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  1. I've now bought a Bretone and I'm not that impressed so far - it runs away from gunfire, unlike my Turkoman... it's not as bad as it is with my Black Arabian but... ah well. Maybe it'll get better with more bonding, could all be my fault for trying to do a Bounty with only Level 1 bonding. I do like the riding performance tho - it's a fast little powerhouse horse, I like that. (I do have the Naco saddle, yes. Oh and btw I'm German, too. Heh.)
  2. Yeah I noticed that the fewer people the session has the easier it is to set up the camp. I'd be okay with needing some time to set up the camp but what REALLY annoys me is when the camp just disappears and I get the "Cripps has packed up your camp" message. It's particularly annoying when you're having a horse filled with pelts and whatnot that you want to deliver to Cripps.
  3. Yeah I've been thinking the same, the low-level ones are cheap enough and they give a good indication of what the higher level ones are like and if I like what I see I can still always decide to buy the dark gray level 20 Bounty Hunter one later. (I like dark horses for the most part.)
  4. I'm considering picking up a Bretone at some point, I've max'd out the Trader & Collector (didn't bother with getting a Criollo, they look so similar to the Arabian and I already have the Black Arabian) and am now at Level 7 Bounty Hunter... I made the mistake to try bounty hunting with my Black Arabian, he's utterly useless, he runs at the slightest sound of gunfire - I thought I'd trained him well, he handled ambushes rather nicely at level 4 bonding, but bounty hunting REALLY isn't his thing, it seems. The Kladruber did fine but he's a little too slow for my taste, especially for the "find the target" missions where you have to travel half across the map sometimes, it takes AGES with the Kladruber. So I tried my Turkoman, and there we go, perfect horse for bounty hunting. But the Bretone seems kinda cute, I sumbled across one in front of the Valentine Gunsmith today and it looked like a little stomping bulldozer - I loved that, haha. My only gripe is that the early level Bretones don't come in any coat variation I like... ah, decisions, decisions.
  5. I've been wondering the same thing - until now I thought it was because I didn't bring the trader a 3-star animal (I find it hectic enough to FIND the animal in the first place) but now that this DOESN'T seem to be the reason I'm also at a loss to explain it. I've also tried to just steal the wagon before giving anything to the trader but the game won't let you on it/drive it, so that can't be it either. Weird.
  6. It can't have anything to do with PVP, I have the mask as well (found it today in my inventory also and wondered how it got there) - I almost never play PVP, I don't even play in Offensive Mode in Free Roam, lol. Unless it's a general reward for just playing PVP or something it has to come from somewhere else.
  7. FINALLY. I hope this really fixes that camp bug and the bounter hunter issue. I played the Wolf Man Bounty earlier, and it was surprisingly easy, at least on my Good Guy Kladruber horse. Can't imagine this one going too well on an Arabian. lol
  8. Ah so he re-appears at some point? I'll watch out for that, heh. Thanks!
  9. I found one of those creepy zombie bodies earlier and took him with me to my camp (always kinda wary he'd wake up and either try to bite me or my my horse), to see if Cripps wanted him for his butcher table, lol. (He didn't, haha.)
  10. Yeah, parts it could be as well, absolutely! Or maybe we just have to bring in the entire zombie and Cripps decides what he keeps (Cripps does seem to prefer whole "carcasses")... eeek, zombified animals.I have zero issues with humans gone zombie but animals are a different thing, I'm imagining a zombified Grizzly or Panther... they're scary enough at night sometimes, a zombified version would REALLY creep me out. lol
  11. I haven't had any raids happening. Maybe it's because I play in Defensive Mode only? idk
  12. I did have one of those unlocked outfits on my horse (I don't know how it got there I prefer to only have my own custom outfits on my horse, I don't really care for the outfits the game has) and yes, I removed it from my horse when I saw that the game had put it on there - that could very well be it! I'm glad the solution to this is simple (for a change), at least compared to all the other current issues.
  13. That's the one I was referring to! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has encountered him. LOL I was a little weirded out as well that the game only seemed to want for me to give him uncooked meat - I was carrying enough cooked meat, I'd gladly have given him some fish or something. But nope, the uncooked one it had to be, apparently. Given all the recent sightings in the game I wouldn't be surprised if he returned as a zombie! lol
  14. Maybe Cripps would ask the Trader to skin zombies and sell the skins to some "REALLY exclusive buyers who will pay handsomely"? lol (Considering the weird things they had in single player it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities.)
  15. Yeah I'm having massive "set up camp" problems as well. It took me 15 minutes today, even worse than yesterday. I'm also ALWAYS experiencing the Bounty Hunter glitch where you get paid only gold but nothing else, neither money nor Bounty Hunter XP. I've tried several things Reddit and Youtube suggested but nothing has fixed either problem. From what I've heard these bugs are wide-spread and are pretty much getting worse and worse, I've now also heard about people not getting any Trader XP (I can't comment on that one since I've max'd out the Trader). Oh and the "no animals show up" glitch is VERY familiar as well, although switching sessions to one with less people helps me with that one, at least. Small comfort tho since I have to desperately try to set up my camp all over again when I switch sessions...
