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Top Ideas for the future of RDR2 ONLINE


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List of ideas for Red Dead Online that could change the game for the better.

Please feel free to submit any of these ideas you agree with to Rockstar @ https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/online/feedback


Please note that this list is not in any specific order and are simply ideas that have already been submitted to Rockstar. Any ideas you like can be sent in to increase the chances of  being implemented in future updates of the game. Lets BLOW UP THAT INBOX! I have personally sent in over 50 bug reports, suggestions and fixes to help improve the game. This list is does not include the major bugs and glitches as most have been noted or reported on already(although some may be included),  these are mostly game mechanic improvements and things most would like to see based on my interactions with players as well as my own 2 cents (average pay for a looted corpse these days).  I feel like this game is already a huge step in the roleplaying genre with its pacing and direction so why not recognize that fan base and cater to it. Not every game has to be high speed octane blast with instant rewards. RDR is a perfect example of how slow and steady can be good in gaming and how working long and hard for what you want is more rewarding than having the best things handed to you instantly. This list tends to follow that rule.



Overall the Camps are cool but are currently useless aside from cooking food and changing clothes. Which is something that can easily be improved.  The campsite should feel just as alive as story mode with things to do and upgrades to work for to make your campsite feel like home and more like a real place you WANT to come back to for relaxing and fun with gang mates after a long day of hunting and gunslinging.  This should honestly be a huge focus of the online. Although its easy to think of improvements for large posse of people, There should be a few cool additions for those Lone wolf style players too. Such as reduced cost for crafting things you’ll read about below.




1.Camp Honor- Depending on the actions of your posse as a whole, your camp will gain or lose honor. The kind of upgrades available for camp will be decided by this honor (ONLY relevant things) Camp Missions   These are missions specific to camp life performed with help form the posse. Functions like camp life in story mode
2.Improved Camp Upgrades. These could include better fire pits and grills for  crafting camp exclusive meals with special benefits. 
a)STEWPOT like story mode for a free meal per day granting golden cores. 
b) Target for bow throwable knives/tomahawks (these exist in O’Driscole camps in story mode. Mostly cosmetic but could be a mini game
c)Camp storage for items such as animal meats, ammunitions, throwing weapons etc. Any animal meats could be stored at camp so they can be readily cooked at any time. Bringing a deet back to camp and skinning it will add its meat to this storage for all to benefit from. Storage capacity able to be increased through upgrades via money or posse challenges.
d)Shaving Station for facial hair –free shave
e)Camp Wagon/stagecoach with upgradeable storage for hauling more animals/supplies
f)Munitions Cart- similar to story mode
g)Supplies Cart-similar to story mode.



1.In-camp Crafting- Work together with your posse to pull resources for crafting elite camp items.
1.Storage upgrades- Want to upgrade your camp storage of freshly killed meat? To do so will require you to retrieve 50 highly insulated beaver pelts.
2. Tent/amenity upgrades -Want to upgrade your tent canvas to a warmer material? It could cost your posse 100 perfect quality deer pelts just to have enough material to convert everyone’s tents.
3. STORY MODE style crafting- Why not take the crafting elements already existing in story mode and add them to the online…Specifically like Pearson’s crafting at camp. You could craft everything from new weapon equipment, clothing, hats, saddles, upgrades for camp, and more.
4.Honor Related business What about setting up a Stil and cooking a batch of moonshine if your honor is low. The still can produce 1 jar per posse member per day that restores both your dead eye bar and core and gives you level IV gold cores or something to that effect or can be sold for profit to a fence.  Honorable gangs could run a Pelt Tanning Rack that increases pelt values by a percentage for all posse members who store pelts on the rack for an amount of time. The potential for this world they’ve created is truly limitless
2.Camp Missions   These are missions specific to camp life performed with help form the posse. Functions like camp life in story mode
a)Supply Runs- 1-2 man missions into nearest town to collect supplies (in story mode someone was sent off screen for this activity…here we see it through.) Completing this run grants SPECIAL quality provisions as well as small suplly of special ammo types at camp that each posse member can collect once from the munition and provisions carts.. How cool it would be to look at your inventory and say ”looks like we need to make a run into town”.
b)Hunting Trips – Running low on meat for the special stew?  A quick generated hunting mission for each player that requires 3 Good quality Elk for 1 player, 3 deer for another, and 3 rabbit for another is a quick way to add a little flavor to that special stew. These mission generate similar to treasure maps. Depending on the animal need for the stew, you map will mark the area where the animal can be found.
c)Camp chores- someone feed those damn horses!!! 
d)Games- Why the hell cant I play five finger fillet with my team of leathernecks. We need poker, dominoes, and Five Finger….maybe a new game of knife throwing on top.
e)Legendary Fishing Trips- Launch with any members in camp. Ride to boat location and go on a fishing expedition in attempt to catch 1 of the 13 legendary fish. Legendary fish does not always spawn which makes landing one a joyous event for all. Legendary fish may be mounted as decoration at camp and prize money awarded for a photo of the fish and their captors.  All caught fish added to participants inventory for sale or food.
f)Legendary Hunting Trips- strike out with posse members to hunt down legendary beasts. Use pelts to craft unique gear.  Coordinate your attacks to take down the legendary grizzly in one fowl swoop
g)Camp Bounty Missions-strike out from camp to hunt down gang leaders and NPC bounties.
h)Cattle Rustling- Low honor posses can head out and sneak onto some farmland and open the gates to the cattle pins and try to make off with a herd of beef or sheep for money. Or tie up a rancher out in the field as he tends to his flock and swipe em.
i)Raids – raid enemy posse camps and steal their supply wagon for some quick money and supplies. Losing posse will lose certain camp abilities for a short duration or until re-supply fee is paid.


