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why punish gamers for playing the game?


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5 hours ago, Marcurios said:

The OP says it a bit colorful, but at some points he is right, the story missions are rigid and need to be played  pretty much exactly as Rockstar scripted them, fail to do so and you have to reload from a checkpoint, that is linear gameplay and is imo boring if you want freedom in a open world game.

The OP was a completionist who didn't like the story missions but was so determined to get better medals he would keep replaying the same missions.  That would drive me crazy and I happened to like the game.

......and I said it back in 2018 and I'll say it again but IMO / IME the main missions really are a just a way to help progress through the story.  Where these games really come into their own is all that you can do in between them.  .......and that is where I spent many hours of my time.

I really didn't mind the linearity of the story missions.  Now, that's not to say I like games on rails necessarily (with a few exceptions), but these are way more than that.

I'm not saying I don't have gripes about some things with R* games but their stories are not one of them.  That is something they really do well at IMO.  Obviously, if these games were really as bad as folks like the OP made them out to be, they wouldn't sell as well as they do.

If it's not your cup of tea then it's not your cup of tea. Doesn't mean someone lacks coordination or skills in real life because they don't agree with someones take on certain aspects of it.  ......it's just a game and folks will either enjoy it or they won't.


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