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  1. Lost most of the posse I played with around Christmas time because of bugs and they haven't played since. Met a few new players this week that seem like the old posse. Been doing lots solo and it's quite nice.
  2. Getting the camp disappearing now and then even if it shows it's there on the map. Other than that my other troubles are fixed
  3. Mizz-Lucy

    EA Access

    I started the sub at the weekend. I decided to try Battlefield V. It's fine apart from the audio issues. I have updated everything and made the soundcard the main default etc. Seems to be an issue for a lot. Do any of you tech wizards know what could be wrong and how to fix it please. Edit: Fixed it.
  4. I can no longer posse up with randoms. Keep getting that eternal load screen.
  5. Agreed. The boys in the Posse tend to kill anything that's moving on the way to a delivery. Never lost one yet even when a modder attacked. I sit on the wagon safe and sound.
  6. We have a Computer and Console museum here: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/ They have on display an old E.T game for the Atari that the guy wrote like in a weekend. It was famous apparently and for being bad. But now games are like mini or not so mini movies aren't they.
  7. I thought it was quiet at times recently too. Also Game friends have said they have run into a few modders recently. Will a new patch sort that out?
  8. The Console and PC is still the best. Little puzzle games are fine on the phone. Edit: Started playing Star Trek on the ipad over Christmas while everyone else was talking 😅
  9. Sony claimed the PS Vita's downfall was due to the Mobile gaming thing. A phone fits neatly into your bag or pocket. If one is removed by a cutting torch we always have a back up hidden in our knickers. You couldn't hide a console though 🙃😛🤭
  10. Have a good Christmas folks. I'll keep playing the guitar 😊
  11. Yes thank you. It's a nice stress free forum and has lots of info 😎
  12. If it's online it depends how good you are with either one and what cards you have. You want to take down other players as fast as possible if you're attacked. Delivery runs you probably don't want to mess around if others are coming at you Rolling Block Rifles.
  13. Oh wow 😎 edit: You need a big Nose Kate now
  14. Mizz-Lucy

    Invisible players?

    Yes try it. Did it yesterday to and it was all fine. But another invited the posse and to follow into the shack and they got the black screen loading. The blank posse members list is a pain though. People make temp posse to get around it for now.
  15. I went looking. And found what you suggested
  16. You do have a point. I have seen 2 modders on RDR2 so far. They did ruin it. But loading that Navy gun would take too long. Or am I not understanding it correctly. Did they just replace cylinder with a preloaded one?
  17. Thank you I will look that guy up. The loading of that gun though 😐. Imagine if they did make it in game like that for the loading times but then go GTA on us and add a flying horse with lock on exploding arrows. How many rage quits would be heard around the world. 😮
  18. Mizz-Lucy

    Invisible players?

    Was a pain yesterday. Also I noticed if you do a moonshine job with a posse. Just make sure only the posse leader goes in the shack and accepts. With other members in there you might get the black loading screen.
  19. Thanks for saying. I thought it must be a bug or something. I would find 1 maps treasure but then the next 2 I couldn't find anything.
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