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Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats Still Being Uncovered


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If you take a look at our cheats page, you'll see that 34 of either 36 or 37 cheats have been uncovered.

We know the total number of cheats because there are 33 slots in the Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats menu in-game with the Dead-Eye "slot" having, at this stage, four different cheat codes for assigned to it (for levels 2 through 5 of Dead-Eye).

If there is a level 1 Dead-Eye cheat (unlikely given you learn that skill during Chapter 1 of the game) that would mean there is 37 cheat codes in total, but given we don't think there is, we'll say there is 36 cheat codes to find in total (32 + 4 = 36).

Many cheats were discovered right after the game was released, with the rest popping up in the days since.

Cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2 aren't the simple affair you might be used to, of just entering the given code and that being that. Some cheats still need to be unlocked even if you know the code because you looked at our page.

Many cheats are unlocked by purchasing newspapers from vendors throughout the game world that contain the cheat code phrases. Once you have the newspaper, the cheat will work.

Thing is, the three remaining hidden cheats aren't unlocked by any newspaper in the game. Players have bought all of them without discovering all 36 cheats.

In the original Red Dead Redemption, cheats were also found graffitied across the game world in various, hard to find locations which would then unlock the codes. It's possible that the remaining three codes are also hidden in this manner as a kind of easter egg. If this is true, it might mean that the final cheats can only be unlocked in the epilogue - if you've reached it.

If indeed the final codes can only be acquired in the epilogue, one reason why they haven't been discovered yet is likely because very few players have actually reached the epilogue.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a colossal beast of a game that can last you 80 or more hours if you really stop to do every activity. Those fans who took out a week of vacation to play this game are in the minority, and most of the 17 million folks who bought the game are likely only halfway through, if even that.

That said, if the cheats can be discovered at any time during the game, that means they're really well hidden. Adventurous players have been up and down the game's map a thousand times discovering all sorts of secrets, like treasure map locations and other puzzles.

When something is as popular as Red Dead Redemption 2, the chances of anything staying hidden are negligible. If you happen to find any of the 3 missing Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats, feel free to let us know!

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1 hour ago, Kean_1 said:

Cool stuff but little interest for folks like me who hate using them in games I like.  If the gameplay is good, I see little use for them but that's just me.

They can be entertaining to use after you've finished the game, but yeah, definitely not something I would personally use before then!

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1 hour ago, Lonestar said:

They can be entertaining to use after you've finished the game, but yeah, definitely not something I would personally use before then!

Also perhaps to get around some aspects of the mechanics that you may not like I guess.  ....I get it.

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While most of the cheats for Red Dead Redemption 2 have been discovered, some are still a mystery (just hopefully not for too much longer!).

In the meantime, with the hunt for the final cheats on-going, several questions regarding the way the cheat codes themselves work, and what potential cheats may still be unlocked, have arisen.

Looking back at past Rockstar titles and how cheats were handled in them can give us some answers.

Cheat codes have been a part of Rockstar's games ever since the very beginning. While in the early days of GTA and GTA 2 cheats served the traditional purpose of making things easier, they evolved with the studio. As the iconic satirical humor and mainstream appeal of Rockstar's releases began shaping the company, cheats became something more.


Beyond the standard assortment of "crutch" cheats, you started seeing ones which added to the gameplay experience in new, fun ways.

We saw interesting mechanics that didn't fit into the usual over-the-top yet still-based-on-reality setting of most games. Sure, the Grand Theft Auto titles are whacky and extreme, but turning off gravity doesn't fit the canon. It is fun though, so it was added as a cheat.

In Red Dead Redemption, we saw cheats like Beastmaster (makes all animals friendly), or the one which turned all NPCs hostile to both you and one another. Coupling the latter with the cheat that makes every shot kill instantly (including for NPCs) makes for some grade A mayhem.

That mayhem feeds into one of the common questions we're hearing about Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats - why can't you save after using them?

Rockstar has made the disabling of saves once a cheat has been activated something of a rule in their games. This, coupled with the disabling of achievements, further support the idea that perhaps cheats in Rockstar titles aren't "cheats" in the traditional sense, but optional gameplay modifiers that cannot be used to cheese your way through the missions, and instead are things designed to simply be fun to play around with once you've exhausted the regular content.

You should experience the storyline and the main missions without cheats lest you cheapen the experience. Deactivating achievements makes sense too - they wouldn't be worth much if anyone can cheat their way to unlocking them.


Another common question is will there will be an invincibility cheat in Red Dead Redemption 2?.

Since there are still three (maybe more) mystery cheats to uncover, the effects of which we don't know, it's entirely possible that we will still get one in RDR2. Red Dead Redemption had one, as did Grand Theft Auto 5. So why shouldn't Red Dead Redemption 2?

And if we look at cheats with fun factor in mind - Red Dead Redemption 2's cheats so far are pretty mundane and standard for the most part - invincibility would check out too. With it, you can cause destruction and chaos with wanton disregard for your own wellbeing.

However, there is, or will most likely be, a caveat.

