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  1. There were just so many moments in there that I could honestly just stop and absorb them for a good few minutes at a time and feel calmer after doing so, it really was a joy to play through when you weren't in a rush (I've been playing Undead Nightmare recently and I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it because it has a much more serious tone). It's as you've said, at your own leisure which is what I'm after.
  2. This is pretty interesting to think about and I'm sure there are very few that doubt that a PC release will eventually come along at some point once the console exclusivity periods have waned a bit (my best guess would be earliest one year from the console release). More interesting is that very many bits and pieces that I've read about relating to RDR indicate that the original version was such a mess that it made it incredibly difficult to consider for a PC port (in terms of the code) which might explain why it never popped it's head up for any PC fans (they'd surely have been able to get a lot more sales and even target additional platforms without relying on their streaming service). One bit of good news is that we will most likely see a version that is playable on PC without having to worry about crappy network limitations that prevent PS Now from being viable in so many places all thanks to emulation (RPCS3), it may now be there just quiet yet but it gets a little closer every few months!
  3. Hell yeah! I actually plan to do this anyway before I go anywhere near online. I understand that a lot of people prefer online and the interaction with others but for me (at least in RDR) it was about enjoying that beautiful scenery and just going wherever you felt you wanted to (well except where the story prevented you from going lol). I'm hoping that we get that same feeling again with exploring and moving about solo from one place to another between campaign missions without too many annoying side-quests to keep our "camp" happy ("Let's Go Bowling cousin!").
  4. I'm hoping to do a complete play through in my own time. Sure, I'm not going to worry about getting every little task completed but I do plan on taking my time exploring and enjoying as much as I'd like to without rushing through everything, it's what made RDR so special in being able to just take in your surroundings and enjoy every little bit while moving onto your next objective.
  5. I also think it would be cool to have a few of them (or at least one or two) to explore. I don't expect anything over the top but having something to explore similar to what we had in RDR would be something I'd personally enjoy and if they added in something extra like horror then I'd be happy with the distraction! Plus why not set up camp in an abandoned mine, sunlight is bad for you ???? Actually a mini maze setup with some dangerous elements (possibly even fatal if you're not paying attention) would also be pretty awesome but perhaps I'm just begging for an entirely new game now.
  6. Maybe the horses will be a bit more protected in online so that people can't go around just killing and stealing other peoples horses. I mean kill or steal a horse but it should be able to re-spawn again even if you maybe lose a bit of the bond with the horse or something. I imagine this especially more important because we'll no doubt get the opportunity to buy a few of them along the way.
  7. Rather come join myhorsehasBIGballs lol! Actually would be pretty interesting to know what some of the more "interesting" crew names were used in the past in GTA and what sort of name you would use if you were to create a new one for your gang/crew in RDR2.
  8. Agreed, guns that shoot squirrels should be available EVERYWHERE!
  9. Haha yeah it makes a nice change knowing that we'll be able to get home and just start playing without watching to clock because of work the next day. Just really hoping they deliver the copy before or on the Friday (I'll promise to not open and play it beforehand........in front of anyone else).
  10. Welcome! Hoping you get the chance to enjoy RDR2 with all of us here. RDR was (and still is) fantastic but I have no doubt that we'll all love RDR2 just as much if not more.
  11. Okay I'm starting to warm up on the online now a lot more knowing that some fool won't be driving over me constantly in an armored vehicle or gunning me down just for kicks from the sky. Sure sniper rifles and campers will most likely always be an issue but maybe it won't be as toxic... I'd like it if they also had an outlaws vs the law sort of situation going (sure, with "regular" folk also just going about their day-to-day hunting and fishing and whatnot) to keep things in a constant flux where maybe a town or hideout is maybe always being fought over instead of just giving you some bad rep because you like to shoot random people or because you like to shoot those people that like to shoot random people - let players decide how to handle these folk (public hangings would be awesome!). Your options, friend: ⭐Become a Sheriff today, service guarantees citizenship! ⭐ ❕ Join Arthurs Demons and Take back the money from the corrupt before it's too late ❕ ????Help keep peace alive for all, animals are our friends ????
