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I'm going to burn your house down!


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I've been trying out solo play for several sessions and rarely encounter any trolls simply because I go where random players are not.  

It depends on what my goals are but I usually spawn in Ambarino and then immediately crouch so I don't show up on radar.  I check the minimap for hostiles.  .....check for bears and wolves and then check the big map to see where everyone is at, what they are doing, etc.  I check people's levels, the posses and the posse's honor levels (taking note off the bad ones).  I then observe for a bit to see if there are any obvious griefers among them.  If there are, I block them and take note of where they are.  

While I try to avoid everyone, I particularly avoid posses and especially those I have noted that may be trouble.  I keep an eye on the minimap and check the big map for a clear route, clear destinations, etc. every now and again.  I usually set course for a clear town with the amenities I require and hunt along the way.  .....checking periodically that player activity is still the same.  

It's really not that hard to stay away from folks IME/IMO.

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I imagine that if online ever allows players to buy, own and manage home steads, ranches and houses, there will be a lot of burning timber in the West.  If other players can destroy property there would be basically no point ever owning anything - it would surely be destroyed every time you play.

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