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  1. So wait, if I am at a negative number on say, level 97, I will have to level through it twice to get to 98? ffs Rockstar. I know these issues are bound to happen but this is annoying when you are a higher level and it takes a while to level.
  2. It has been 6 hours since you posted this, have you been caught yet? I ask because a friend of mine did this somewhere, might of been on reddit, my dude got rekt in like 12 minutes. lol
  3. If they are really that big of an issue, contact Rockstar about them. I am sure they don't want other players doing this kind of stuff and threatening other players. The group sounds like a bunch of pussies. lol
  4. Good to know. I already have all the songs on my phone but I want to legit buy it. I feel like a pirate otherwise. Plus, I like to collect merch like this.
  5. First time I stumbled on this, I was expecting some kind of creepy jump scare. I love the detailing and how creepy the area is.
  6. Just pay attention to what the daily challenges are asking you to do. Focus on ones that require less resources so you aren't taking a hit to your wallet. I know a few I did ended up costing me because I had to replace a load of stuff so the payout was not worth it.
  7. I never seen anyone on here tell someone to leave. We all have complaints about the game and we all hope it improves. Even if you don't want to continue to play the online end of the game, you can still be a part of the community here. Talk about the story mode or hang out in the off topic area of the forum.
  8. My buddies were trying to. The same thing happened to them. I am guessing it will be part of some DLC down the road or something. I have yet to bother considering the three of them all failed. lol
  9. I seem to be earning slightly less overall but I have not been playing the game hardcore or anything. Maybe the pricey drops just happen less?
  10. You know how many times people have targeted my horse? Probably 5 times the amount I have been targeted. People seem to do it to inconvenience other players and not actually get in trouble for it.
  11. What I am wondering if whether or not this is an actual bug. Like showing 48 players in a number of lobbies where there is clearly half or less the amount... Maybe it is intentional so people feel like the game is super active?
  12. I'm still not getting it. Anytime I have tried anything pertaining to the posse rivalry stuff, it just seems utterly imbalanced.
  13. I am thinking it depends on which server you join, your location, and the number of players in the lobby. It would seem that a lot of people are landing on bare ones for some reason. My friend on the west coast keeps having issues with it but I'm not.
  14. I am on the East coast as well and holy hell... I had to go out to work earlier and with the wind chill and the sun out, it was still -25 out!
  15. So you have 10 people on your list for your posse? Once you reach the max amount, you will have to manually kick out people to bring in new players.
  16. I am not sure what you mean either. Some things end up staying in the taskbar for some reason so even if you 100% the game, they are still there. Not sure why.
  17. I always forget about rankedboost. We should take them over and do our own maps and what not. lol I was actually hunting down the salmon as well so thanks fire.
  18. I had a buddy who bought gold bars for single player. It did benefit him at the beginning but it was a waste of irl money. Once you get going, it is easy to earn. You may not be swimming in cash but you won't be struggling to get by.
  19. I would like to see it be out of beta testing before summer. That is all I ask. I work less in the summer so I will have more free time to play and I want to enjoy the game more than I am enjoying it lately.
  20. When you start over you have to do everything over again. I always tell people it is a good idea to play through once and keep track of missed things so when you play through it a second time, you can make sure you tackled everything.
  21. I am not sure they would go that far. I mean they could but it is likely they will stick to the same time frame, maybe go a bit before RDR2.
  22. Bandit 7 is kind of a double-edged sword if you ask me. I think the highest I have gotten in bounties was just over $1800. I would have to check which place that was in. I was trying to rack up bounties everywhere for fun at one point lol
  23. I am not 100% certain on this but I am fairly certain once it is boarded up, you can't get back in. I have heard others saying the same. I went back in after so I didn't have the issue.
  24. I had no idea I could join more than one. Thanks for the information man! Knowing this will make it easier to pick and choose posses according to the times the leaders can be online.
  25. I want something to help control them. On some servers, it is just too much. It seems like they work in smaller groups and there will often be more than one group on a single server which makes it impossible to avoid them.
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