TOPIC #2 Horses:

Overall the horses are amazing both online and story and one of my favorite aspects of the game. HOWEVER, there are always ways to improve and I think I have some ideas on how to do this and some friends have had some great ideas also. Heres some thing


1.New Horse Gear. These could include :
a)Blinders that cover your horses side vision to prevent it from getting spooked by enemies and predators (so annoying but still cool).
b)Reigns for cosmetics looks.
c)Brands – on Braithwaite manor, the horses all have the letter “B” branded on their hind ends. I think having access to a full alphabet of brand letters for your horse would be cool.
d)Pack saddles – you’ve seen those mules hauling big loads and prospectors in the game with horses LOADED with equipment. Why not make a pack saddle like that available for hauling extra goods/animals.
2.New Horse type perks. These could include :
1.Work horses could maybe haul more animal carcus than a normal horse and be able to carry a pack saddle (unlike other horses)
2.Race horse should go even faster than they already do but able to carry much less or at least have their speed reduced much more than work horses.
3.War horses could have thin armor plating of some type to further increases strength(leather wrap or gator skin
4.I think ALL horses should be able to carry an additional large animal carcus/skin by throwing it over the saddle. HOWEVER, you can only lead the horse when fully loaded or ask it to follow.


3.Other horse related ideas
1.A few more breeds would be fine with me (Clydesdale maybe?)
2.A few more hair styles or colors.
3.Honestly feel like make im getting too picky now but hey, these are just ideas right? Lol

TOPIC #3 Weapons:

Overall the guns are great but there are always gonna be good ideas to add. BUT PLEASE, NOTHING CRAZY OR WAY BETTER THAN WHAT EXISTS ALREADY. There are really only a few id like to see.


1.Lematt Revolver-any variation of the 1851 Colt Navy Revolver would be oh so sweet
2.More gun twirling animations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These could even be emotes. Id really like to see Dual wielded gun spinning in this game.
3.Gatling gun for camp defense. (For those assholes who are assholes)
4.Weapon Customization- This needs a drastic upgrade, don’t get me wrong I like what we have and it doesn’t need a whole lot of changes, just a much wider set of options such as:
1.New Carvings- Im sorry but the 7 or 8  simple carvings we have got old by the end of story mode.  Id like to see some carvings that cover the entire grip.  IF THEY CANT DESIGN NEW CARVINGS THEN AT LEAST GIVE US FLACOS, Granger’s, Midnights and Calloways carvings as an option. (already designed and easy to implement).
2.New Engravings- Id like to see a few new additions to this list, even if its just the unique ones like Grangers or Flacos
3.Shaved Sights for faster draw times.
4.Woodburning designs- The rare rolling block rifle in story mode has wood burnt designs all over the weapon…cmon guys lets get some more for Online.


TOPIC #4 Game Modes/Activities:

Right now there is a limited amount of things to do but here are a few big ticket items I would LOVE to see implemented


