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Console Online vs PC Online?

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As of late, it seems most issues on console have been resolved but still, people are experiencing issues with being kicked, camps not working, and after updates... Things break. 

In my experience, as well as looking around online... Most people seem to not have an issue joining PC servers even though they have more issues than the ones on consoles ever have. 

What would/could be the reason for this? 

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Rockstar is having issues on PC left and right with RDR2. They had loads of issues when it came out on console but it was a lot easier to figure our and fix because it was only two systems they had to worry about. Even if this is down to their servers, there is a lot more going on here than simply being kicked. 

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On 12/10/2019 at 4:18 AM, Mizz-Lucy said:

The only things I get are camp pitching issues and sometimes, but a lot less now are randomly being kicked. But then my friend, she was getting DC loads recently.

I get camp thing all of the time on Xbox One X. RockStar should give out XP if one can successfully get the camp to be pitched on the first request. 

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Just downloaded it on PC and my computer isn't the best on the block, i am running a 4690k clocked to 4.3ghz and a gtx 970 which were supposed to have issues on RDO. I am not kidding that i was so surprised when i first started playing the PC version. The graphics are much sharper and it's seems to run much smoother than my PS4 Pro, While playing yesterday and for a while this morning i have had zero issues playing online and in story mode, it's been a pleasure to play except for not being able to find players to do the early missions and also the lack of animals like the console which R* need to sort out, it's nice to have the xmas freebies but i would much prefer the game prior to the last update.

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