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Do gun belts work as they do in campaign?


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Here's the problem.....  

R* isn't very forthcoming in regard to such mechanics, functions or features in RDO.  For example, until they mentioned it in an article, I had no idea that your proficiency with a weapon got better the more you use it in the online mode.  

Some things like stirrups, weapons, etc. will show you stats that are simple enough to compare benefits, drawbacks, etc.  ......but with some other things in this game, it seems to be tribal knowledge.

Personally, I would ask R* directly through their Support page and see what they say.


IMO, it only hurts them not to be more forward with this information if things like this do have an affect because that would be all the more reason people would want to buy them.

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And they require such high ranks to unlock, it makes no sense if they are only cosmetic, especially since there’s a whole section of the catalogue for them.  They must do something but no way to know.  Then again,  probably just another way to entice you buy gold to rank up and get one.

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On 6/1/2019 at 12:23 PM, Freebird4Life said:


I dont believe so no, I migth be wrong, but I am pretty sure, no.

you can leather wrap your guns to protect them but gun belts and holsters to my knowledge do not do anything other than hold your guns, no attributes or protection, as far as I know.

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