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8/6/19 Weekly Bonuses and Deals


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As you contemplate your place on the frontier and the kind of life you plan to build for yourself when new opportunities arise later this summer, take advantage of increased mission payouts and weapons discounts in Red Dead Online all the way through August 19.


There are some who live by codes: death before dishonor, only reaching for the holster when absolutely necessary - you know the type. But there are also four-flushers beholden to no morals, no law, no honor at all. Whichever path you walk, the rewards are bountiful - starting today, complete any A Land of Opportunities mission for Jessica LeClerk and Horley to earn an additional 30% RDO$ and XP over the next two weeks.



The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue sees four limited-time offerings returning today, including the Owanjila Hat and the stylishly studded Concho Pants. Fellers would do well to try the Charro Jacket on for size, while the popular Clymene Coat returns for ladies, made from premium top-grain leather.


In addition, all vests that typically require Rank 31 and above have been temporarily made available to those at Rank 30, while Vests typically requiring Rank 11-29 are currently reduced to Rank 10.


Whether you prefer to handle your business from a safe distance or up close and personal, stop by your local Gunsmith and take 25% off the Double-Action Revolver and Springfield Rifle. Local Fences are also offering 50% off the Hatchet and Cleaver for the next two weeks.

And for the same period, all Ability Card Upgrades can be acquired for 25% less than the regular rate.


For a limited period, Twitch Prime members who have linked their account to their Rockstar Games Social Club profile by August 2 can still pick up the high-powered Carcano Rifle, the Tasman (male only) and Danube (female only) outfits, and the "How Dare You" emote - all for free and without Rank restrictions.

All Twitch Prime members who signed up by August 2 play Red Dead Online this week will also receive an additional 10% discount on top of the current 25% reductions of the Double-Action Revolver, Springfield Rifle and all Ability Card Upgrades.

Visit twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/reddeadonline for more details on linking your Rockstar Games Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts, and stay tuned to the Newswire for more Red Dead Online news in the coming weeks.

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lol they're really pushing it/testing us aren't they? 

could literally do anything enhancing the game examples: make posse sizes bigger, increase limit of members that can join, Fix the bug where your horse has pelts glitched on, connection/disconnection issues, add more gang hideouts, more random encounters, interior to buildings etc.. literally anything but nah they have to recycle stuff and do discounts.


keep up the good work though, appreciate you posting these up.

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This week in Red Dead Online you'll have a good excuse to replay the game's story missions. Limited issue clothing items from the past are making a reappearance and some items are discounted too.

A Land Of Opportunities is a series of narratively driven missions that comprise the story element of Red Dead Online. These missions see you help Jessica LeClerk and Horley with various dangerous tasks throughout the game world, and your honor level even affects how some of them will play out. Providing a lot of the meat of RDO's content, there's plenty of reason to play these missions.


Now, there's even more than usual - Rockstar have added a 30% bonus to all XP and RDO$ earned from playing A Land Of Opportunities missions this week. Level up faster and earn more cash by playing some of the game best content. What's not to love?

With the rotating selection of limited issue clothing items, there are many items that newer players have already missed out on - however this week you have a second chance to grab some of them. The Owanjila Hat, the Concho Pants, the Charro Jacket and the Clymene Coat are all back on offer.

Rockstar has also reduced some of the rank requirements of clothing items. All vests that require a rank of 31 or above are now accessible to rank 30 players, while vests with rank requirements in the 11-29 range are accessible to rank 10 players.


A number of items have been discounted this week - and next week - including the Double-Action Revolver and the Springfield Rifle, both 25% off. The Hatchet and Cleaver, on the other hand, can be yours at half price. Ability Card Upgrades share the guns' 25% discount.

If you've linked your Twitch Prime accounts, don't forget to claim your bonuses!

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