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  1. I asked about this the first week cause I did it by accident. Don't ask me how but I must have selected the wrong thing and was not paying attention. Thankfully I had only spent maybe 3 hours online so no big deal. Plus my character was ugly as sin so I didn't miss him. lol
  2. I believe by default I am stuck on American servers but I have played on others with friends overseas. I don't notice a difference. There are trolls all over the world. American has a large population so it is more common to see them I guess.
  3. Welcome Gunther! I'll check out your thread soon. I have been on and off with the online end of the game. The beta testing can be a bit frustrating for me. I am not going to hate on it cause I know they are working on it but it is hard for me to enjoy an online game that isn't fully developed yet.
  4. I like short vacations and the prime reason is I don't like to travel. I can make long weekends of my time off which is more than enough for me. Adult cartoons or anime?
  5. HIGHHorse

    New here

    Welcome! I only added a few people on here this far but once beta is finished and we get the full game up and running, I will be adding more. I just don't spend as much time on it right now.
  6. I really don't follow politics. I know we have a problem with illegal immigration but building a wall is just a temporary fix. It isn't going to solve the problem we have right now. I think they need to make immigration faster and less expensive but also give people incentives to actually come here and work.
  7. HIGHHorse

    Western Films

    I am hoping for this. I too loved the picture they painted. They had all the things you'd expect from the time. It really worked well with character development.
  8. Happy new year, ya'll. I made a goal for myself to workout daily for the next 2 months and see how I feel. I planned on starting on the 1st but I ended up spending the day with family. I started yesterday. So I got 2 days down. I am hoping to reach my "body goals" by April. I want to lose some weight (fat) and put on some muscle.
  9. There isn't an option to change it in the controls anywhere? I know some games allow you to change certain button actions. I never looked into this one's controls to know if you can or not.
  10. Just go off and do something else and try back. I am not sure how to translate this so you can read it either. I had to use the translator on Chrome to read this. I really should have paid better attention in Spanish class (assuming this is Spanish). lol
  11. Isn't there and odds drop that comes in to play here? Like if you get the headshot, use the best ammo, and the best gun for the job you are only like 10% likely to get one?
  12. I packrat everything until I am certain without a shadow of a doubt that I don't need it. I am not sure how these items spawn or if you can get them back after selling them.
  13. I am not sure Rockstar will give two cow craps about a petition. Most petitions issued by people these days just get laughed at. Remember that one about deporting Justin Beiber from the US? Like I said, God speed man but I am not sure you will get anywhere with this unless it is something they already planned on changing.
  14. I am not a fan of whiskey but I really don't like beer either. When I do drink, I drink "girly" drinks or vodka. I guess I will go with whiskey since you can at least mix stuff in with that. Beer with anything is a bad idea. 80's music or 90's music?
  15. I remember that pic too. It is funny how a lot of characters end up resembling people in real life. I think that is because there are only so many different face structures. Somewhere in the world is someone who looks almost identical to you, maybe a few. Crazy to think.
  16. I don't understand what is going on here but I found the entire thread entertaining. Would I read through it again? No. Change my mind!
  17. Welcome! Jokes? Debates? Oh you must think this is Reddit! (I am joking... that was just awful) Hope you enjoy it here man! Not sure I will be debating anything beyond food but jokes I can dig.
  18. Welcome to the forum Nobon! I didn't know a lot of people were that upset over it. I found it to be an annoyance but I didn't want to pester Rockstar over it. I may do so just for the support. Not sure how far a petition will get you in your cause but God speed good sir!
  19. Is it like broken then? I didn't bother with doing it so I didn't know. Kind of funny though that they would miss something like this with testing lol
  20. I don't mind it but I think they needed it to be faster given that some of the missions are put on a "time of day" cycle and you are only able to do them according to what time it is. If they slowed it down, maybe they worried it would take people too long and end up pissing people off. lol
  21. I enjoyed what I have played this far. I haven't done everything but I did complete the story. I don't understand though why you are so angry over these simple mechanics. It isn't meant to be like other games in the sense they just copy/pasted what other games do, it should feel different as it does.
  22. Damn. Well, they should know better but at least some good came of it. I had no idea this even happened. So Rockstar was the ones that donated it then?
  23. RIP offline social life... I hardly knew thee. This is insane! The amount of things we will be able to do online... RDR2 is going to take over and I bet it has a lot of other online games worried. HAHAHA!!
  24. Isn't the Beta going live on the 6th or did I misread that? I want to give myself time to play around with it before I start going through the story again.
  25. I am just generally most excited to see what they have done that will set it apart from GTA V. Like I know there will be a lot of things that are similar but given the feedback and tinkering they got to do, I would expect it to have some really cool new features.
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