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7/30/19 Weekly Bonuses, Discounts, etc.


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The Elimination Series Playlist is rewarding those with the fortitude to go head-to-head with their enemies in single elimination modes like Make It Count and Gun Rush. Players competing in any and all Elimination Series events will receive a 50% Cash and XP Boost. Plus, all equipped Ability Cards will dish out 30% more XP.

Meanwhile, this week is the last chance for adventurous Red Dead Online players to reach a 3-day Daily Challenge Streak and receive a Treasure Map as a bonus in exchange for their dedication. Access your Treasure Map in the Documents tab of your satchel and track down the booty for high-value rewards, including RDO$ and Gold.



The featured limited-time apparel in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue this week includes offerings like the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, Irwin Coat, Porter Jacket and Strickland Boots, good-looking gear that’s tough enough to handle anything you can throw at it. The plush red and black leather Austin Boots, meanwhile, are here to stay as a new style.



Don't get caught lacking on the frontier. Frequent your local Gunsmith this week and find a bevy of discounts and sales across the board, including: 50% off all Regular, High Velocityand Express Ammo for Pistols, Revolvers, Repeaters and Rifles; 50% off all Shotgun Shells and Slugs. General Stores and Fences, meanwhile, are offering 35% off Cigars, Cigarettes and Jolly Jack's this week.


As part of our ongoing partnership, Twitch Prime members who have linked their account to their Rockstar Games Social Club profile can pick up the Tasman and Danube outfits, the boisterous "How Dare You" emote and the high-powered Carcano Rifle, all for free and without Rank restrictions.

Twitch Prime members who play Red Dead Online this week will also receive an additional 10% discount on all of the discounts listed above: 60% off Regular, High Velocity and Express Ammo for Pistols, Revolvers, Repeaters and Rifles; 60% off Shotgun Shells and Slugs; 45% off Cigars, Cigarettes and Jolly Jack's chewing tobacco.

Visit here for more details on linking your Rockstar Games Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts, and stay tuned to the Newswire for more Red Dead Online news in the coming weeks.

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If you're a fan of PvP and want to earn a bit of extra RDO$ and XP, you're in luck - this week's Red Dead Online bonuses will let you do just that, alongside new permanent and limited clothing additions to the catalogue. Enjoy some discounts while you're at it!

If playing Poker has drained your funds a bit, you can earn back some RDO$ by playing Elimination Series matches. These structured, high-octane PvP battles will put you against your fellow outlaws and gunslingers in various modes and maps, and they're paying out 50% more money and XP this week. Additionally, Ability Card XP also gets a 30% boost for all equipped cards.

This week also marks your last chance to hit a 3-day consecutive Daily Challenge Streak to be eligible for the bonus Treasure Map. These maps mark valuable stashes hidden in the wilderness, and finding them will yield large rewards of Gold and RDO$.

Several new clothing items have been added to the in-game Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. The new, limited selection which will rotate out next week includes the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, the Irwin Coat, the Porter Jacket and the Strickland Boots. A permanent addition to the lineup are the Austin Boots.

There are many items on discount at the Gunsmith this week too. Grab Regular, High Velocity, Express ammo for pistols, rifles, repeaters and revolvers as well as Shotgun Shells and Slugs at half price lest you get stuck with empty weapons in a scuffle. You can also grab Cigars, Cigarettes and Jolly Jack's at a 35% markdown.

If you've linked your Rockstar Social Club account with a Twitch Prime membership, you're in for a few treats. The Danube Outfit, the Tasman Outfit, the Carcano Rifle and the "How Dare You" emotes are all available for free without any rank restrictions. You'll also get an additional 10% discount on top of all of this week's regular discounts.

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Thanks for the update Kean, but lordy... when is R* finally gonna release that update? Who knew when they said "Summer" update they basically meant the week before September, at this rate. Yeesh. Suppose I'll just have to keep myself preoccupied with the EXP and Money boost.

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14 hours ago, kewlkiera said:

Thanks for the update Kean, but lordy... when is R* finally gonna release that update? Who knew when they said "Summer" update they basically meant the week before September, at this rate. Yeesh. Suppose I'll just have to keep myself preoccupied with the EXP and Money boost.

Well, Summer is only half over right now and doesn't end until around the last week of Sept.

Personally, I never expected the Summer Update to hit in July and I have doubts it will be released this month either.  I figure it will be sometime in Sept and then perhaps an announcement for a another quarterly update for Winter.  You never know but I wouldn't pin any hopes on August.  ....although it would be nice.

In my case, RDO is like GTAO for me.  .....a game I never uninstall but don't necessarily play all the time either.  I revisit these games usually when new content is released or XP/$ bonuses on activities I enjoy, etc.  In fact, I've been playing GTAO ever since the Casino update and revisiting heist missions I never completed before since I now have more friends to help (thanks to an RDO buddy). 

I am also playing DayZ on occasion with a couple other friends as well as some others games which include freebie PS+ titles I never got around to trying.

Thing is, some of those other games are ones that I will end up deleting from my hard drive while games like RDO will remain.  It will take some time but RDO will slowly grow as more updates are released.  ....I just wouldn't expect them to arrive much faster than they already are (e.g. quarterly or so).  In time RDO will be a much more robust game I suspect just like GTAO eventually became.

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