did I do? Did the game decide to punish me for shooting the guy after all? I mean I really just defended myself and I thought R* said in one of the last updates that this issue has been fixed and that players in Defensive Mode who only defend themselves don't get a hostility level change? It all changed back to "low hostility level" after about two minutes or so, so it's not a big deal but it still bothered me because I hadn't DONE anything, AND the game had told me it wouldn't raise my hostility level and yet then did just that half a minute later. Is this a glitch? A known issue?
  17. Same here, I'm also glad Defensive will stick. I also hope they'll find a way to put you in Defensive when you load into the game in the first place (not sure if that's what they mean in the article, I think they only mean when you go from a PVP series back into Free Roam?). Nothing gives me more RDR anxiety than being placed in the middle of a fight and then having to frantically whistle for my horse and run away and have to wait for Defensive Mode to kick in, all at the same time. And I'm also looking forward to being able to slightly change my character's appearance. I'd love some shrill hair colors but then, this isn't GTA... ah well. I'd also settle for a few nice goatee options, the available ones really don't do anything for me.
  18. It's gotten much better for me (PS4) but disconnects still happen, especially when I've put a lot of stuff on my horse. (I mostly just hunt in Free Roam, the only thing I do from time to time are Story Missions and those work except for the usual occasional glitches.) (I was just watching a YT video where quite a few people commented that they're having trouble loading into Showdown missions on XBox, so there might indeed be an issue there.)
  19. I read it's expected to say hi, so this is what I'm doing now. I'm Alexander, I'm 36 years old and I've been with RDR2 and Online ever since the day both were released. (I also play GTA Online.) I stopped playing RDRO after one or two days because of the griefers though (I'm too used to GTA's Invite Only sessions) but I started playing again when they implemented the Defensive Mode, and it's become MUCH better, at least for me. I've really grown quite attached to the game now so I thought I'd seek out fellow gamers and fans. My RDR gaming preferences are basically hunting in Free Roam and trying to complete some of the Daily Challenges. I'm absolutely not into PVP (I think I'm too old for it, haha). I also just like to explore the map, as cliché as that might sound. Anyways... just thought I'd say hi to everyone!
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