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  1. I watch every player close, if they pull a gun then I can quickly retaliate. If they’re pointing a gun at me then they obviously have no respect for safety first with GUNS.
  2. Binoculars, eagle eye, a fast horse, your rope, and your knife. Common sense.
  3. I have to throw my hat in this ring, namesake alone. First off, I’m a real life shotgun enthusiast and building my own too. It’s a real man’s gun, no boy with undeveloped shoulders can shoot or handle the violence of a 12 gauge. It is, the most violent weapons system. I’m also pretty handy dual wielding knives in real life. Online, I carry three shotguns and a shortened Schofield revolver. The pump action came free, day zero of RDO. That one is slung on my back. The semi auto is slung on my shoulder. The sawed off is on my off hand. All Rosewood. All blackened steel, some gold, especially my knife. I’m always in the pursuit of power. Brute force is the answer. My slippery bastard of an outlaw is built for the short game. Anyone who tries to grief me soon learns they crossed the wrong rattlesnake. Jim Miller is the Outlaw that walks in my dreams, with a violent gust of the pirate wind. Everybody’s a tough guy, until they meet one.
  4. I murder them until they leave the lobby.
  5. My first steed was named “Snakebite.” Now, my black Arabian female is named “Illana,” after Illana Bay in’s the Southern Philippines. Where my pirate ancestors are from. Throughout Southeast Asia, Lanun is a word that means Pirate and that word came from the same indigenous pirate tribe of the Philippines in forgotten history. The Caribbean pirates were nowhere near as fearsome in their smaller pond.
  6. I’m just looking for my own Pat Garrett to kill. I don’t think I’m the villain in this story, in my head, I’m the real hero. Everybody’s a tough guy, until they meet one.
  7. There should be a way where they stop spawning. Bounty hunters were annoying. We should be able to defend and keep our wanted level.
  8. The name’s Jay Cassidy, because I run with Butch Cassidy and Sundance out on the Outlaw Trail, our kingdom on Earth. I fell in with a mean bunch, because you know what they say about birds of the same feather, they become brothers. Of course, neither first nor last name are even my accurate names to date. Only paying homage to the man that taught a pirate how to be a goddamn cowboy. See, I come from the fringes of the Pacific. My people are nomadic sea robbers and headhunters called the Iranun of the Pacific seas and piracy is our culture. Our skin is covered in sacred tattoos of deep Pacific heritage. I am the son of a great pirate chief, we navigate the ocean without your modern instruments, using the stars, reading the waves, becoming the wind. We sail treacherous seas with ease like a knife through southeast Asian waters, in our wooden proa pirate ships for ages long before written history. One with the ocean and one with the outlaw state of mind. We specialize in slave raiding and short range murder. We wear the color red to denote royal hierarchy of a warrior society on our islands. A few of us have landed in North America to escape the politics of a losing war that has spilled blood on our shores. The Philippine-American war of 1899. Nothing the Iranun are not used to, war is our way. And we respect those that are highly skilled in war. A defeated pirate tribe, the Moro, as ruthless as they come, made the enemy their chief, that man was General John J. Pershing. Black Jack. So my purpose on this land is to learn the ways of the white man and revel in his violent technology that brings joy to my little black heart, the evolving shotgun. A feeling of falling in love. And to make money, the pirate way. Freedom is what brings me here to this faraway land. A tumbleweed along the Pirate Wind. Now, I am a true American Rebel, Iranun Pirate Prince. Big western skies and slow creeping clouds replaced the vastness of the Pacific seas from when we used to just call it Moana. My black female Arabian horse was named after my people, Illana, she replaced my beloved outrigger pirate canoe. The loud shotgun replaced my machete bolo and the kali Silat art of the silent short dagger. And now I murder for a price, long been just for fun and pillaging, or just plum outta necessity. For instance if a witness or a former associate of ours decides to rat us out to Johnny ****ing lawman, murder becomes a demand and I become the supply. A lucrative business with few members in the Murder Club, runnin’ with the likes of the great “Deacon” Jim Miller, maybe you’ve heard of him. Another hard man who recognizes the hate growing inside a 12 gauge shot shell as me and I am proud to call him my brother. Loyalty is everything in our profession. And we are born to hang. I’m a bandit, a born criminal with a wild devil spirit, a shotgun in the dark and back of the head hitman, bleeding heart outlaw royalty until we find the rope’s end. Ain’t no jail from New Austin to San Andreas that can hold me. All Cops Are Bastards. LET’R RIP!!!
