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I accidentally shot someones dog and now there's a bounty on my head

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4 hours ago, Poggy said:

Crushed a cat totally by accident yesterday - feels bad man.

Stepped on a rabbit with my horse yesterday, 4 steps later a chicken flew into my head and died.

Edit: Found the video


(Don't remember how to embed it)

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Go fishing in a narrow body of water (like a river) and just keep throwing back the fish, it gives you honour. Alternatively if you have enough money donating $20 over and over again at camp quickly raises it. I'd personally wait until you have the bandit challenges completed anyway else you'll be wasting your time. 

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Good advice salty :)  though I intend to hit max honor first, then go down :)  Cheaper equipment is more use early in the game (rather than later), and avoiding crime/law better early too.  Once got award for max honor, then go for bandit while going down in honor to hit max low :)

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