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23 hours ago, elmZ said:

I am almost 100% certain that these characters match up 100%. No one knows who we will be able to play as but I see them in each one.


Same. Like it would be harder to not see this than it is. Soon at I compared them myself (prior to this pic), I mean it just matches. 

Now what I am most concerned about is if John will be a playable character or just one of the side ones that we see throughout the story. 

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32 minutes ago, HIGHHorse said:

That first one HAS to be John. It even has that slight scar mark on his face. I mean if I didn't know any better I would thing it was him. Like someone just made some fan art of him. 

Yup. We have John in the game but we have no idea if we will be able to play as him or not. I am hoping for it but I could have sworn they said no before. 

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