  9. I'll wait for Undead Nightmare Online for all the Wild Wasteland sh*t. And there's a time traveler already in story mode.
  10. I offer the same service, but with a real man's gun. 3 SHOTGUNS.
  11. My female Arabian horse is brave and only bucked me off once because it took forever to fail at switching to my poison knife. Mauled by cougar. Otherwise, she's faster than prey for her own good and my shotgun is music to her ears.
  12. I bought a lot of gold because I ****ing love this game and I have a job. The Old West embodies the true North American spirit.
  13. I grief only when I'm shot at or killed for nothing but being a real person by retards who know jack sh*t about giving respect to get it. I'm glad this game caters to my slippery bastard playstyle. If you like killing from afar then you're a coward to me. The Shotgun is King.
  14. There is free aim, against slippery bastards such as myself. My dreams are for cattle rustling an entire herd slowly through the Western frontier with no trouble along the way. I want hundreds of intricate solo assassination missions close to Hitman agent 47 games. I want the special snake oil to work. I need bandoliers for more 12ga ammunition. We need a couple thousand rare encounters. I want single player stories with or without friends. Brothels. Poker. Liar's dice. GUN DUELS at high noon. Thieve's Landing to develop. Reminicent of the Wild Wasteland perk in New Vegas, we are hanged to enter the world of Old West horror for Undead Nightmare Online next Halloween with a Back To The Future 3 type DLC in a futuristic New Austin with fully customizable spaceships so I can be a Space Pirate with a full auto suppressed shotgun, cybernetics, and a Harley-Davidson. I want to kill zombies and aliens and chupacabras with Arthur Morgan at our side, I want to randomly take my binoculars out to find a hungry coyote forever chase a roadrunner, and our soul sold to the devil for cheap. Giant monster Rattlesnakes for a final boss. Give me the dark horse, not a gold dishonorable buckle. At least give us bad men makeshift iron chestplates. To return back like nothing happened, we simply crawl out of a grave. I want a map based on the real life Outlaw Trail. A kingdom for bandits. Custom NPC companions that watch our back. Elaborate bank and train robberies where the escape is planned better than the heists, like fresh horses hitched to evade capture. I want to feel like the villain that I am, the game already makes me feel like this, but I want it magnified times eternity. Call this the Black Hat DLC, where the hogtied victim splatters on the train tracks like in RDR1. I want a Sisika Prison DLC, where low honor characters do time. Stripped of our firepower. With only Shanks and fists. Ultimately trying to escape. Who knows, maybe one day own a ranch and do boring cowboy chores. I want to own the slaughterhouse outside Saint Denis, so I can sit in the office and watch and hear the suffering of pigs and cattle. I want to sell humans for meat at Butcher's Creek because we all know they're cannibals. I want a Spaghetti Western DLC with the score done by Ennio Morricone before he passes. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Expand hunting out to set TRAPS, for animals and humans. More paid killing tracking missions. And for STEALTH to be a goddamn option. Harmonica emotes so we can hum our own haunting tunes, thinking of revenge. More RPG elements like Fallout New Vegas and no more pvp competitive horse manure. Free roam is the only way I'll play. More FREEDOM. Like the smoking animation to last awhile or while idling. Or pissing in the outhouse or hell, baths, fishing on boats WTF. People want more realism to escape reality. Open up the interiors like churches, restaurants, casinos..... Jobs, jobs, jobs. Like the pony express, bartending or moonshine distilleries, stagecoaches, gunsmiths, undertakers, coal mining, bounty hunters, preachers, oil barons, big cattle, bullriding, circus freak, the army, housewives or prostitutes for women lol, sheriffs for "honorable" players. Or to finish the railroads towards the Pacific. With everything being an option and depending on our honor level. I personally want Filipino martial arts for my character since it was around at the time and a southeast Asian prahu pirate ship. More personal customization to attempt to make every player you meet a unique character themselves. The ability to make a campfire and small tent anywhere on the goddamn map. The Old West was the origin of North America's deep love of guns and the final days where the mode of transport breathed and crapped all over the place. The potential here is a limitless goldmine. I'll be playing this forever even after Cyberpunk 2077 and Outer Worlds releases. "High" honor and low honor players need completely different pathways, experiences, rewards, and consequences. The world around us and the NPC's should act accordingly. AND NO MORE TIME LIMITS. I ride into town slow and walk through saloon doors swinging.
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