1.NO MINI-MAP Free roam! I truly wish I could shut off my mini map and play how this game deserves to be played (exploring naturally and not by gazing at dots on a minimap)…but I cant do that…why?...because ill never see those assholes coming to kill me and steal my animals ive hunted….why? Because they have their mini map on and they can see me 1st.   I feel like EVERY game mode SHOULD have a NO MINIMAP counterpart. How awesome would deathmatches be if you didn’t know where everyone was at all times(nearly all times).     LOOK….im not saying do away with the map, just the mini map. You can still open up your map and plan a route to your next location.  People would have to actually OPEN their eyes! See the beauty of the game and learn the roads…..GOD I wish this were an option now and that others feel the ssame. Imagine tracking your bounty using nothing but your eagle vision and senses….you would actually have to …uhh..TRACK..them.
2.Duel invites- even without using the quickdraw mechanic, we could still face someone 1v1 on the street….countdown begins…reaches zero…time to fire. DO YOU…try to take the time to aim and get the perfect headshot? Or do you hip/slam fire that revolver as fast as you can and pray for a lucky bullet? I know what id do. I want to do this.
3.Mexican Standoff to start matches (like RDR 1 online)- why did this stop? Bring it back.
4.Free aim Only lobbys ( Id rather have no mini map lobby that free aim) I feel like we cant have both because the game population would be divided into thirds which could result in empty free roam sessions(hopefully not).
5.REDEMPTION FREE ROAM- Hell lets just combine both ideas and make this free roam mode completely free aim with NO mini map. Bonus money and XP for playing this way also (since this is pretty much my xmas wishlist)
6.PROSPECT FOR GOLD! ACTIVITY- You get 2 small bags and one large bag and buy a pick axe and pan. Head to anyplace that looks like it could hold a good amount of gold and start digging up some earth. Fill each of your bags with earth and stow on the sides and tail of your horse. Ride over to the nearest stream and start panning your dirt to find gold nuggets (another way to earn gold). Gold can be found nearly anywhere but you can pay/intimidate a fellow prospector for big ore deposite locations. These work the same way as treasure maps as far as finding the area, then you dig around the area for soil to pan, you have a rare chance while digging to strike a large chunk of solid gold ore which can be refined into pure Hanover Gold.  I would love for this to be a real activity. The animations are already in the game and so is almost every other item and mechanics to flush this out. LETS GET IT GOING!
7.Bare Knuckle Fights- The fight components already exist, so lets make it an activity, a 1v1 tournament, a 2v2 team brawl, a 7v7 team brawl, and a 14 man royal rumble (everyman for himself). This is a thing seen in the main story with Charles-lets explore that further)
8.Endurance Horse Race- The ultimate race, no combat, just racing (maybe combat..lol)  a full ride from Northern Roanoke or Annesberg all the way to Ratheskeller fork in new Austin. This is a true test of endurance-bring you best steed. A race this long should drum up some decent rewards.

TOPIC #5 Other Ideas/concerns:

A few other things we’d like to see.


1.STUBBLE FACIAL HAIR- Why cant I select stubble?- I own it, but cant equip it.
2.Indian style clothing-Headdresses-peace pipes- Teepees at camp orNative American camp themes
3.Bull riding- same animations as horse breaking just to make it easy to implement
4.Catching and selling wild horses- Why are wild horses even in the online if we cant own,bond,sell.
5.BANDOLIERS!- all types-especially the double crossed bandoliers  seen on the banditos
6.HATS -more hats
7.Other gear locked by completing challenges instead of money.
8.Customizeable belt buckles- it’s a shame that all the belt buckles are the same gold color-id like to see the same metal options as weapons available.
9.SOCIAL CLUB CREWS/POSSEs- lets make these posses official by supporting them on social club.
10.Group photos available at the photo shop- sortalike John and Abigail in story mode

Well that’s about all I have time to come up with at the moment. Please feel free to steal any of these ideas and submit as your own. The more who do that, the better the odds are of getting some of this. I don’t feel like any of this is unreasonable given time and money. Thank you all for your attention and help.

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57 minutes ago, Lucky Luke said:

Maybe if you were to turn of your mini map you would vanish from others.

The problem with this though is that a lot of people will know the map already and can take advantage of things. Though I guess you wouldn't be able to see other players so maybe it would balance out. 

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This game needs Posse related content using a communal ledger and the basics (size / layout and other stuff) shuld not be goldbar purchasable. Cosmetics could of course be a gold bar related issue. This is essential for longer term survival of this game online.

Possible idea :

1. buy land with basic posse camp being placed.

2. Fortifications (different materials)

3. defenses - upgradeable

4. Internals - with communal ammo and kitchen, sleeping spots, stables

5. posse related wagon(s) for business types (Hunt and Fish / Farming / Goldmine / Banking / Building for externals / office (bounty hunters as job)


In any case focus on this should be important for rockstar, naturally the above is just a general idea and not refined.

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Camps should have a mascot. You should be able to pick a dog breed to stay and guard your camp and always be there to greet you with a wagging tail when you return.  

Petting Cripps behind the ears is getting a little old and he never seems happy to see me, even when I rub his belly. 


On another note, the bottom line for me is that I am growing increasingly bored with the online game already.  They've stripped it of just about everything that I found the most engaging in the story mode.  Why can't my posse rob the bank in Valentine?  Why can't we hunt legendary beasts and craft their pelts into the coolest looking gear?  Why is the Panther saddle for sale in the catalog but I can't go hunt and crafty it myself?  What about all of the cool hats, coats, chaps and other things that we can no longer craft that ISN'T available in the catalog? I want my Legendary Wolf coat dammit!

I'm guessing they will be along shortly in some expanded catalog offering at some point. Probably for Gold bars. Unfortunately, I will likely have quit long before then out of sheer boredom. 

The PvP alone can be fun in short stints. But it won't keep my interest for the long haul.  Not if it remains the near exclusive purpose of online play. 


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On another note...
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