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2 different questions



1: What is the differences between lancaster repeater and litchfield repeater?

From a stat point, it seems litchfield is better in all ways so why get the lancaster?


2: as i am nearing lv10 in bountyhunter how does the wagon works?

Where is it stored, how can you access it, does it need upgrades, can it be stolen/blown up by other players even if i am in defensive mode, but moust importantly, is it any point in getting it when all i do is play alone?

do the wagon draw attension and thus would it be better for me to just continue doing the 1 person bountys that i can do alone that i have done for the past 8 levels?


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1. I don't know much about that, but there's a recent topic in the PC section of the forum with some opinions. (I'd link but am on tablet.)

2. I don't have the bounty wagon yet either, so someone more experienced can fill in some blanks or correct me, but here's what I know.

The bounty wagon is stored in your Stable, which you can access through the Free Roam menu (or at an actual stable.) In that menu you can set which your active horse or wagon is. You can only have one active at a time. So if you take out the wagon, you can't have a horse out as well.

What you can do is drive to the destination on your horse, dismiss it, then call for the wagon. It will be delivered to your location or at least to a road near it. Then you take it from there. It won't come to you if you whistle, like your horse.

It can be destroyed, either by crashing it or, I assume, by enemies. I also assume you can buy insurance for it.

I'm level 13 bounty hunter and also play solo, so haven't gotten it yet either. Being unable to have both horse and wagon out at the same time is the main reason, doesn't seem very convenient. I'll likely have a go at it at some point, but I suspect it may join my hunting wagon in collecting dust in the stable.


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Lancaster vs Litchfield

As with most weapons in this game, the stats sheet doesn't tell you the whole story.  And is usually a subject for a lot of debate.  In the end you pretty much have to test them yourself to see which one fits your style of play. 

The Litchfield takes longer for it's aim reticule to zero in and do max damage on target. The Lancaster can put more hits on more targets faster than the Litchfield,  so the small damage increase on the Litchfield isn't worth it to me. 

I find the Lancaster much more useful when for example, you're doing a bounty and their gang is running towards you and you have to put a lot of them down quickly. . 


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I agree with Freak.

I switch between them.  IMO, the Litchfield is great as long as you have some time in between shots.  If you have to have a little more patience with it due to the acquisition delay.  .....but when I'm engaging targets from a comfortable distance, I like it.  

The Lancaster is a better all around repeater IMO / IME.  I can shoot multiple targets faster and it's a weapon that holds its own in CQB situations.  I also like it for rushing game like deer and birds where I might want to try and take as many down as possible.   

......but it really depends on the individual.  Everyone is different.  Both are worth purchasing IMO so you can find out for yourself as there really isn't a clear cut winner in this case.

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To answer your questions...

1.  Like most I find the Lancaster the better weapon.  When you go to shoot a flock of birds rapidly it hits all or most, The Litchfield generally starts to miss after a couple of kills.  You can clear a hideout with the Lancaster easily, Litchfield is garbage in those situations.   Personally I prefer a rifle, the bolt action or Springfield over any  repeater, Especially PVP or any  fight.   Rifle to is better for clean kills.   Evans repeater is also just okay for rapid fire but I think better than the Litchfield, not as good as Lancaster.


2.  Bounty wagon is kind of a waste of money if you ain't going hunting with a posse.  It's also only useful if you have 2 or more live bounties which their aren't very many missions anyway.  1 alive, 1 dead you can just drag the dead one by lasso and stow the live on the horse.    The 3+  bounties on a mission it's useful but their very hard to do as a solo.

  I've used it a couple of times as a solo but if you ain't got lots of money in game or a posse it's kinda of money drop. You have to get all 2+ bounties tied up, or the corpses  carried to the nearest road before you can use it. 

Yes it is like the trader wagon you have to dismiss your horse B4 you can call it.  

It came in handy for the one legendary bounty but IMO not a great investment that will pay off In the near term, unless you rolling with a posse.

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