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Anyone hear about Apple slowing down iPhones?

Purple Cactus

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I think this is ironically funny because I can't stand the fanboys of these phones. If you like the phone for the sake of it being a decent phone, great but the hardcore iPhone fans who preach like no other phones exist, I can't help but grin over this one.




Apple says it’s doing this to protect your phone. As the lithium ion batteries in the phone age, they can’t handle processing demands at the same capacity, which causes the phone to shut down unexpectedly. It released an update to stop those unexpected shutdowns, which also means that the phones work a little more slowly.

But the revelation — or confession — that Apple is purposefully decreasing phone speed fed into a conspiracy theory that’s been circulating for awhile on “planned obsolescence.” After new products are released, the theory goes, Apple purposefully messes with your iPhone, frustrating you and forcing you to shell out money to upgrade.



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16 hours ago, GatoNegro said:

My brother who has been obsessed with these phones since 20011 had a fit. I laughed. I bet they got backed into a corner and had to admit it. I can't see them openly admitting this any other way. 

Damn man, he must be on iPhone 127,00 by now! LOL 

But yeah I have used them a few times and never cared for them. I only ever bought one myself and it was a used one. I ended up going back to Android. 

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On 12/30/2017 at 12:09 AM, FLIP said:

They are selling batteries now to boot. That is their apology. Making you pay for an overpriced battery. LOL Apple is a joke man.

That was the icing man. I really though they couldn't  get any worse. They clearly only care about the money they make off people. A lot of the changes they have done with the phones have been changes a majority of people just don't like. 

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