  12. Would make the most sense if they have PS4 exclusive content but I'm also not expecting them to actually show anything (would be most welcome though!).
  13. Haha I know right! From their site on the collectors box:
  14. Not for that price especially since it doesn't include the game lol.
  15. In my case it has been more about considering a console at all and then making sure it doesn't become a doorstop shortly after purchasing it. Sure, they've released a few decent games so far but nothing that has been enough to make me go "I must have this thing now!". RDR2 is one of those games that changes that though! What I really like about the XBox One is that it has a strong focus on backwards compatibility and it that it is actually cheaper than the PS4 (at least here locally) where as the PS4 has more exclusives that I would rather play if I were to actually buy the console. I may of course just not be in touch with the available exclusives on an XBox One but since I'm not into Halo, Gears of War and Forza I think the possible games that would interest me are quite limited. Here is a wishlist of the PS4 games that I've been putting together in the last week or so for when I do pick up a PS4: PS4 Exclusives Bloodborne Detroit: Become Human God of War inFAMOUS Second Son Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Until Dawn Shadow of the Colossus Everybody's Golf The Last Guardian The only XBox One exclusive that I can remember (that I've wanted to play) is Sunset Overdrive although it is possibly coming to PC soon. I'm open to any suggestions or mentions of games for either console though!
  16. Yeah I think a PS4 is the only way to go for me especially since I'm also waiting for The Last of Us 2 to come along so it makes the choice easy.
  17. Listed as €99.99 for me on the warehouse but shows as out of stock.
  18. Would have been nice for them to offer three versions: With physical copy (I still prefer smelling and touching that piece of plastic). Most expensive copy Digitial version included and also lowering the price by a few bucks. You can't re-sell or borrow it to anyone so you should be subsidised a little lol No copy of the game. I mean how many people are going to buy the collectors kit and not the game? So they could at least give people the choice.
  19. Haha I know! I'm secretly hoping for an RDR2 Pro bundle...do they every bundle anything other than GT Sport or Horizon Zero Dawn?
  20. I have to sort of agree. I had a quick look at the various editions and the digital version(s) pumping more online mode (and GTA V related items) as a bonus didn't really make me too interested myself. The box in the physical "whopper" editing looks cool but I'd honestly prefer a physical copy of the game especially with my pathetic internet. Also not a fan of so much content being locked behind a pre-order combined with being platform exclusive even if just timed. I'm super excited that we're getting so close now and that they appear to be a lot more confident with this info dump that we'll still see the game this year still but at the same time I'm not ready to actually place a pre-order for any version just yet as our local retailers are a bit slow and the prices will no doubt fluctuate accordingly (I don't have a console capable of running RDR2 yet either which is primarily why I'm waiting it out). Anyway I'm still super keen to pick up a version but at the same time I'm also willing to wait things out a big longer if required. They do come off as a bit sharky with the current offerings and push to pre-order ASAP (place your pre-orders by the end of July?)
  21. I normally go for the good guy option. I think it was in InFamous on Playstation where you could also choose between good or evil and I went with being good on my first playthrough but then was bad on my second playthrough which I preferred. For a change I think I'll be the bad guy if given the option in RDR2... I remember back with an older GTA where our family (my three brothers and I) would take turns mowing down peds in a fire truck with the idea being that you can't take your foot off the pedal unless stuck to see how long we could survive before we caught fire and exploded or got shut down my the police and it was insane fun.
  22. Buy the prescription pain killers (you never know when you'll need them), borrow the AC unit and sell the used expensive shoes. Three circus monkeys (one is named Joe and he has a red hat) Game-boy watch The world’s smallest violin
  23. Buy the Lord of the Rings collection, Borrow the above ground pool and sell the car missing it's engine (I'll let someone else roll with it). Three bottles of Jack Daniel's A sex swing An RC submarine
  24. Jamesie

    Far Cry 5

    For me Primal didn't feel the same because I like GUNS lol. It was a pretty game to play but I just got bored so much quicker with it...I still prefer Far Cry (anything other than 2) over Primal. I appreciate that they tried something different (and I enjoyed various portions of the game) but it just wasn't for me personally. Now a fully fledged Blood Dragon would be A W E S O M E!
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