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  1. Worked great for two days then POW, 5 fast Kick offs, no animals, on servers with less than 10 people. very frustrating.
  2. Just the other day, I had a griefer hit me with a fire weapon while I was fishing. I think he was surprised he didn’t get an instant kill. I ran behind a rock and juiced up. He was on a high bridge and as I started working towards him on foot he blasted my horse with the fire weapon and killed it, the cowardly punk then jumped off the server. I don’t know how someone can enjoy grieving while being a total coward. I think rockstar should up the fine for horse killing to $100 or $200 dollars to discourage the Griefers from using explosives or fire and to discourage intentional horse killing.
  3. The hunting wagon is a great buy. I bet if you summon the hunting wagon you will find it still has all of your hides. I move between my wagon and horse many times as I hunt. I flee my horse and summon my wagon in the player menu under stable. I then load a few hides in hunting area then dismiss my wagon in the player menu and whistle up my horse and move to another hunting area and repeat the process. I try to only put the best hides on my wagon because I know I won’t lose them if I get kicked from the game. You don’t need to swap horse for wagon at the stable you can do it anywhere any time. And if you wreck your wagon you can dismiss it and then just wait a few minutes and summon it agian and it is as good as new.
  4. Go into houses and look for loot in wardrobes and drawers. Sometimes you find jewelry sell one or two watches or rings and you will have plenty for ammo.
  5. Hard to see, I have to refer to the map way more often to see where I am, fewer animals and the ones you do see are hard to hit because of the snow. Not fun!
  6. With cost of mash $60 and a load of regular booze being worth $37.50 if you’re lucky enough to deliver the full load, how am I supposed to make money?
  7. I thought I read somewhere that there was free fast travel after a certain level. I am at 65 and still it cost money. What’s up with that? I am a cheapskate before you imply such.
  8. You probably need to adjust the display in the game settings. I was just getting the bottom edge of the timer until I found the adjustment.
  9. I was just work hard on trading and didn’t buy the collector ability until I was at level 9 or 10 as a trader. I got to level 20 as collector really quick just by pick up stuff as I hunted (still only level 18 trader) and selling a bunch of random stuff to the lady. I haven’t even had any full collections of anything. The shovel and metal detector made it really easy to grab random stuff but what really helped was the skill that made the controller vibrate when I got close to collector items.
  10. I had one of the random missions where you defend a camp from robbers. I failed it and went to the camp after the robbers left. I used my eagle eye and there was a lootable box under the wagon. I tried every angle to get to it and tried squatting, I tried the lasso no luck, I even tried dynamite. How do I get to the box?
  11. For me to decide if it’s worth it. Does it hold more large skins, how many? Does it hold more large fish, how many? And most important; If I get kicked off the server does it keep the skins or does it lose them like on the horse? Update! I bought it and love it. At least 5 large skins. 5 of the large fish so at $7.25 + one on my horse I made $43.50 in about 20 minutes. Got kicked off the server kept all the skins even one I added just a few seconds before the kick. With insurance if you wreck your wagon you get it back in a few minutes with everything you had on it. Best Buy of the game for me so far.
  12. I think a mule would be an excellent horse option. Smart, strong animals and often actually used for riding in the old west and currently.
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