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  1. Buy RDR2 complete edition, borrow the headphones and sell the Nintendo DS. Playstation 4: Pro XBox One X Nintendo Switch (bundled with Stardew Valley and LA Noire)
  2. Haha yeah in real life I'd run faster than anyone else from a cave. Just glad that in game there aren't any spiders!
  3. I'm on the fence about whether I want to know more or not! Finding these new special things is something I'd prefer to discover myself so these next few months are going to be brutal to endure.
  4. Only if it includes a "jiffy" bag...you know to take the edge off.
  5. Way more loyal that I was hoping for! I'm more of an opposite of the testicles sort of cowboy ????
  6. Okay I saw the bit about how your horse will become more loyal and you'll grow attached to it but has there been any news on if we can have multiple horses that we can gain this loyalty with so that we can swap them out to make sure we've always got a backup in case Yellow Snow dies out in the wild from a shootout?
  7. Funnily enough I thought about the same thing "if I was a youtube star" a.k.a one that makes some decent money off of it I'd hide that fact but not just from subscribers/viewer but also from my family and friends. Funny how people all of a sudden decide to visit more often (and of course need something) when they know you have something to supply them with.
  8. Most likely. I'm sure they'll also have a multi-player reveal trailer of some kind closer to release even if online won't be ready by release just yet.
  9. Soon chaps, soon! Hoping for a few seconds of game play but not putting money on it. I'd like to get a glimpse of something special that they have in store that we've been speculating about for what feels like forever (that ISN'T online) to wet our appetites and really I think all of us just want to be re-assured that another delay isn't on the cards (nothing worse then a new trailer followed by another announcement that they're adding extra polish or something so it'll only come in November).
  10. Unfortunately that was the only time they focused on the story/single-player component and while they may have wanted the story to be appreciated I feel they focused far too much on the online component post release and pretty much the only place they've put any work into since then. I think this is why some of us are a little worried, sure we'll get a kick-ass story and they most likely won't worry too much about marketing the online mode just yet but what about post release? Anyway none of that is going to get me down at this point especially since today is trailer day!
  11. Haha thanks for that! Thinking of too many games all at once. Should have been Far Assassins Primal Brotherhood of War
  12. Yeah wouldn't really make sense in an RDR game unless it was a special survival mode and I think I'm pretty tired of survival games where you constantly have to forage for food and water. Plus I think it was Assassins Creed Primal which had a similar sort of thing where you had to get better clothing to survive there long enough.
  13. So it looks like we have a teaser for the next trailer. https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/60423/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Official-Trailer-3-Coming-Wednesday-May-2nd I'm holding thumbs that this is the start of some new information that is about to start spewing from their marking guts!!!
  14. My day one: I'm hoping to get the game (physical copy if possible) and then also make sure that the inevitable day one patch doesn't take forever to download (hopefully they'll keep it small). For that reason it'll have to be business as usual so probably just a later than normal gaming session that night with the weekend getting more focus on it. Like the idea of playing it with someone else at the same time - I can imagine the "how did you get there?" and "where did you get that from?" questions.
  15. No doubt that the online modes are going to have a strong focus if they intend to replicate anything that GTA V online has been doing but I suspect they might also be scared a little of detracting from GTA V (they must surely be cracking a nice little sum of money from it if they continue pushing new content for it). Online modes are definitely a draw and a nice cherry on top for any game that already includes a decent single-player campaign so I expect the marketing (when they eventually get around to it) to focus on it a little closer to release just to push those on the fence to jump in sooner rather than later.
  16. You know what might be pretty cool? Areas where you can freeze to death or something similar to make colder environments a bit more of a hazard. I only say this because I've been playing a lot of Frostpunk recently and there is always someone starving, freezing, etc. The snowoarding. skiing and skateboarding I'll leave to fully fledged games that do it with all of the bells and whistles...maybe time to fire up the PS2 simiular for some SSX Tricky action again!
  17. Agreed, the easy fishing does get a bit boring pretty quickly. Would have preferred if they mixed it up a bit however I didn't bother with trying to get all of the fishing challenges completed which I should maybe do at some point. Nice and calm after completing some of the clutch nixon events but almost too calm after you finally managed to race that damn silly ATV through the silly obstacles (the thing steers like a dog!). Maybe in RDR2 if we had the chance of some NPC lowlifes coming along and biting us some crap while we were fishing it would mix things up, we could put down the rod and have a bit of a shoot out or even have a fishing challenge to settle things in a more civil manner.
  18. Jamesie

    "Card" Holidays?

    I feel a lot of them are obviously geared towards generating cash more than being about the actual event you're celebrating. My Mom has always been a fan of sending cards to everyone for Christmas and Birthdays but to be honest I care little about spending that cash on a card (unless it does something special like play a cool tune or pop out a 3d nude stripper - Hallmark you OWE ME for this one!) and worst of all is the card inevitably lands up in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again for years. I'd honestly rather spoil that person whenever I can (why wait for Valentines day?) instead of only when the dotted in dates come along but I do know that the ladies appreciate a bunch of flowers or a special treat when these days do come along.
  19. Hoping they bring in a nice variety to keep everyone happy. I tried some of the fishing in Far Cry 5 and it was pretty boring for me personally, just like in real life lol but if they created online fishing tournaments and also made it more exciting (like fishing from a boat or something) then it would probably be pretty cool for those that enjoy that kind of thing. Still can't understand why we can't get Strip Liars Dice in a brothel (you win, you get to "score" upstairs, you lose your horse gets taken away) but maybe they'll surprise us...
  20. I'm just trying to keep my mind off of the game for the most part so that I don't get too excited about it until they give me a reason to (that way I can also tell myself that I won't be disappointed if they do delay it yet again).. Here's hoping that they do kick up the marketing soon though otherwise it'll mean that RDR2 will slip even further yet again, I'm not sure what sort of minimum time period is required and acceptable to them prior to release but I'm sure they're getting close to that.
  21. Pretty much this. It's sold a bucket ton and then some copies so any game is going to have a hard time competing. Also as fans of RDR do we really cares what an analyst says? I don't because it makes no difference to me if it does or doesn't beat GTA V or anything else out there.
  22. Undead nightmare also cracking away on the Xbox One X:
  23. Yeah I think a lot of us are feeling the same way at this point, rather wait a bit longer for a quality release! On the one hand I want them to at least share some more information to keep me hooked but at the same time I'd actually like it if they actually kept this secret (but of course still released without too much of a longer delay).
  24. Well as long as the complaints are limited to the online mode then all is good I do wonder when they'll actually release some new information though, starting to almost forget it exists.
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