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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally Coming To PC?


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After all the rumors, leaks, the petition, and the constant hope, you'd think Rockstar would have dropped a smidge of info about Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC by now - but no, the developer known for its secretive tendencies is quiet as a mouse.

However, the recent release of the Rockstar Games Launcher and a mysterious rating board classification have us wonder whether it's finally happening?

The Rockstar Games Launcher was released not too long ago, last week. Functioning just like any other game launcher used by most AAA publishers these days, it lets you download, install, play and buy Rockstar titles. You can activate your copies of supported titles even if you bought them or buy them via other means, allowing you to collect your entire library of Rockstar titles in one place.


It's also only available on PC, of course, like any other game launcher app. To entice players to start using it and migrate over from whatever launcher or launchers they've been using until now, Rockstar is giving each new user a free copy of GTA: San Andreas which can be activated through the Launcher. However, chances are there's more behind this sudden release.

Rockstar hasn't bothered with a proprietary launcher all this time even though other companies were putting them out left and right. The PC release of GTA 5, which is relatively speaking recent, would have been a great vehicle to push this app and get millions of users to adopt it, but instead Rockstar is relying on a game that is such an absolute classic - and really cheap, these days - that chances are most people who care have it already.

It would make more sense to roll out the launcher with a new release, and if not, then we'd guess it being launched now means there is an upcoming major release that will require the launcher around the corner and that will boost user numbers. What release could it be if not Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Rockstar Games Launcher on its own was hardly evidence of a PC port coming. It got us thinking, sure, but it wasn't enough. Then, in what seems like too much of a coincidence, the Australian Classification has rated Red Dead Redemption 2. The ratings board had already rated the game back when it was released, and games are only rated again if they are re-released on new platforms, as new games in the case of remasters, or if they are significantly changed.


It wouldn't make sense for Rockstar to make large enough changes to warrant reclassification unannounced, and it's obviously too early to remaster the game - even Red Dead Redemption hasn't been remastered yet! Considering leaked footage of the alleged PC version's graphics menu sort of, kind of, confirmed that the port does exist, but isn't official yet, we're guessing this "coincidence" is everything but.

It would make sense if Rockstar would put out the Rockstar Games Launcher to collect some starting users, as a proof of concept and to show the world it isn't a buggy mess in order to prevent it being a dealbreaker for some once they announce that Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC will require its use, which it almost certainly will.

Then again, Rockstar might be throwing us the curveball of the century and will announce Red Dead Redemption 2 on Nintendo Switch Pro.

Better keep your eyes peeled for a possible announcement later this Fall!

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GTA San Andreas for free just for downloading the launcher, you say? *heads to link*

I do legitimately hope they release RDR2 for PC players though. I've said before that I believe that, outside of some certain exceptions, console/platform exclusives are an outdated concept that needs to be done away with. With the high production costs of games these days, getting your product out to as many different players only benefits both developers and players.

Edit: Aaaaand this version of San Andreas doesn't offer mod support. Way to go, Rockstar. 🙄

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On 9/25/2019 at 9:05 PM, Parzival said:

Edit: Aaaaand this version of San Andreas doesn't offer mod support. Way to go, Rockstar. 🙄

Yup. Noticed this right away. I am not sure why they would block this but it is a dumb move on their part. Mods make older games a whole lot funner. 

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