  16. I came back to my Trader camp at night (after having the usual massive difficulties getting it set up, sigh, I'm so glad I max'd out the role already) and there was this rugged-looking NPC guy sitting there in my camp, going on about how long he has been out here (I set up the camp in Cumberland Forest) and then he asked me for food. The game gave me the option to hand him some non-cooked meat, which I did (always wary and weapon buttons at the ready because I remembered the dynamic events in single player when you set up camp and some NPC gang guys showed up to threaten you), and he thanked me and walked away, telling me we'd meet again and he'd remember my kindness. Nothing else happened, other than Cripps being like "so, who WAS this guy?" (I'd like to know that as well, thanks for letting strangers into my camp, Cripps, lol) Has this guy showed up for anyone else? Does anyone know if this has any significance or is it just one of those weird random dynamic events? (I guess I'm asking because those events where you were kind to someone tended to reward you in single player when you met the people again in town and they'd let you get something from the gunsmith for free.)
  17. Same thing happened to me earlier, going to a clothing store and simply going through all the outfits fixed it for me. Not sure for how long tho. lol
  18. Yes, I love the bigger horses as well. I kept that HUGE black Shire horse Arthur gets at the beginning of the story mode all through the single player campaign because I loved it from the moment I saw it, especially when Hosea described it as "mean" or something, lol. MY KIND OF HORSE. I also loved how tiny every single other horse looked compared to it, lol. As for the multiplayer... my only wish is that the Level 20 Trader Kladruber came in black (I wish we could pick not just gender but also choose between the most common horse coats or something, I mean we have a zillion colors to pick from when it comes to cars in GTA as well, so why not here) but hey, I'll take the gray one, too. All good.
  19. Yes, the Kladruber is the only horse in the game (at this point) that maxes out in both health and stamina when fully bonded (my fully bonded black Arabian only has 9 out of 10 in both). It's great for everything, even bounty hunting, mine really eats bullets for breakfast, lol. He can take a REAL beating, AND today I discovered he's not even afraid of cougars. I had a cougar creep up on us from behind and I turned and fully expected for my buddy to throw me off but naaah, he just stood there calmly while I had enough time to deal with the cougar. It felt like as if he was saying "I know you got this, boss". lol I also saw a video on Youtube today where a Red Dead Youtuber was also discovering how awesome the Kladruber is - the horse is definitely getting both popularity and attention. I guess people thought at first that it wasn't good for much due to its lack of speed (which is totally nullified when using that Naca... Naco... saddle I can't spell, but everyone knows which one I mean) but now that you don't really need much speed to play Red Dead anymore, at least not for the new roles, the needs of many players have changed and they want a solid horse that takes them where they need to go AND eats bullets for breakfast AND is chill when a cougar shows up.
  20. I'm a Trader as well and it happened to me also earlier, out of the blue I got the "Cripps has packed up your camp" message and it was gone. The day before yesterday I had the camp icon on the map but there was no camp whatsoever there when I arrived. And when I tried to set the camp up again it just flashed and flashed but nothing happened. What I ended up doing was patiently picking location after location from the list and just wait for the game to either take me back to the select location menu or set up the camp. It worked after a while, it did set up the camp somewhere although I also immediately received a message about Cripps having packed it up again (which he did not, it was there) but it took some time. I've had camp issues before but I never cared much but now I find it annoying since the camp is so essential for the Trader role.
  21. I'm a huge Kladruber fan as well - I bought the Cremello one (HE'S SO SHINY, especially when it rains! And he reminds me of Buell) and today I max'd out my Trader and almost immediately bought the Dark Gray one because aaaah, what a good horse. I LITERALLY had a Grizzly bear running towards me earlier (it was one of those dynamic events where a guy gets attacked) and Good Guy Kladruber just stood there calmly like "oh yeah, you think you're scaring me? Think again". My Black Arabian would have FREAKED OUT and thrown me off (and I got pretty good at determining when he was gonna freak out, I do love him still, same goes for my Turkomans, but the Kladruber seems to be the chillest of them all), and I doubt my Turkoman would have stood there calmly either, but that Kladruber? Maaaaan. He gets a little skittish around alligators, granted, but nowhere near as much as my Arabian or even the Turkoman. And he's decent when it comes to handling and speed as well, I'm really quite fond of this new breed - I'm glad I'm not the only one, OP!
  22. I've wanted to be a Trader from the moment I saw the first announcement of the new roles and now I'm a Trader and it's exactly what I wanted from the game. So, that one. I guess my second-highest one is the Collector because I keep stumbling over collectibles (or get them from looting enemies) and then I just pay a visit to Madam Nazar when I'm in the neighborhood. I don't actively try to be a Collector tho. And Bounty Hunter I tried once and ugh it was way too hectic for my taste, not my thing (although I did enjoy bounty hunting in story mode).
  23. The same thing is happening to me, I was literally just riding along doing some hunting yesterday and then all of a sudden the game said "defensive disabled due to aggressive behavior" - I had done nothing at all, of course. There was no one else in sight, neither an NPC nor another player. And the camp flag thing is happening as well. Ugh. I hope they'll fix this ASAP.
  24. I don't think it's possible to speed things up - I wish it was because I have the same problem, I have an eye illness which prevents me from being able to look at bright screens, so my TV screen is set to "very dark", and I see absolutely NOTHING during the night, especially not when it's foggy. I really dislike how long the nights are as well, it always seems like as if they slow down time during the night or something. I've lost count of how many times I've fallen down somewhere or crashed into a tree or got shot by an enemy just because I couldn't see where I was going or where the enemy even WAS. (Eagle Eye helps but not when you're trying to get away from something or someone.) I would love to be able to speed up the time so that it's always daytime for me in the game. I did that all the time in single player where you can just go to sleep.
  25. I got myself Friends For Life, yes. Tier II at the moment also. It just seemed like a useful Ability Card to me since the Trader role requires of me to defend people from time to time (and there's also still the hideouts and ambushes and whatnot) and I always prefer to do that on horseback.
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