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And the Game of The Year Goes Too.......


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4 hours ago, LinXX said:

I heard! My boyfriend loved the game but he said Red Dead should have won. RDR2 still won in my book. I don't care what some award says. 

Kind of a big deal for developers, knowing how hard Rockstar works on their games... Lol

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4 hours ago, RedDeadAddict said:

God of War deserved Game Of The Year. I'm sure you can make a case for RDR 2 also.

I'm sure on any given day, any of those two games could win.

Looked up trailer was going to buy it but i can't because its not on xbox. Congratulations sony you lost a sale

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22 minutes ago, RedDeadAddict said:

Not sure why that is the case. I don't want to spark up a XBOX vs PS4 argument but God of War is a fantastic game - so is RDR 2 though.

Its because sony is greedy. They are trying to force people to buy a ps4. Spider man was for ps4 only too.

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