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News: RDR2 Official Playstation Magazine Cover


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Good eye. I wouldn't have even spotted this. I don't have any subs to magazines anymore. Really makes me wish I did. I know I can see basically all news and information online but sometimes I just want to be old school and not have my face planted in front of a screen. Does it mean free music AND DLC or free music with information on DLC?

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4 hours ago, Archbell said:

I was hoping they'd have an exclusive cover picture, just so that we would see something we haven't seen before. This is just a screenshot from the gameplay trailer, I'm still interested to see what they say about the game.

Maybe they're saving that for the actual September issue. This looks like it's just an advertisement in the current issue.

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Sony and Rockstar are making a further show of their partnership with regards to Red Dead Redemption 2, with the first hands-on preview of the game to be published in the official PlayStation Magazine due in September.

With time until the game's launch in October quickly running out, it makes sense that the previews should start coming.

The preview got a full-page teaser in this month's edition of the PlayStation Magazine, reminding readers that the mag will be out on the 25th of September, and there is another even more interesting tidbit for Red Dead fans - the issue will contain a soundtrack disc as well as DLC for the game, apparently.

rdr_opm-532x800.jpgSource: TJ Marinelli (Twitter)

This is a pretty unexpected move, though not entirely surprising seeing how the two companies have been pushing their partnership during the course of Red Dead Redemption 2's marketing so far.

DLC has been used as retailer promotion and pre-order bonuses for years now, but attaching extra in-game content to a magazine is pretty rare - we're interested to see whether the bundled DLC will be exclusive to the magazine.

Rockstar recently released an info-heavy gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, which was but the first in a series of such trailers to be released in the coming weeks.

We're hoping at least one more such gameplay trailer will be posted before the magazine's release, but either way you can be sure that the hands-on demo will reveal a wealth of details about the game first-party marketing content wouldn't include.


August is almost over, and the October 26 release date is quickly approaching, meaning fans should brace themselves for the soon ensuing onslaught of pre-release publicity and marketing.

Beyond the gameplay trailer series, we might get a few more details about the plot, but Rockstar will likely keep most of the story a mystery before launch.

The post Red Dead Redemption 2 Hands-On Preview Coming Next Month appeared first on RDR2.

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On 8/24/2018 at 5:05 AM, CMcC said:

Looks like EDGE Magazine could beat them to the punch. Releasing September 13th. 



LegacyKillaHD was discussing a possible theory for these 5 stars, being linked with 5 main locations in the RDR2 map, it’s just a theory but it’s quite interesting you guys should give it a watch! 



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