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Is this a game you will come back to years down the road?


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I have a few games that I still play even to this day. One of them being Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I feel like that story really gripped me and the gameplay was solid for its time so even though it didn't age well, I still enjoy playing it all these years later. I think it will be the same for RDR2. The story was great and the general feel of the campaign was excited and creative. 

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I tend to think so, but it all depends on what the next eventual RDR game is like.

With the GTA games, when I was playing GTA V, it was similar enough in quality to GTA IV that I could still enjoy it.  But when I tried to go back to Vice City at that point, the drop in quality made me just want to play GTA V instead.  It was just that much better.  As much as I loved RDR1, it's hard to play it as much now, because RDR2 just raised the bar too much

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