In their title immediately prior to RDR2, Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar included a timed invincibility mode. So you don't just toggle the cheat on and get to play Superman ad infinitum.

Instead there is a timer that makes it necessary to reactivate the cheat every now and then if your mayhem spree stretches out. This is likely done as a 'security' measure, but seeing as their last game had the timer, be prepared for one here too.

That is, if Red Dead Redemption 2 gets an invincibility cheat at all. Stay tuned and we'll have the remaining codes to you shortly!

The post Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats - Disabled Saving & Invincibility Explained appeared first on RDR2.org.

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Less than a month after the game's release, all of Red Dead Redemption 2's cheats have been discovered by fans.

Many codes were revealed almost immediately and as the days post-launch rolled by players have of course made enormous progress in the game and the bulk were discovered organically. Until today, however, there was still three codes missing.

Discourse about these codes and how to unlock them centered around the possibility of an invincibility cheat. Most Rockstar titles in the past had one, though it was most recently timed in Grand Theft Auto V.

Now that multiple sources have posted the missing three cheats, it is clear that Red Dead Redemption 2 is an exception in this regard - there is no invincibility cheat.


Multiple players have posted video or screenshot evidence of the full cheat list on various platforms, including Reddit. The three missing cheats may be a bit of a disappointment for some of you though - they (1) let you set your Dead Eye skill to level 1, (2) give you infinite Dead Eye and (3) clear all of your bounties and end area lockdowns.

The one that clears bounties and ends lockdowns is the most interesting of the three, but that isn't saying much. The complex wanted system of the game adds a significant amount of fun and challenge to the flow of the game. But hey, if you need a quick pardon, this cheat is there for you. The infinite Dead Eye cheat should of course make for some entertaining shoot-outs and such, but it's also rather obvious.

The cheat that sets your Dead Eye skill to level 1 perplexes us, however. Why does this even exist?

For what conceivable reason would one wish to use it? Since level 1 is the default level, you can only actually use this cheat if it has been upgraded. If you prefer the challenge of the lower Dead Eye level then maybe it makes sense, but it's not like you can save the game when using cheats.

While these cheat effects have been discovered, the codes used to activate them in-game have not at this time. Since they aren't unlocked by buying newspapers, fans are convinced that they can be unlocked the way cheats were found in Red Dead Redemption - graffitied across the game world in hard-to-find locations.


Also, the lack of an invincibility or god mode cheat, even a timed one, is a bit of a letdown. Overall, this selection of cheats would have to be one of the weaker ones in recent memory. The lineup is entirely missing fun-factor cheats like we saw in GTA 5. No super jumping, super speed, no gravity reduction or explosive melee attacks. You can't even tame an army of friendly animals to protect you like in Red Dead Redemption.

In fact, the full lineup of cheats has spawned a movement among fans who want to try to pressure Rockstar into adding an invincibility cheat as well as the possibility to save your game after cheats have been used. Many fans are directing others to use the Rockstar Mouthoff contact in order to express their desire for these features to be added.

While we guess it would be possible to add a timed invincibility cheat to the game with a patch, the ability to save with cheats active isn't something we actually see happening. It would make sense to implement it with some sort of prerequisite that only allows its use if you have completed the storyline without cheats at least once. And of course any cheats should still disable the earning of Achievements and Trophies.

Rockstar is known to be fairly responsive to fan requests so long as they fall within the realm of reason. If you bemoan the lack of an invincibility cheat, try dropping them a polite message via Mouthoff.

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We recently reported that the effects of the three "mystery" cheats for Red Dead Redemption 2 have been discovered, and now we finally have the codes to activate them too.

They have no prerequisites so you don't need to unlock the cheats in-game in any manner in order to use them. Their discovery also means that we now have a complete list of both cheat effects and cheat codes for the game.

The three mystery cheats were Infinite Dead Eye, Level 1 Dead Eye and Clear All Bounties & Lockdown Locations. Many cheats in RDR2 are discovered and unlocked by purchasing newspapers from vendors across the game world. Those cheats that are unlocked with a newspaper can't be used until you've bought the corresponding issue, even if you know the code.

cheats-warning-800x450.jpgWhen you activate a cheat Achievements & Trophies will be blocked and you can no longer save your game

Even though the press discovered several cheats before Red Dead Redemption 2's release, meaning partial cheat lists were published as early as October 26th, and then the newspapers and further exploration revealed subsequent cheats, three remained a mystery longer than the rest.

These weren't hidden in any such newspapers, nor was there any clear indication as to where they might be found. However over the past couple of a day a member of the public managed to stumble upon the Infinite Dead Eye code while exploring the game world ("Be greedy only for foresight" by the way) and then IGN found the other two ("Guide me better" for Level 1 Dead-Eye and "You want everyone to go away" for Clear All Bounties & Lockdown Locations.

Again, you can view the full list of RDR2 cheats, plus any requirements, right here.

The post Final Three RDR2 Cheats Found - Infinite Dead Eye, Level 1 Dead Eye, Clear Bounties & Lockdown appeared first on RDR2.org.

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